Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 Ep 57 [With 2PM] [English Subtitle]

i’m still uploading the rest, please wait .. and remember to write the comments, don’t make me feel sad like topic of IY ep 54 …..T_T









MF link : http://www.mediafire.com/?w3awb483hma43

Full link : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GXLXT2DT (thanks to happyviewer)




279 thoughts on “Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 Ep 57 [With 2PM] [English Subtitle]

  1. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂 I will try and comment more, because you are my only source for watching these shows with my favourite idols on them. I’m really grateful that you do this for us. thank you thank you thank youuu!!

    1. he will be coming back soon 🙂 i saw photos of him and taemin filming dt 😀 woohoooo~ can’t wait for that episode 😀 oh and THANK YOU SO MUCH PIKEYENNY i can only watch korean shows from you since no one else subs them so please don’t ever stop 🙂 THANKS AGAIN XD

  2. YAYY!!!!thank you sooo much! I couldn’t wait so i watch this without subs kekeke but finally with subs i am watching again! thank you =)

  3. thanks so muuch.. I wub you :* I love dream team and 2PM sooo mush!! thanks for sharing.. anyways, do you have a like for download in mediafire? I hope so. ’cause it will be so easy for download if you share in mediafire too..

    thanks again.. share moore :*

  4. thank you so much. . .
    i`m really apreciate with all of the video that you subbing. . .
    especially variety show with 2PM. . .
    everyday i open this site n checking whats new on this site. . .
    i`ll be waiting vo the next video of 2PM n enjoy watching. . .
    gomawoo. .
    kampsahampnisa, , =))

  5. Thousand thanks for subbing and sharing this ep, I love this program and I love 2pm, so this will be the best ep. heheh. Really, thank you so much for all your effort and hard work sharing with us this, You’re the best ^^


  6. yes ive been waiting for this since i saw it raw on a site and its finally here…tnx…btw your blog is moving kinda slow lately, at least for me …i wonder why?

  7. yayyy…pikeyenny thank you….you’re so fast…it’s new ep, isn’t it?
    hoho,i want to see whether Dream Team or 2pm will win…just like when SuJu came
    big bow for you!!! thank you so much

  8. As always, thanks for the upload. FYI, I understand why you skipped 56, not very challenging for the boys. I watch it raw and was thinking what was the purpose of this ep? I am pretty sure they had some funny dialogue but it probably isn’t worth the effort. Sort of like the face football eps.

  9. thanks! hmm..comments on your last post seem plenty to me.. ^_^ hehe..dont be sad! you’re making lots of people happy with your sharing! thank you thank you!
    i’ll be waiting for the rest of your uploads! ill try to help upload too! hehe..thanks again!im looking forward to this episode. it seems funny … it’s like what they did with SuJu in the show too! hehe….

  10. Pike, please understand that your subs mean the whole world to me. Without it, without you efforts, I wont have anything to look forward at all everyday. Because of your subs, I’m able to understand the Korean culture more, understand the jokes, enjoy the Korean entertainment industry! Keep on doing what you are doing because I believe many ppl out there feels the same too! Go pike, I love you!(in a non perv way) continue subbing IY till the end! Don’t let your efforts all these while go to waste:) hwaiting!!

  11. Thank you so much for keep subbing and uploading Dream Team.
    Dream Team vs 2PM… Wow… Love them all.
    Pikeyenny… You’re the best. ^^b

  12. thanks for subbing and sharing pikey…
    please Upload this to MF link.. MF work better with me.. 🙂
    thanks so much… ^_______^

  13. Thank you so much Pikeyenny!!!
    I miss Junho on Dream Team, and now, he is there with 2PM, I really want to watch this.
    Thank you so much for subbing and sharing this video with us..

  14. waa.. you’re uploading it! congratulations. thank you very mucchhh! love you~ I have much time repeating that part that they’re have the dance battle. so funny

  15. My friend and I waited for this and we’re really happy to see the videos to be available. Thank you so much for your hard work! Please continue subbing! This is our only way of watching Korean videos since we can neither speak nor understand Korean language. 🙂

  16. Pikeyenny! Thank you so much, really!!! Appreciate your work so freaking much. Thank you is not even enough k, please note that we do appreciate you very much 🙂

    Sidenote: will you be doing a MF upload? cause honestly.. idk how the whole qoody thingy works lol ;~;

    But regardless of what, thank you once again!!! 🙂

  17. Thank-you! I just saw this earlier today but no sub so I’m really glad that you we’re able to sub it for us. The audience and guest were laughing in some parts and I knew it was funny but I didn’t understand. Thanks to you, I can laugh along. YOU’RE THE BEST!!!!

  18. omo! omo! this really made my day!!! arggghhhh love you pikeyenny!!! thanks for uploading this…. keep up the good work *wink*

  19. Thank you so much ❤ I love DT, but i hope Minho & eunhyuk are coming back ❤ and ricky kim is with them 😀 i like him with Sangchu 😀 I know that I'll enjoy this episode w/ 2PM 😀 Thank you again 😀

  20. I rarely watch “Dream Team” anymore, now that Joongki is not on the show anymore. I haven’t been keeping myself up to date with the “boys” of 2pm, so thanks! ^^

  21. thank you so much,,
    oh i’ve been searching this engsub for couple’s last day, en finally find it here,,
    thank you so much 4 uploading this, really love 2PM en enjoy watch their show,,
    hopelly you’re not stop uploading 2PM show, kekeke ^^

  22. HEY! You’re not gonna upload the last episode of Star Golden Bell? I was waiting for you to upload it cause I missed the broadcast! ): Please upload it yeah! 🙂

  23. Thank you so much for being so reliable in recording all of the subbed shows for us! we’d be completely lost without you! ❤ *MUAH*

  24. Thank you for this subbed episode, you are truly the best. Did something happen with the IY Ep 54 comments? If so, please know that there are a lot of people who support your blog and are very thankful for your hard work.

  25. thank you so much…..don’t be sad…..you are my only source of korean show…..you made my life more happier with this sub show……thank you so much pikeyenny…..thank you

  26. SUPER LOVE IT! You are the very best! Thanks a lot. Is there any chance you have the previous episode with 2PM Chanseong as their guest? Thanks a lot

  27. Thank You so Much! You’re always the only and fastest person that subs DT. I’m really happy since it’s 2PM. The sports they did are great and the dancing battle was hilarious love 2PM. I felt sad for Junsu because he was still injuried during DT. I’m still surprise DT are that strong, I hope to see more collaboration of superjunior, 2pm, and DT.

  28. OMG the dance battle was EPIC when they danced on “Dur dur d’être un bébé” !! XD
    Because I’m French I think the lyrics are pretty embarrassing for them (it’s like “hard hard to be a baby”) XD
    Thank you so much ! 😀

  29. thank you for this! its so funny! & lee hyeon is so amazing.

    btw, will you be uploading 100 points out of 100 points? (or previously known as oh my school).

  30. omg
    omg omg omg omg omg thank you so much for uploading this! ;A; i really can’t find enough words to thank you! m(;∇;)m

  31. THANKYOUSOOOOMUCH!!!! kbs didnt let us watch the re-run today in Indonesia. I’m soooooo GLAD you uploaded these. thanksalot I really appreciate it ♥♥♥

  32. I’ve been dying to see this! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!~<3 Hope you never get tired of uploading these stuff. ^_^

  33. OK… this time I was late… 😦
    You’re my angel, you know that…. hehehe
    thank you for your hardwork….
    btw, aren’t you going to upload ep 56 too?

  34. omg thank you so much for the upload. on a sidenote, i was wondering why you didn’t upload episode 56? if you were busy i totally understand.

    em cám ơn anh/chị nhiều lắm ^^

  35. Thank you so much for sharing and working hard with uploading and everything. I’m sure you have lots of people who are immensely thankful to you (I’m one of them).
    When I first heard of DT, I just wanted to chech out 1 or maybe 2 episodes to get a grasp of what this show was like, but I ended up completely addicted to it. I’m so sad there are no shows like this in my country. 😦

    Btw, does anyone know where I could find the older episodes of season 2 with english subs? Thanks in advance.

  36. PikeYenny, is it possible to post the YT videos as just links …? Because my browser keeps crashing due to video overload … x_x

    Thanks for the upload, once again 🙂

  37. Took me some time before I got the chance to dl this.

    Omg… I kept falling off my chair. – 2pm was great but dt was hilarious. – Jinon was …. .. I’m speechless 😀

    wow.. Lee hyun is really strong. – I thought Taec would win.
    As much as I love 2pm but Dt deserved to win. – Lee Hyun did a really good job.

  38. thank you so much pikeyenny 🙂 but, I seriously ask you to check your vids on youtube, because there’s ALOT of people that kept mentioning the show’s name. Or maybe you should mention in the description box to DON’T MENTION THE SHOW’S NAME like others did, if you don’t mind. I’m so sorry to bother you but I seriously don’t want it to be deleted again, it will just be a waste of time for you then, didn’t it? 😦

  39. Thanks! :)) Isnt there a second part to this episode because at the end the MC said there will be a obstacle race with 2pm. Just wondering and if there is can u plz upload it.. lol thx!!

  40. Thank you soooo much for sharing.Your video quality and subtitle are the best.You are the one and only:) Keep up the perfect work.Thanks a lot again and again…

  41. thanks so much for sharing this!!
    i did not know 2PM did an episode of Dream Team! hope it’s great as the Super Junior episode!! but knowing 2PM it will be!! 😀

  42. Thank you very much for uploading this ! I was so sad when I didn’t get to watch this on TV but thanks to you, I’m now able to watch it 🙂

  43. Thank you sooo much!!! I LOVE this episode ❤
    It's so funny and I love everything that has 2PM!
    Thanks for your hard work 😀

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