Invincible Youth Ep 52 [English Subtitle]

I hope you guys still like this show ….

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472 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Ep 52 [English Subtitle]

  1. listen carefully cause i don’t tell this just to any one I LOVE YOU and also we love the show thanks and hope u can keep subbing ❤

  2. answer to your question “YES, I LOVE THIS SHOW ^^” , been checking the site like every hour for the past 3 days for update haha. thanks again

  3. thx for another sub!! i love this show! but this and the last episode made no sense to me. why would they invite the original members back but then invite a number of guests as well o_O i rather watch the original members instead of the guests but that’s me.

    1. The original members and the guests were the one who planted the rice paddy and it’s pretty cool that they get to come back to harvest their hard work. I think the more people they have the better, because that’s one big rice paddy for just 7 people to harvest 😀

    2. looks like you haven’t watched previous episodes since you don’t know that the guest and original g7 are the ones that planted the rice.

    YES, i still like this show even without sunny,yuri&hyuna.
    I actually think its stilll funny, and I would reaaaaaalllly apppreciate it if you still continue to upload it!! You dont know how much this means to me, i look foward to the episodes every day!
    OVERALL, THANK YOOU!! ^________^

  5. thanks a lot for uploading and yes i love this show 😛 i’m waiting for all episodes i will uploading on Veoh in a few hours. my Veoh channel’s link is on Watch online.
    you are the best pikeyenny!!

  6. Thanks yenny… and to answer your question I love this show with a passion, only reason how i can survive tuesdays ❤ Thank you soo much

  7. I dont like it…. kidding XD I’ve just been waiting for this episode like, forever, cchecking your site every 5 mins or so XD
    Much appreciated, hopefully this series won’t end anytime soon.

  8. Mmm, the show hasn’t been the same since the 3 left…still, I’ve watched every episode. Thank you for your continued efforts (especially with youtube)

  9. Of course I still love the show.And thank you for posting it up! 🙂 Really appreciate it. And not just for this show but for the other ones too!

  10. what do you mean like ? we still loving this show, i’ve been worry it’ll pending this week, it’s good that kbsw dont pending it, thanks so much to you for sharing

  11. Are you kidding? I LOVE THIS SHOW! please dont stop uploading! we are all fans of you, your work, and this show. Please keep doing what you’re doing!!

  12. Thank you for keeping IY alive and happening 🙂

    You are truly wonderful for taking the time out of your day to sub all of this for us 🙂

  13. Thanks for posting this episode. What a wonderful way to start the holidays. You’re hard work is truly appreciated.

  14. I must admit that I don’t like this show as much as before…. I really miss Sunny, Yuri and Hyuna…. but nonetheless, I still enjoy watching it.. though sometimes I do find Victoria quite annoying…

    1. lols, yup !!!!

      Victoria should stop talking to plants and animals, especially when she knows she’s gonna munch them up later 🙂

  15. Just a note to all of you who think PikeYenny is subbing; he/she isn’t. KBS releases English subs for their shows. But PikeYenny is doing us a great favor by recording and uploading them and editing commercials out (I assume there are commercials…Isn’t realistic if there aren’t).

    How is Victoria annoying, Babalooo? If you’re talking about her Korean, I don’t think you’d be much better if you’re watching these subs. She can cook, and her talking to plants is pretty much the only special thing she has versus all these other variety pros.

    1. yah, it’s victoria talking to the plants which has become a little too repetitive and annoying. Everything else about her is fine, she doesn’t need that “talking to the food” persona.

      1. Well, it is a variety show; it’s supposed to be funny. It emphasizes on her cute side as well. She doesn’t really have any other things to be funny with, you have to sympathize…Imagine if you were put in with a bunch of Korean speakers and you had no idea how to get on camera. Same thing with Vic.

        I had the same thoughts about her. Of course, I miss Sunny so much, but then I started to like Vic too after watching WGM as well.

    2. The only commercials on KBS come before and after the show, there are no breaks at all, no matter what the show.

      On another note, boy they aren’t even attempting to make Sori feel like a part of G7, she gets ZERO air time.

    3. I really like Victoria. However, she often appears awkward on IY (I.e. she tries a little too hard). I understand that it is a variety show but having seen her on Koala and WGM (where she much more natural), the girl really doesn’t have to resort to talking to plants to be cute. She naturally is. : )

  16. wow thank you so uch for uploading this show and all the other shows every week. i enjoy every show that you upload even if i dont download as much as i would like. thanks again…

  17. Thank you Pike for the video and thanks to gilncarol for the MU link.
    I still love the show, Ive watched it when it first aired and have been a follower since 🙂

  18. Thank You!!! and please please please… DO NOT STOP uploading this show 😦 I love this show, and It would break my heart if you stop. You are the only one uploading this show, I cannot find it anywhere else… so thank you very much.

  19. Haha..finally!! Thanks yeah. in any case, I still love this show, I reckon it’s getting better as the new girls and the old ones start to gel better. Don’t stop subbing the show. Cheers!!!

  20. since when i hate this show? owh, thanx for upload this file. i’ve been worried like dying thinking that you didn’t upload this show anymore~ huhhu..thanx again pikeyenny!

  21. thank you thank you thank you for uploading this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and for the subs too ^^

    have a happy thanksgiving!!!

  22. I always look forward to your uploads of IY; thank you so much! 😀

    BTW if anyone wants to watch it online, you can actually go to the megaupload download link and beneath the information there’s a link that says View on Megavideo. So you can just watch it there!

  23. Of course we still love this show! And you’re the only reason why we still get to watch this show from time to time! THANK YOUR VERY MUCH!

    MORE POWER for the BUSIEST person in the WORLD! PIKEYENNY!!

  24. everyone love this show…thank you …still waiting for the online showing..hehehe..
    again thank you for your hard work….FIGHTING

  25. thank you for this~~
    I wished Yuri came with Sunny here so the original G7 would have been complete… oh well
    thanks again 😀

  26. Thank’s Pikeyenny for ur hardworks…….^^
    Im always LOVE this show…….i’ll wait Ekotaf for upload it in YT or DM…..^^

  27. just wanna say thanks a lot for subbing IY and other shows. awesome job
    p/s too many comments and pain in the rear to scroll down here hahaahahah jk

  28. finally~! 😀
    i was devastated when it got removed from its usual schedule due before i found out it was due to the breaking news on Korea..
    then it rained this afternoon while it aired so the satellite couldn’t receive signal TT
    thank you very very very much

  29. Thanks for uploading, I really love this show and every week I’m looking forward in watching it through your site. Once again thanks for uploading and may you continue uploading till the show ends. more power ^_^

  30. thanks for all the episodes that you subbed 🙂 i really love it. i hope you will still love subbing the next episodes. fighting!

    1. aww envy you guys! I couldn’t download it. and where is the youtube version? I wanna watch it in YOUTUBE ;(
      anyone know how?

  31. darmm !
    i missed de show on tv,
    how i wish you could upload it so tat i can watch online ,
    my com downloading speed is darn slow, so download of videos are out of de question ,
    when are you able to upload it ?

  32. Thank you so much for uploading!
    I’m a bit suprised though that people still thinks that you are the one subbing this show. Kinda cute ^^

  33. I can’t watch it. how did you guys watch? I couldn’t even download it. always FAILED! I wanna watch this episode T________T
    please, teach me how to watch this.

  34. thank u thank u thank u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. of course we still love this show! its just too bad the original members cant go back currently. hope they eventually go back in the future. ❤ hyunaaaaa!!
    thanks for the upload!

  36. Oh course we love this show. been waiting all week and kept checking back here every 1hour to see if any new shows are put up 🙂
    really thankful for you guys.

  37. What do you mean if we still like this show? Of course!!!! It’s one of the best shows ever!
    And you’re the best for uploading this! Thanks a lot!!!

  38. Saludos for your hard work and dedication, Pike…thank you so much.

    But…maybe it’s just me, but i have a funny feeling that this show is coming near to its end…oh dear I hope it doesn’t.

  39. thanks for uploading, really appreciate it, been coming to ur website everyday to check for update since episode 51, and yes, i still love the show ^^

  40. thanks for the upload ok maybe its just me but when I download the file, the file won’t play on any of my players. I click it, and it freezes up my player and then the player has to close. maybe its just me. Does anyone have this prob or is it just me?

    But really thanks again Pike you really do a good job.

  41. yessss!!! I STILL LOVE THIS SHOW
    thank you very much for uploading this show,,,youre the best,,n hope you can continue uploading this show,,cuz i dont know where to find another uploader who upload this show…..


  42. Always appreciate the work you put in….Kindness have no boundaries be it language or nationality. I wish you the best of health so that you can continue to provide us with all these wonderful subbed shows.

  43. Are you kidding me, this is the best variety show in the world.
    If you where a god(dess?) i would definitely be a worshipper 🙂

  44. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! (and yes, i’m screaming that sentence out loud but not in a disrespectful way. it’s more like in a very excited and appreciative tone. i really mean it.)

  45. why would we not still like this show? i could be wrong but this is the most popular show that you’re currently subbing for us! =) thanks so much, i always look forward to your hard work for this show!! ❤

  46. thank you so much ive been looking for this everywhere
    is it possible u could sub happy together w/SNSD
    but you dont have to its just a request

  47. Thanks for up;oading! Still a fan of the show..but what made it more fun was that Kara’s Jiyoung was there to lend a hand. Kara hwaiting!!

  48. Thank you so much for uploading =) I finally catched up with the show so dont stop uploading please =D

    Thank youuuu ❤


    P.S.: We want more Sori =D

  49. like? i hope that wasn’t a real question haha I’m sure we all LOVE this show haha xD th pikeyenny i’ll be expecting the next one in a couple of days xD

  50. Hey man, just wanted to say I really appreciate this. Invincible Youth is one of my favorite shows and I really love that I can still watch it even though SSF has stopped subbing it. So much love to you!

  51. thank you for subbing it! I hope you don’t get tired from doing so… and yeah we still like this but for me I LOVE this show!!

  52. thank you for your the subs! I hope this simple comment gets my message across, that your hard work is being appreciated… I love this show especially when it contains the original members… I’m still hoping that the original members will comeback… still, Invincible Youth is a good show… I hope you keep subbing this show… thanks again! n_n

  53. Is the new episode coming out soon? Its usually out around tuesday or wednesday. I hope you didn’t stop because your subs are AMAZING ❤

  54. Thanks for Subbing this…… Love this show so much…. Can’t wait for the next episode…. Your hardwork is much appreciated…

  55. Thank you for uploading! And yes, I still really love this show, i hope you continue to sub for it! I appreciate your time, and really can’t thank you enough! Please continue subbing!<333

  56. hello! just wondering is pikeyenny busy or out of town? i thought usually she wld have uploaded the newer episode by now.. but no worries take yr time if yr busy!

  57. Wow i’ve been waiting for ep 53,54,55 i hope your still going to sub them. I appreciate your hard work. I love this show. 😀

  58. lol sunhwa’s mother is upset over Shinyoung. I can understand it at times, who wants others to talk bad about their daughter, or only wanting to put them in a good light.

    Hyun ah is so cute ^^

    Hyomin has been there for over a year now, she should know to create herself an own character.

  59. i love this show,the latest ep. 55 that i watch in youtube but with no subs, they have special guest-shinee taemin can’t wait!!

  60. I STILL LOVE THIS SHOW but i rarely get the chance to watch it.
    but i’m downloading this ep!

    i’ll wait for the latest episode where Taemin replaces Victoria too.
    i hope you will sub it very soon.

  61. Youre not the average site writer, man. You definitely have something powerful to add to the web. Your design is so strong that you could almost get away with being a bad writer, but youre even awesome at expressing what you have to say. Such a great site. Ill be back for more.

  62. THANK YOU SO FREAGINNNNN MUCHHHH FOR THISSSS. 😀 DAMNNN! so hard t find subbed IY episodes nowadays. Thanks a million! (Y)

  63. Throughout the grand scheme of things you secure a B+ for effort. Exactly where you misplaced me personally was on your specifics. As people say, the devil is in the details… And that couldn’t be much more true here. Having said that, let me say to you just what exactly did do the job. The writing is definitely really persuasive and this is probably why I am taking the effort in order to opine. I do not make it a regular habit of doing that. Second, although I can certainly notice a leaps in logic you come up with, I am not really certain of just how you appear to unite your details which make your final result. For right now I will, no doubt subscribe to your issue however hope in the near future you link the dots much better.

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