Oh! My School Ep 1 [English Subtitle]

A new show ^^, just enjoy it now keke

Download link : http://www.mediafire.com/?ror1g02cofc3c ( 6 parts, help me reupload MU full )

MU Full : (thank Ghoo)  http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CXCUUXGT

Online (5 parts)


421 thoughts on “Oh! My School Ep 1 [English Subtitle]

  1. So…this program replaces SGB, right?
    I feel little sad of removing SGB (since I’ve heard that this new program is similar to SGB)
    However, be open to new things haha

    Thank you, PikeYenny :”)

    ps.Is ep 6 the last ep of SGB Season 3?

  2. Wow, thank-you for uploading this!!~<33

    This is the show that'll eventually replace SGB right? T^T Even though I'm sad that SGB is ending, this one looks like fun too. Thank-you so much! m(_ _)m

  3. Haha so it finally comes..does this show replace SGB?? I still saw SGB will be aired next week. I wonder how this show will turn out. Hope that its fun to watch ^_^ thanks for uploading pikeyenny!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing this. Too bad Star Golden Bell came to an end. Hope the new show will do well. Park Myung Soo as the MC should make it funny.

  5. Thank you very much for this show. I’m an active user of your site, and I appreciate all the hard work you are doing. It’s such a kind gift to those of us who need a little help across the language barrier.

  6. thank you… i’m gonna missed this episode every week because of my working schedule.. glad to see you uploading it here… i’t worth to wait… thank you.

  7. Omg i love the new show i hope they continued! Its sad that each time someone is expelled but i guess its good because it allows that idol to work harder and especially the cast to so we can see something new each time. Thank you for the subs!

    ive been trying to find this everywhere! i found it on another site, but the subs were chopping. LMAOOO thankss

  9. Wow, so this is a new show huh? I’ve always appreciated your subs and it’s great to have them on Youtube. Keep up the great work !!!!!

  10. oh my freaking lord u r subbing this show!!! i freakin love u!!! i saw this on youtube but it was the raw version it was still funny but now i will no wat they r saying. thank you sooooo very much!! now if u will excuss me i have an awesome show to watch 🙂

  11. wuaaa~~ another show that will makes me stalk this site more and more !!!
    i loved this first epis. … hope u continue to up it , i saw some previews and looks a really good show !!!

    i will wait for the download link anyway ^^
    thank u . realy thank u

  12. Oh my it is! I have been searching for this for a while now! You’re so wonderful pikeyenny! You never fail to amaze me! ♥♥♥

  13. Wow! I didn’t know you were going to sub this show ~
    It’s a real pity that SGB’s finally been axed from the KBS lineup…learnt tons of vocabulary words from it

    Thanks a lot for subbing the videos. It really does help breach the language barrier .:)
    Please keep up the good work .

  14. Hey thanks for the eng sub for this show. Cause funshion had it in chinese it’s kind of hard to get the joke. so thanks for the sub. 🙂

  15. woah u fast pikeyenny..u know ur blog the most i visited..
    yet i’m bit sad bcoz SGB now stop..
    but this new show is really fun to watch
    ecspcially ma taecyeon n tony there^^

    p/s:honggi n simon d so funny..i think bcoz of them..that show little bit intrsting..

  16. Thanks for this, I was waiting for someone to sub this show! I am grateful that you took on this show. I can’t wait when I can download for myself later.

  17. OMG you are so amazing!
    I wanted to watch this show ever since it came out
    I couldn’t find it anywhere!!!!
    Are you going to keep subbing this show-PLZZZZZZZZZZZ

  18. Thank you pike
    I was wondering what this new show will be like.
    So far, I am liking it.
    Looking forward for the next episode 😀

  19. I thought the whole point was to improve the new young stars who get onto the show? Why eliminate Min? -_-” The whole show was great but the ending is rather disappointing. Is this the beginning of Korean Variety shows following most American reality shows’ ending? Then again, the elimination could already be scripted o_0

    I guess I’ll have to watch the next episode to see if it’s all going to be the same.

    Lastly, thanks pikeyenny 😀 Much appreciated

  20. @PIKEYENNY.. hehe… i think i can help you with the MU uploading, but i need the .005 file hehehe…i saved all of the MF files, except for the .005, because there’s no link for it! haha… ^_^

      1. thanks! saving it now! hehe… so was someone already helping you with the MU links? i can still help ! hehe

      1. okay… i’ll upload it in MU, i might be able to send you the link 2-4 hours after? i’m off to somewhere now.. hehe… so i’ll upload it when i get there.. ^_^

      2. pikeyenny…. im trying to upload it, but it’s not working properly… what do you want me to do? =(

  21. TQ so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…
    I.ve been waiting for this show…
    Reallllllly appreciate your hard work…FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. thaaank you so much for your hardwork! i really appreciate it..
    i hope you can upload oh my school ep 2 next week^^ fighting~

  23. thanks for the sub! Interesting concept – I hope they’ll be able to keep it fresh through the episodes.

    I was also wondering whether you follow Strong Heart, pikeyenny? I’m a huge fan – I think the celebrities always have something interesting to share. If you are not planning on subbing SBG and Dream Team anymore, then I’d strongly recommend you sub this one instead! 😀

  24. OMG I LOVE YOU!!!!! Thank you so much for posting this!!! I’ve been looking all over for this. and also thanks for posting other KBS shows yeah 🙂 really3x appreciate it! ^^,

  25. I thought the show replacing SGB was “100 points out of 100” I guess they changed it…. Curious to see how this show will go, but looks interesting.

    Kinda weird seeing Seonu there as a reporter. : )

    Thanks for the subs.!!

  26. Thanks for sharing , I was hoping someone would share this subbed!
    Hopefully you will keep doing it as the new episodes comes 😀

    Lots of love from Norway ❤

  27. there is teukie right. and soon there will be enhyuk too. hehehe… Thank you Pikeyenny for sharing this with us. huhuh.. love it

  28. Waaahh >_< Thank you sooo much for this!!!!!
    I love u for subbing this show, really!! I'm so happy right now!! xDD
    Will enjoy it~~

  29. ..aNNye0ng!!! thank u so much 4 sharing this videos with us! by the way this new show is awesome.! it’s really funny and i really had a great time watchng it!
    we really appreciate ur hard work pikeyenny! ur awes0me! =P

  30. Just finished watching this…It was quite enjoyable…Many thanks for sharing it with us.

    If i remember it correctly, from an article on allkpop.com, this episode was a pilot episode…it’s not official yet for this show to replace SGB permanently…well, i guess we have to wait and see next week if this show is going on-air again or not…I hope it does since it’s quite interesting show…

  31. this is looking like a great show thanks for the upload or i would have never seen it as always keep up the great work and take care

  32. ahhh I got really excited seeing that you uploaded this new series! I couldn’t find complete subs for this show on youtube before. please consider uploading on a regular basis, thanks!

  33. thank you for uploading! the show is good, but i still find it a bit awkward. perhaps it’ll go away once the cast gets more used to each other, dunno. wait and see.

  34. Thanks so much for subbing and sharing! Ur site is the best, u’ve got all the best shows! Love this show, its so darn funny…

  35. hii^^ my first ever comment on ur site~
    its awsome!!!
    i remember when i first dl vids like last yr cause
    u were the only one who subbed DT 😀
    LOVE YOU HAHA thankss a bunch~

  36. oh my school is better than the new season of SGB….i like all the mc’s…esp park myeongsu and yoo se yun…and the concept also good..just like a normal school…huhu…thanx for uploading..u really jjang!! hwaiting!! ^^

  37. new show with lots of people ❤
    i realised you stopped including a list of celebrities participating in the video
    thanks a lot for sharing

  38. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Been wanting to download since it came out but could never find the subs. keep uploading!!!!! much loves. thanks many many (:

  39. . Been wanting to download since it came out but could never find the subs. keep uploading!!!!! much loves. thanks many many (:THANK YOU SO MUCH

  40. Hi there ! Just to check with you, will you be uploading Oh! My School every episode from now on? It’s sucha a interesting show! Thanks for uploading 1 first episode, i had fun watching! 😀

  41. Oh~~
    Thank you very much for subbing this
    I’m really happy to see Taec here
    The girl who is dancing with Taec is beautiful, I like her

  42. Thanks so much!! I’ve seen the previews and wanted to watch the show but I couldn’t find any subs :/ THANKS!! Can’t wait for the next episode~~

  43. The show’s format is interesting with the “expelling” thing going on at the end. Can’t wait to see ep 2. Thank you so much for uploading! 🙂 🙂

  44. weee… another great show.. what a great first episode.. and thanks again to pike for sharing to us this show.. (/>,<)/ i'll look forward to the next episodes..

  45. Oh wow when did this air? I’ve been searching my schedule and taping SGB every week looking for this to air in it’s place. The KBS channel I have does a horrible job refreshing their schedule. They still have Bread Love & Dreams listed when Fugitive Plan B has already taken it’s place. Good to know they’re subbing this show.

  46. Thank you so much I love this show and I active user of your site I want to ask is minho permanent member in oh my school or he is just guest star?

  47. i’ve been looking forward to watching this show!! thank you so much for your hard work in uploading! please continue uploading this show! fighting! 😀

  48. Thank you sooo much for this! Love the hard work and effort you put into this!(:

    P.S will you continue? Love the show very MUCH!(:

  49. Whoa, I love this show, can’t wait ’til next episode is out : O
    You going to call it “100 out of 100” from now on or stick with “Oh! MY school” ?
    Oh it doesn’t matter
    thanks a bunch! : )

  50. Will you be posting this show’s future episodes? I also heard they changed the name to “100 points out of 100” or something like that. I like this show but SGB was way better! 😀 Thank you!

  51. omg!! this show is soo funny! can’t wait till the next episode!! eunhyuk is going to be in it!! thank you sooo much for subbing this…..can not be more happy!!

  52. THANKS SO MUCHHHH ^.^ and are you going to sub the 2nd ep and are you going to continue to sub this show? THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS for subbing so many shows 🙂

  53. I really looked forward to the show that was going to replace Star Golden Bell. It really looks like a good show. Thanks a lot!!!! I hope you’ll continue posting this show ^^

    I’m really looking forward for this show with eng sub..
    keep subbing this show PLEASEEE~~

    Really love your blog~~ ♥♥♥

  55. thanks so much for uploading this! very interested in watching it, ’cause Park Myeongsu is in it from Happy Together =D super happy I can watch the first episode! Thanks buckets!

  56. aaaa!!! thank you so much..
    actually, I want to tell you for upload this video, but it turns out you already know what your blog fans want..hahahaha…
    Pikeyenny’s blog!! I love you full!!!! ^^

  57. wow! thanks a lot!! this show is really interesting, give us an idea how the idols was “trained” – in the non-physical aspects ;”)
    looking forward to the up-coming eps!!

  58. wow..! this is hallarious! thank

    kkap min in next epi.. cant wait.. ^^

    anyway.. i think they have change the name to 100 out of 100?

  59. thank you for subbing this, i love this website
    and thank you for your hardwork, i really appreciate it
    hope you always upload this show

  60. thankyou for subbing this.. XDD hua i;m very happy… 🙂
    hohoh and please sub the next episode ya.. hehe thank you very much

  61. Thank you for this, pikeyenny! Really appreciate it, this show is great! 🙂 Can’t wait for the next episode hope you’ll upload it soon, thank you once again!

  62. You’re really amazing! I’ve really been waiting this show to be subbed. You’re really doing a great job! You’re making a lot of fans happier..

    Two thumbs up for you!

  63. Thanks for this! Will wait in anticipation for the next episode! I think it’s called 100 points out of 100 now, not Oh My School anymore?

  64. This first episode was really interesting and funny!! It’s a pity that SGB was deleted but this will be great too!!!
    Will you have the second with Eunhyuk??? I saw it in RAW but I didn’t understood all what was said…

  65. hi!!! i really appreciate you for uploading this!!! hehehe… thank you so much!!!! will u still continue uploading this show?? pls pls dont stop uploading this show… hehe

  66. Hello! Do you plan to sub the new version of this show (100 points out of 100)? That would be awesome! And thank you for subbing dream team! I haven’t watched in a few months but it’s great that you are still subbing those. You are amazing!

  67. THANK YOU!! Just wondering, will you be uploading the rest of the eps by any chance??
    It seems like a really fun show 🙂

  68. PikeYenny will you be uploading subbed 100 out of 100? please do!!

    Really appreciate you doing this pilot episode but now my appetite is hungyr for more 🙂

  69. Hi!
    Thanks so much for uploading this, I was just wondering, how often does this show air?
    Are you going to be uploading it every week like you do IY etc?

  70. wow..really thankful for your hardwork..me also enjoy this show so much..please keep subbing and uploading it. Million thanks again!

  71. Couldn’t be written any better. Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

  72. please continue uploading this show, its now called 100 points out of 100, I always missed in int kbsw, pleaseeee.. thank you ^^

  73. aww could you please keep uploading this show, which turns into 100 points out of 100 or something like that, lmao dkmfh d <33333333

  74. Thank you for subbing. You’re the only one that has subbed oh my school! Are you gonna sub all episodes? Really glad if you’re going to ^^
    But anyways thank you and great work!

  75. Finally found it! I love your website! Thanks so muchhhhh. Are you going to keep subbing this? You’re the only one who is. Please, please sub for us non-korean speakers

  76. Thx 🙂 but i ask, if you could also upload this show everyweek, I would be so thankful and I’m sure the rest of people here top ‘aww

  77. thnx alot for all ur subbed videos!!!its cool to understand many languages!!!cn i noe if u r still gonna upload all oh my school eps?thnx loads!!!xD

  78. thank you. thank you.. thank you…!!!!
    thanx for uploading this. i’m craving for this show. OMG! thank you so much!
    keep up your good work. and thank you for your hard work.

    i love you!!!

  79. OMG!~
    your youtube channel got deleted?
    thanks god i have the link of this site *haappy*
    i’ll just download the videos ;D


  80. I just found your website on Google and I must say, I’m impressed. I frequent a lot of blogs and yours is by far one of the best I’ve come across. The information you have here is concise and accurate and you have a very good writing style. Perhaps you should consider writing a book?

  81. thank u so much!! i miss the first episode..this show is kinda funny…especially hongki oppa and simon D..hahaha..
    thanks to the sub too…

  82. thank you soo much for sharing this.. i have KBS world at home,, but i always missed watching this show. thk uu~~ <<333

  83. Thank you so much! Me and my boyfriend just watched the Chritmas edition and we laughed so hard, people downstairs can hear me laugh.

  84. Have you ever thought about adding a little bit more than just your thoughts? I mean, what you say is important and everything. But its got no punch, no pop! Maybe if you added a pic or two, a video? You could have such a more powerful blog if you let people SEE what youre talking about instead of just reading it.

  85. I missed the earlier episodes of OMS but your site has given me the chance to watch them so THANK YOU VERY MUCH ! 🙂

  86. Thank you so much for uploading the show
    I’ve been looking around for it
    And Thank you so much for uploading it to many sites
    Your the best ^^

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