Star Golden Bell Season 3 Ep 8 [English Subtitle]

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122 thoughts on “Star Golden Bell Season 3 Ep 8 [English Subtitle]

  1. Wow~ Some men from SKK Scandal.
    (I’ve been recently watched this series. Quite late, huh? lol)
    And~ Yurisangja…I miss them ^^
    Moreover, Cheondoong still participates in this ep.
    I’m so so so happy!!!

  2. thank you so much =)

    OMG. LOL this episode was so funny…Sungkyunkwan Scandal cast was so funny during the speed quiz games…

  3. Thanks Pikeyenny

    I hope that little kid is using his stage persona. I find him so annoying compared to the two girls before him -_-.

  4. hi, i’m so glad to found your blog…because i really want watch oh my school so much….would you like to subbing the 2nd episode???

  5. Hey I was wondering if you can still continue subbing oh my school which now they made it into ‘100 points out of 100’ i can’t find any subs for it ): but thank you for sharing all your videos with us!

  6. Heyy unnie~!
    I didn’t watch this episode, no one interesting enough in it. I’m just commenting so that you know to keep uploading SGB, because there is an episode coming soon with SHINee in it, and I love SHINee. πŸ™‚
    Yeah, cause the last season you stopped uploading 2 episodes before the one that I really wanted to see. πŸ˜›
    So yeah, keep uploading, because we non-korean speakers all love you for it.
    Ily <3! Hwaiting~

  7. annyeong~~
    reaLLy thankfuLL for aLL video that u give us,,
    can i have a request??
    i want to downLoad IY ep.18,,
    i’m a new B2UTY, so i want to watch their show,,
    can u reup that ep on YT??
    i reaLLy can’t downLoad from MegaupLoad cause that take a Long time,,
    just when u have a time n once a again thanks for ur hardworked,,
    keep Fighting!! >,<

  8. should not feel discouraged or anything…i LOVE coming to your site and watching these shows every week. thank you soooooo much for doing it…for ALL the shows…thanks!

  9. I recently came across your website and have been reading a lot of posts of yours. I just thought I’d add a quick comment and let you know that you’ve got a really nice blog. I’ll watch out for updates from you!

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