[Full Show] 20101118 Entertainment Weekly (English Subtitle)


18 thoughts on “[Full Show] 20101118 Entertainment Weekly (English Subtitle)

  1. thank you so much for capturing and uploading this.
    i saw this on tv, but unfortunately my mom choose to call for me during the bits on SKKS party.
    so happy to see that i can catch up with the stuff that i missed here! ❤

  2. I wonder how you got so great. HaHa! this is really a fascinating site, lots of stuff that I can get into. One thing I just want to say is that your style is so great! You certainly know how to get a girls attention! Im glad that youre here. I feel like I’ve learned something new by being here.

  3. I know this would be better suited to an email, but do you mind if I ask what WordPress theme you’re using for this website? With the right changes (colors, banners, etc.) it would be perfect for my blog.

  4. hi again, i love your blog….especially entertainment weekly, sketchbook, happy together, dream team and oh my school…
    you are so awesome…everytime i open ur blog…there are so much to watch hehe…^^

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