Invincible Youth Ep 53 [English Subtitle]

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303 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Ep 53 [English Subtitle]




    TQ TQ TQ!!!!

    1. You seriously click on her blog 100 times per day? I know you dont really mean 100, But i mean.. PER DAY?! You do realize she will never upload IY day by day. More like weeks by weeks. So…either your exaggerating to show her that you are desperate for the new eps, or you seriously…need to know now that she uploads them around end of the weeks or more..

      1. i mean the blog generally….. i dont know how much i clicked her blog exactly per day, it just literally means i checked it so many times for updates.. 😛

        btw i enjoy this episode so much, cant wait for the tournament

  2. ure the best!!! i look forward to IY every week… u made my day!! ❤ so much!! thanks for all the hard work… it is much appreciated by all of us…

  3. yeah! its here! IY Ep 53, i’ve been waiting for this!
    thanks you soooooooooooooooooo much pike!
    thank you for all the hardwork and effort just to share this to us! thanks you!

  4. Pikey thanks so much again for this release, this is the only place i come for these vids.

    Im just wondering do you sub them yourself or are they straight recorded?

  5. pike, my email is still flooding with emails to you.
    the contents are so obvious, they’re writing to you.
    what did i do to deserve this?

  6. did you know how much we love you?? =)
    thanks a lot pike, you are the only one that is uploading this show
    I hope you can do it till the end

  7. Yay! thanks pike!
    uhm i just read some post that 54 and 55 are out already, just asking if your gonna upload it after this?
    well no need to rush though please take your time! hwaiting!

  8. Thank alot pikeyenny!!!!
    I come to visit this website almost every 2 hours to see new episode of IY and it comme!!!! thank you al ot for hard working traslate for us

  9. Ha I came home from school really tired, then went online check your blog then tada IY ep 53 subbed yay. you made my day! keep the good work.

  10. From Sapik said
    “thank you very much….
    heard on the news…this week going to last ep recorded for IY….wuuuuuuuuuuuuuu”

    Is this really the last episode of IY ? They stop filming? (That will be very sad to me)
    or i just misunderstanding (I hope)

      1. noooooooooooo omg this unbelievable all the hard work, nice ppl, and animals will all be abandoned in Yoochiri why KBS why? i followed this show since ep 1 and this was my first korean variety show that i ever watched and KBS took it away because of its low ratings. SAD VERY SAD :, (

  11. Thank you so much. I was highly anticipating this. I hope this would be uploaded in YT as well… I just read the news that IY is cancelled and I’m pretty sad about it.

  12. It’s sad that this show is ending soon, been enjoying myself for the past few months watching this and for it to end is just like removing a daily routine. Oh well, I have to thank you for putting in so much effort into subbing this series, many thanks.

  13. thx a lot pikeyenny.. we appreciate it a lot ! hope you wont stop subbing IY.. more power.. waiting for onling links.. cant w8 for the nxt episodes.. hwaiting !

  14. Thanks so much PIKEYENNY! I thought you we’re already tired of uploading IY episodes. Thank God that you’re still with us! MORE POWER!

    P.S. It’s really not bad to take some rest from time to time. You really need it. MORE POWER!

  15. Yes, it is sad that they are ending IY. Going to miss this show and coming to this site to watch it. Thanks for your work, as always.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this too 🙂 I was really hoping someone would put it up in YT or veoh. My prayers have been answered now. I’m gonna watch it tonight.

  16. wow that was along wait… haha. Thanks anyways pikeyenny.

    Since G7 are stopping productin today, I hope you would finish up subbing till the end. Just 3 more episode and we’re done.. 😦

  17. Finally~ dunno why I thought Victoria is cute there when ShinYeong mentioned Nichkhun name XDD

    BUt too bad that the show is finally coming to its end… I watch it since the first episode and never missed the show… T_T

  18. Thank you so much! Please keep uploading…it’s just gonna a few more episodes left before it’s finally over for good. Sad to say but the one year anniversary for the variety show INVINCIBLE YOUTH announced its final recording episode today. Very unfortunate for such a good show to end up in the graves like all the other variety shows. For those of you who have watched INVINCIBLE YOUTH should know that its scripted but in a very discreet and neat way. The current casts named G7 included Victoria (f(X)), Hyomin (T-ara), Seonhwa (Secret), Hara(Kara), JooYeon (After School), Narsha (BEG) and Sori. The show led or hosted by Kim Shi-Young and Noh Joo-Hyun through the series of hard work while farming and doing chores while bringing love and happiness to the townsmen. INVINCIBLE YOUTH will soon be over but G7 and their guests will always be a part of the town Yuchiri forever. !!! Sob3

  19. can´t believe it it will end 😦 … i knoe everything must comes to an end but this is way too soon an i´m not ready to say goodbye yet !!! … anyhow, thank you for uploading !

  20. Really not cool of the producers to show Hara vs. Bora running against each other. Bora comes in as a guest and they basically insult her by trying to make the point Bora isn’t as good as Hara even though I’m sure one or both of them didn’t give it their all with the lead they had. Why they didn’t actually race against each other is beyond me.

    Btw in case you guys haven’t heard, Invincible Youth got canceled!

  21. Thanks so much, as always…
    It’s sad that this show is coming to an end… but i hope that it won’t get your spirit down, and keep uploading til this show ends!
    PIKEYENNY 화이팅!!!!

  22. Thank You very much for uploading. Even though it is sad knowing that the show is coming to the end, I hope you will upload it until the last episode. Invincible Youth will be one of the very best variety show I have seen. Fighting!!!

  23. this episode is epic, finally the race between bora and hara.. hara wins.. if only kara joined the idol olympics.. anyways.. i also read about the news of IY being one of the shows to be cancelled because of low ratings.. and i’m sad because i always watch IY.. maybe it has low ratings on kbs, but most of my friends watch IY online because they dont have kbs.. anyways, i hope they would re-think about it.. T_T just like narsha unnie, i don’t want Invincible Youth to end..

  24. Thank you so much for your hard work, Pike…I do really hope you won’t miss the next 3 final episode (if i’m not mistaken), since this show is already records its final episode…so all of us here can cherish the moment together…

    *damn! i’m crying!*

  25. thanks alot.
    sad that IY is ending soon. who says LOW RATING ?!?! T_T
    im gonna miss it.

    btw, do you mind subbing Strong Heart now that IY is ending ?

  26. PIkeyenny, there is truly “nobody, nobody like you!” Thank you again for this. Recently heard that IY recorded it’s last episode ever, which is really sad. Hope to see you continue to upload until then!

  27. Waaaaa Sarang ee!!! hehe. Thanks for all your hard work Pike!!!!!!
    i nearly cried when heard the news bout invincible youth going to end is true…
    G7 = Narsha ,Kim Sori, Jooyeon, Victoria, Sunhwa, Hyomin,Sunny & Yuri, Hara ,Hyuna
    Host = Kim Tae Woo, Kim Shin Young, Noh Joo Hyun, Nam Hee Seok, Kim Jong Min
    Thanks to all of them i love them so much!!!!!! T_T

  28. it just broke my heart.. why does it have to end?!? the show’s freaking great! i fell in love with the show since day 1 till now…i love each of the cast member.. this show made me laugh so hard and cried my heart out… they shouldn’t cancel the show…… argh ,my world just fell apart 😦

  29. thx for uploading this show,,,but its too sad when IY and our yochiri should be separated…maybe there are another show that more interseting,,,:)

  30. hello.thanks for your uploading…but wanna know..did you not upload at the youtube…???
    because my server hare is notgood.. i cannot download using MU or else…huhu..
    hope you will upload in the you tube…love u…

  31. hye pikeyenny! thanx 4 uploading this. and thanx 4 uploading all this time.
    its so sad when i found this show will be end soon~

    but i need to admit the show slow down a little. i don’t want to point out the possible reason.
    seriously, the show not as crazy as they start before. i love them at first because they really enjoy being there and put all what they can on the show. i wish this show can be like that for whole time. but i guess, its hard to maintain a good thing for a long time.

    anyway, thanx again 4 uploading! =) still hoping this show will come out some day with the second season. which mean, new other G7~ new people, new place, probably will be good~

  32. many thanks for the videos. and for making it online so that we can watch. especially those who can, without having computer/internet problems.

    thanks I was looking forward to this ^^

  33. hey, can you post those ealier episodes, like from episode 1 until the lastest one, cause going last episode le, very sad!! i want rewatch the whole thing again from when shinyeong wake the girls up!!, thanks, hope u can reupload episodes 1 ownwards

  34. another great episode, this one’s very fun and entertaining. Thanks for the sub and share 🙂
    can’t wait for ep.54, it’s gonna be great

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