Invincible Youth Ep 54 [English Subtitle]

help me reupload, thank you



MF ( thx peipei) :


MU ( thx gilncarol ) :



254 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Ep 54 [English Subtitle]

  1. can you please please upload dream team ep 56. pls pls pls, th one where they compete with the girls gymnast. you are th only hope 😀

  2. this season may end but season 2 is looming….and i’m quite sure it’ll be good. hope you keep subbing till season 2. more power

  3. I was just wondering why the final parts are always removed on mobile devices. I can’t watch them usually.

    And thank you for your subbing.

  4. Thank you once again with the updates for IY. These subs has been really useful for me since I’m going to study Korean as a 4th language after my degree in university.

  5. finally ! thx a lot pikeyenny.. really appreciate it a lot.. hope you wont stop subbing and uploading videos.. more power.. btw welcome back.. hwaiting !

  6. Hi…kinda wondering if you have any links from MEDIAFIRE or MULTIUPLOAD or RAPIDSHARE for this episode for downloading. it’s for my collection though. i’m not too favor with youtube (low quality & many parts) except when i wanna watch streaming video only…
    oh yeah, probably you’re working on it right now since you juz posted yesterday..hehehe!
    so sorry & gud luck.

  7. Brilliant one, only a few more episodes left for this season. Thanks again Pikey, I can now relax and watch this episode 🙂

  8. kinda sad this show is ending soon, but hopefully when it starts up again next year it’ll be good n_n

    thanks alot for this episode!

  9. Xmas is coming and its the time to share. Your utmost devotion in providing these wonderful shows made the festive season sweeter. May you be blessed and your wishes come true, i will pray for you at a small corner in Singapore. =)

  10. Thanks PikeYenny! You’re the best! Invincible Youth Never Dies! Can’t wait to see what they got in store for season 2!!! Woo-hoo!!!

  11. Thanks a lot!!!! too bad Hara couldn’t make it to race… But Bora did a great job! and who would of thought Sunhwa is actually good at jump ropes!
    why are you sad anyways? Cheer up!!!! YOU’RE THE BEST AND YOU KNOW IT!

  12. thanks so much for the update. i absolutely love this show.

    too bad hara wasn’t in this epidsode…but i will definitely be looking forward to seeing her in the next one (:

  13. Thank you so much for consistently uploading this show… I really appreciate your hardwork and i hope you keep uploading IY… THANK YOU SO MUCH~!

  14. Thankfully this is not the end of Invincible Youth! The producers obviously changed their minds about ending this show , season 2 will come but they just want a break due to the girls busy schedules. Maybe it will come new girls in seasons 2 or maybe someone familiar will come back? Thats what im hoping for , Sunny or Hyuna to make a comeback. We’ll see when that time comes I guess 🙂 Its still a few more episodes of season 1 to enjoy!
    Thanks for sharing ❤

  15. I want All IY the beginning at the end (in 1000 years)
    i’m so addicive at this show (i’m from reunon island)
    pikeyenny is the best in all
    please don’t stop IY please !!!!

  16. why arent you happy with our comments????arent u happy that we said WE LOOOOVE YOOUUU SOOO MUUUUUUUUUCHHH FOR UPLOADING IY?? that we are truly grateful for your subs and uploads…Im always excited during tuesdays because im sooooo looking forward to the new episodes of IY…pls keep subbing IY without fail because honestly, I LOVE THE SHOW AND I LOVE HOW U KEEP SUBBING IT. I truly appreciate your effort.

  17. we’re truly grateful to you for always subbing invicible youth! you just dont know how much we appreciate it. pleeaaase don’t stop subbing IY. I LOVE THE SHOW and I’LL KEEP SUPPORTING! please continue subbing and uploading it =)) THAAAAANK YOU ☺

  18. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you so much. i cant believe theyre ending soon.

  19. Im looking forward for the next episode..please..huhuhu….anyways thanks for uploading this episode. it really fun to see them doing athletic activities..hehehe..

  20. hwaiting!! thank you for subbing this.
    pls do continue as long you have time. hwaiting!
    double hwaiting hwaiting!
    triple hwaiting hwaiting hwaiting!
    quadaple hwaiting hwaiting hwaiting hwaiting!

  21. Yeah. thousand of thanks for u Pikeyenny to make this blog up-to-date.
    thanks to peipei and gilncarol for providing a MU and MF link.
    keep up the good work and i will praying for you guys wealth and health.
    i love you guys.
    Every week will be a day that i will be waiting for the new episode to come out.
    The truth is . IY is the one and only the funniest show i ever watch in my entire life.
    i always repeated watching the episode again and again. i always laugh with their comedy skit, cries when see the girl crying(hyuna&sunny is the best^^), impress with their talent, and love to see them as a family. 1dad1mom1bigbrother7sister. hehe
    episode 55 will be the end of invincible youth season 1 right. i hope we will end the year of 2010 with a good memories and prepared for year 2011.
    For all Invincible Youth Fan. youth never die!!!! cheong-chun-bul-pae!!!

  22. thank you so much….i love this show very much… because i dont understand korean…thats why i always waiting you to upload and subbing it…

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