Invincible Youth Ep 55 [English Subtitle]

Guest : Taemin (SHINee)

Comment, thank (Next time, if it still has less comments like IY 54, i will post it even later than this time ). I want to focus on Oh My School first




MU Full ( say thank Zunshiro ) :



673 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Ep 55 [English Subtitle]

  1. Hi, thank you so much for the uploads! I know it is hard work and it is much appreciated! Keep it up Pike, you’re the best!

    1. You are the attention seeking whore!…why do you even visit this page if you don’t appreciate someone who is uploading IY for everyone to enjoy? Stupid-ass, GET LOST! Pikeyenny should ignore this person…keep up the good work.

  2. Thankyou so much please don’t slow down the uploading, wednesday is the most anticipating day since the invincible youth is posted


  3. thank u so much for the uploading…
    u never fail to impress me…
    sorry forgot to comment for IY 53 & 52…
    coz my friend who dl it…

  4. Really appreciate all the hard work for subbing and uploading Invincible Youth. Please continue to upload it. And also thank you for uploading Oh!My school. YOU’RE THE BEST BABE! ^-^ I hope you will continue to upload IY season 2 as I heard ep 56 is the last episode. Thank you! 🙂

  5. Thanks for uploading ! You’re my only source for IY for Eng Subs . Thank You . I hope you can keep up the good work :] Many ppl actually appreciate your kindness . It’s just that they tend to forget to comment . I hope you can still continue to upload even though the comments are not that much . I just want to let you know that your efforts aren’t wasted . And I don’t know if you actually do read our comments or just want us to comment ._. Hey , I mean no harms ok . Just want to speak my mind . Well , just continue uploading . You aren’t wasting your time .

  6. Thanks for the subs 🙂 And don’t worry about what to focus on. This is your site and you can do what you want. I of course am very thankful that you’ve put up IY. Thanks again 🙂

  7. i really love this show…
    is it true the show is about to end?
    anyway thnx pike for your effort
    this is the only thing i can do
    hopefully more people will comment^^

    1. Yes, sadly, the final episode is airing this week. They’ve said there is going to be a season two, but it seems unlikely any of the current cast will be a part of that.

  8. thx for uploading this show…but will you upload 2days inoght ??pleasee..bcoz that show is interseting and funny,,,,and thanks for your hard work

  9. thank you very much for the episodes!!! pls do continue to upload them!! i do always watch them.
    thank you for your hard work!!!

  10. Thank you very much for always sharing and uploading, If it wasnt for you I probably wouldnt have been able to watch it, so im thank ful and saranghae

  11. i have been enjoying your subbed videos and this is my first time leaving a comment (sorry about that).. thank you for your great effort.. please continue brings happiness to millions of fans ^_^

  12. I really appreciate all your hard work for subbing and uploading Invincible Youth. I hope you will sub the season 2 when it comes out !!! YOU’RE TRULY THE BEST

  13. LOL… tnx for uploading it… can’t wait to watch it…
    i wish you will continue uploading even though you’re very busy…
    FIGHTING!!! good luck on your studies… xD

  14. ahaha:)) tnx for uploading… hope you’ll continue uploading
    even though you’re busy with your studies…
    Fighting!!! good luck in your studies… xD

  15. Thanks for the subs! Please don’t cut IY off! you’re our only source for IY and we thank and appreciate your hardwork. Fighting! 🙂

  16. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for subbing and uploading so many korean shows for people who can’t speak the language to watch and i’m sure you know how much we all appreciate this 🙂

  17. jus askin..i’m watchin the online seems onli part 1 & there anymore? Cos i’m unable to watch the dl version..realli appreciate ur hardwork..^^

    Thanks for uploading..

  18. Thanks PIKEYENNY! There are currently at least 200+ people relying on pike in watching IY. Even its not that many, the effort you put in just to record and upload it is enormous. More power pike!

  19. thank you so much for all ur hardwork! im sorry, people like me tend to forget to say thanks. now i feel selfish for just dl-ing ur hardwork without even saying thanks. from now on i will express my gratitude everytime i watch one of ur upload. thanks again pikeyenny!
    cam on rat nhieu ban oi~!! em xin loi TT

  20. Please continue to upload IY.
    you’re the only person who seems to upload it, and I think people really appreciate that!
    Is Part 4 missing or are there only 4 parts?

  21. Thx for uploading IY…plz cont uploading it as u r the onli one i can onli find to be uploading it..
    i really like this show..if onli i am a korean and i would be able to help out =[

  22. Thanks for uploading this. I’m really gonna miss IY when it goes away for a couple months, I’m guessing it’ll come back sometime in the spring when they can start planting things again and probably have a different cast 😦

  23. Ohh my!!! thank you for your effort!! thanks also to the people who made this possible!!!!! Good luck!!! more power to you!!!! Ü

  24. Pikeyenny! Thanks for the hardwork. The online version is finally out. But can I ask, if there is part 4? I can’t see part 4. Ty.

  25. thnx a lot, i really love IY and hope u will keep uploading it. btw it is only 2 parts for this ep? coz i can only see 2 parts only.

  26. Pikeyenny. Arigatou gozamashita. sarang e~
    thanks for the sub video. at last. this will be the greatest present for me. hoho.
    Thanks a lot for your effort!!!!
    i will supporting you!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hwaiting!!!!!! youth never dies!!!!!!invincible youth!!!!!

  27. We will supporting you. Thanks for the subs video.
    We love you pikeyenny thanks alot. keep up the good work.
    Have a nice day ^^

  28. Thanks for uploading. Just hang in there for a little bit more…untill the last ep of IY.

    Anyway…it’s already up to 200++ comments of gratitudes and encouragements from all over the world (i guess)…are you satisfied yet…?

  29. thanks a lot!!!!
    the show will end soon, at episode 58, so please don’t stop subbing til then…
    you’re THE BEST and you know it!

  30. Thanks! I never actually commented before due to me being forgetful/lazy and it is kinda sad I had to wait for a ‘threat’ before commenting. ^^; Sorry! But since I’m commenting now, I’d like you to know that we really are grateful to you for uploading. And I shall try to make it a point to comment on the following eps from now ^^ Thanks!

  31. OMGGG!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I missed this episode yesterday!! Thank god you upload it!! once again! THANK YOU IN A MILLION!! :)))

  32. Thanks for subbing the show, really enjoy watching IY. Hope you can find the time to sub earlier epsiodes too if you can, haha. Finshed watching all of the ones on YTb. =)

  33. LOL. .the master that loves taemin. .wahaha so funny. . .can’t wait to see ep 56. .the battle of the proverbs!! . .hwaiting!!

  34. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I’ve been wanting to watch this episode, but no one else has it with English subs!!! Thank you! You always have what I want to watch!

  35. thanks so much for the upload ep55, i’m glad that there is a second season, hope you will continue to upload for the 2nd season, thanks again

  36. DEAR Pikeyenny,

    This show has only 5 Episodes left…If I have to I will comment this post EVERYDAY just so it doesn’t take longer for the Episodes to come out.

    I almost died when this Episode came out…please keep up the good work and subbing…



  38. thank you for keep subbing this show!
    I’m sad that this season is ending soon! I hope the new season
    will be even better than this one!!!!

  39. Thank you so much Pikeyenny. Very entertaining episode, made me laugh a lot. Sad to hear that there is only a couple episodes left until the end of this season. I hope they will continue filming IY.

  40. hey!! thanks a lot for making iy available to us 😀 i just found out about this not too long ago so i have a lot to catch up but im downloading it all! hope you continue to bring iy to all of us who enjoy watching it 😀

  41. Thank you so much for all your uploadings. This website of yours is a huge treasure for me because I am really enjoying korean variety shows.They are hilarious and when I discover this website, I can’t tell you my happiness (it’s beyond words).Please don’t think I am exaggerating since it is exactly how I feel.There is KBS World Channel broadcasting in my country and I’ve been watching “Happy Together” “Invincible Youth” “Oh! My School” which are all my favourites and so on.All in all, thanks for your effort it mean a lot to me and I’m sure it does the same as well for many people who even don’t register comment here.

  42. thank you for uploading. Please do keep on uploading the show.
    Your hard work is greatly appreciated ❤

    Have a good holiday ^^

  43. Nooooooooooo, Don’t do that
    This show is nearly end……….. it’s too tragedy for me if you do that T T

    You are only my hope to make me understand Korean Variety..
    Thx alot I very appreciated

  44. Thank you so much for your effort! Look at all the comments you got this time, nearing 500!!! THIS IS THE MOST COMMENTS YOU’VE EVER GOTTEN FOR A POST! Please upload the next episode when it comes out. I think it might be the last episode to air, and everyone is counting on you to see it! Pikeyenny jjang!

  45. please do not let the people that actually comment get punished because of the people that do not. plus, a lot of people watch it and the season is almost over. ): thank you for the uploads!

  46. THANK YOU =)) kumawo pikeyenny..!! I am truly grateful that you make time to sub IY..please don’t stop uploading on time..please..we truly appreciate all your efforts..thank yooouuu 100000000x

  47. thank you thank you thank don’t know how much I love this show!! Because you upload IY, I usually still check your website to watch other stuff that you sub..please continue subbing IY and upload it without fail…THANK YOU..luuuvv youu

  48. thanks a lot for uploading these sub videos. thank you very kamsa. hope you will keep up the good work. himnae!!! hwaiting!!!!!

    p/s: Have a Merry Christmas!!

  49. thank you so much. I watched the whole episode and especially loved ‘Blue Soup’! It was so funny.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  50. thanks a lot for subbing this. keep up the good work. i really appreciate this. I really love IY and many other korean shows. himnae!!! hwaiting!!!

    p/s: Merry Christmas!!!

  51. thanks for the subs :)…Pikeyenny is JIANG!!… Dec 24th Invincible Youth season one is comin to an end soon 😥 😦 gonna be sad when season one is over…i hope everyone comes back for season 2 of invincible youth (: =]]


  52. Thank U so much for subbing IY ~ i hope you continue subbing this show until the last episode ( too bad ) ( T_T )…. it comes to an end !! happy holidays dear ~ ! i will wait for the next episode ~ ^_^

  53. Thank you for posting this new episode. It’s really too bad that this show is being cancelled in its current format. I was just getting used to the new member. Merry Christmas and thank you again for all the hard work.

  54. i just watch invincible youth previous eps, and found it that this show is really interesting.
    i’m newbie fans here..
    thanks so much for upload IY with eng sub

  55. yoyo this awesome show is ending. Can you start subbing SBS Heroes? has narsha and some of the other girl groups in it (like Kara/T-ara)its good.

  56. HEY! Thanks for uploading! can’t wait to watch the last episode but I don’t really want it to come so quickly though:(

  57. THANK YOU =)) we appreciate you soooo much..Im really happy you sub IY and upload it online..thank you thank you.. pls keep subbing it..and season 2 will start next year..PLEEEEAAASE SUB THAT AS WELL, if you do, I AM 100000000000000000000x thankful to you ☺

  58. Thnxs !!! Great work !!
    Appreciate …………….
    Don’t understand a lot of korean but watching SECRET GARDEN n IY . Not really following Fugitive Plan B
    Looking forward to Tuesdays …………..Hara Blankhead Sori Deadweight Hyomin Victoria Narsha.

    Merry XMas n Happy New Year !!

  59. ahaha the ahjumma is so cute haha<3 taemin is sucha a cutiee xD
    thxs so much for subbing pikeyenny 😀

    merry (late) christmas & have a happy new year~

  60. too bad victoria isn’t there. But still a good episode. The lotus tea and the turnip seems tasty *drool
    I heard this is the last episode? Anyway thanks for sharing all this time pike 🙂

  61. don’t take this the wrong way, but actually pikeyenny didn’t sub this, kbs world did, so if you people are going to give credit to the subs, credit kbs world…really, don’t misunderstand me…i really appreciate the time you take to upload all these for us 😀 i look forward to it every week and now thats it’s ending, i’m really gonna miss this show 😦 so, thanks for the effort pikeyenny!! keep up the good work ^^

  62. thank you thank you..thanks for subbing IY..pls keep subbing it and I really hope u also sub the season 2..PLEEAASE..thank u 😉

  63. nooo !!! the invincible youth will never die !!! please keep upload for season 2 =) thanks for uploading and the sub !!! THANKS !!!! ❤

  64. please still continue subbing and uploading pikeyenny….u’ve been also a part of our invicible youth family!!SEASON 2…….i hope they will be again the season 2 G7

  65. thank you so much for uploading it! you’re my only source (other than the tv) where i get to watch IY with eng subs 😀 please continue to upload both IY and Oh my school! thank you!

  66. if there is a season 2..will the memebers still the same?..but im hoping for sunny, yuri, and hyuna to come back….nothing beats the original G7 🙂 AJA

  67. Thanks! And thanks for the last few eps that i havent commecnted! Pls keep posting IY, u r doing great job, i dont know what i would do with out this site!

  68. Thanks muchos!! I really appreciate all the hard work and dedication you place into each show. I really enjoy watching IY and Oh my school^^

  69. THANK YOU Pikeyenny, But now the Link for episode 55 on MU is Deleted, and the MF file Keep providing me with the HTml file, is it possible for u to reupload another file. Thanks alot!!!

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