Happy Together Season 3 – SNSD [English Subtitle]

I came back from Malaysia .. hahaha sorry for posting this show too late. hope yoy guys don’t mind to watch it now


103 thoughts on “Happy Together Season 3 – SNSD [English Subtitle]

  1. idk where i watched this but even though i all ready did watch it thanks anyways for uploading and sharing the link. will be DL it now.

  2. thx for uploading.. appreciate it a lot.. hope you wont stop uploading DT, IY, SGB and HT… more power pikeyenny. HWAITING !

  3. It doesn’t matter if you are late, you are the 1 I’m counting on, hehehehe………
    How is ur vacation? Do U enjoy it?
    Anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH ^^

  4. this is so cool.i never watched happy together..now,i think i like this reality.^^ can you upload family outing too?hehe i really love the showwww..thank you pike yenny!!

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  6. I love snsd so thank you so much! I’ll wait patiently for the download links!

    Also, i can’t wait to see the Kara 2am episode, they’re also 2 of my favorite groups! I’ve seen the youtube clips and it looks hilarious, and i heard that it did really well in tv ratings.

    Really interested in seeing the interaction between Changmin and Kang Jiyoung cause of those couple episodes from Star Golden Bell where Changmin revealed that she was his type lol! =D

  7. for everyone who can’t view part 1, try clicking on the youtube link on the bottom right of the embedded video.

    Youtube didn’t remove the video, it just limited the places that it can be shown from (e.g. linked off other people’s sites)

    And for people requesting download links, you can use Youtube Enhancer to download off youtube’s site. However, it won’t be the same quality as Pike’s download links (480p is highest available for these specific youtube links)

    Pike, if you possiblely could, an english sub of the Kara happy together would be sooooo much appreciated

  8. thx so much for posting this video up!
    i love this show and it is even better when the girls are in it.
    btw, did u go for a holiday in malaysia? im from malaysia actually 😉

  9. WOW another Happy Together ep. thank you soo much for subbing!
    However the youtube links doesn’t work.. are you going to post the download links for this ep? I’ll be waiting for it 🙂

  10. Ok, i’m not keepin it in anymore, i don’t know what coding that’s been added to the site or if it’s because of the youtube videos but it’s loading really really slow and it’s been like that for sometime now. Most of the time I have to wait at least 5 minutes for the page to load.

    It might be just because I’m on an Apple computer…but that’s pretty lame reason for it to load slow.

    My system is running on an Apple G5 dual 2.7 ghz power processor…not an Intel…but still strong enough to run Maya(3D modeling program) and Final Cut Pro. So loading youtube vids should not be an issue.

    I’m just saying it now cause it’s taking longer and longer to load the site every time i visit, I had to wait 5 minutes just so the main page would load, then after finally being able to click on the link for Happy Together I have to wait another 3 to 5 minutes for that page to finally load, then I can finally leave a comment.

    I don’t know when the change happened when the site used to load fast. It kind of reminds me of Daily K-pop site or All k-pop site when they load youtube videos on the page. Sorry if I sound like i’m ranting…but this is what i have to go through just so i can load the site.

  11. Oh, pleaseeeeee (100x)…pikeyenny!!!
    can u upload the download links if possible
    i already got 2PM, 2AM & KARA for my collection
    juz missing this one only SNSD
    anyhoo u hav a nais vacation in M’sia
    and thanks for sharing

  12. thanks you very much for uploading this
    have been looking for this video
    i really enjoy this show
    i will download it and save it so i can watch it many times

  13. Can I just say what a relief to uncover someone who in fact knows what theyre talking about on the web. You absolutely know how to bring an problem to light and make it essential. Far more people today must read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not much more well-liked simply because you certainly have the gift.

  14. The youtube account is terminated!! 😦
    I’d be grateful if you can upload this episode again!
    I really want to watch SNSD on Happy Together!!
    Thanks in advance!! 🙂

  15. i wud not recommend you to upload in youtube as it have strict policy against copyrighted material, dailymotion or veoh wud be much better, thanks for all the uploads, u’re the best

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