Invincible Youth Ep 51 [English Subtitle]

i’m still uploading, please wait, and if can, help me reupload MF and MU full link


MU Full : (thank to Ghoo)


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293 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Ep 51 [English Subtitle]

  1. wooow, thx so much, happy 1st anniv to IY, and welcome back taewoo, sunny and hyuna, too bad yul can’t coming too~

  2. all are back again
    woooohooo i miss sunny so much… thanks to the uploader and thanks to those who are both directly and indirectly involved in bringing this video for us to watch. komapseumnida.

  3. thank yoouuu 😀 i love this ep!! sunny and hyuna were here!! i hope you upload today’s star golden bell too [: thanks a lot before!

  4. the episode that I’ve been waiting for….
    1st anniversary with Kim Tae Woo, Sunny, and Hyuna….
    waiting for the next episode & for the download link to complete…

  5. Thank you so much, PikeYenny! ❤

    I'll help reupload to full MU link, my internet connection has been bad lately, but it's all good now. ^^

  6. Awesomeness! It’s the girl’s first anni! Too bad Yuri couldn’t make it 😦
    Can’t wait for the online links! Thanks a bunch for uploading!!! 😀

  7. Pike as always thank you so much for uploading these as without paying to watch KBS online i wouldnt have access to this if it wasnt for you so i thank you a lot and ill wait for the full file upload as HJsplit wont work for me.

    1. thanks for uploading on MU the full version.. ^^
      thanks again pikeyenny.. ur videos gives us all a million smiles.. maybe more.. :))

  8. OMG! I seriously don’t know how to thank you for uploading this show!!! 😀
    I hope you can also upload the Happy Together with SNSD in it! (:
    Hehe. Again, thank you so much!!! Pikeyenny! ♥

  9. There’s a great feeling I get when I see on a video, especially when I’ve seen them uploaded on some streaming sites. I think to myself, heeeeeyyyyyy I know where they got that video from. As always thanks for the effort in translating, timing and uploading all these episodes.

    1. i love Veoh too but the problem of Veoh is, if we don’t have account and don’t install Veoh player, we can’t see the full file, they only agree for us to watch 5 min preview

      1. Yea i know but the player isn’t really big and take few minutes to install. Creating an account isn’t really hard to, it takes few minute and you can see the full video.

  10. thank you for another great sub every week!!! good episode today, all the original members are still loved sooooo much, can’t wait for the continuation next week. keep up the good work

  11. Ive been waiting so long for this episode even tho its only been for a week! Can’t wait for the next one. I can’t thank you enough for doing this!

  12. thank you thank you!!!! I feel like I’ve grown with IY by watching your uploads…love them and love you!!

    Thanks muchie again

  13. Wow this it’s great! been waiting for this ep ~ Thanks for uploading this series! p.s. anyone knows the song from the opening part of the show?

  14. Hi,can anyone help me~
    This new layout is kinda lag for me~
    It always take a few 10 to 20 mins to fully load finish~
    Sometime even stop responding the whole comp will be hang and lag @.@

  15. i’ve been waiting for this episode…see everyone together…wuaaaa next episode too, secret and f(x) member…thank you for keep subbing and uploading….*deep bow*

  16. omg i keep having this thought that victoria’s virtual husband (khun) from WGM should come to IY for a day or so. doesnt anyone agree?

  17. just finished watching the episode.. loove that everyone’s back (well except Yuri)..
    loove the show.. loove this episode.. thanks again pikeyenny!

  18. Soonkyu is back!! I’ve been waiting for this episode ever since they announced Sunny will reunion with G7! Thank You so much for this really speedy sub !!

  19. Nice to see everyone back except for Yuri, funny episode and can’t wait for the next. thanks for the quick upload you guys are great.

  20. They are back!!! too bad yuri couldn’t come….the taewoo and yuri love line would have been awesome xD Thanks so much for subbing this =D

  21. Thanks ! (^_^)
    Somebody knows the title of the song which begins at 10:00 in the part 2 ? I’ve already listened it in WGM with Khuntoria…

  22. Thanks Pike and all who did helped in reupload this episode. Although not all of the regular are back back the reunion is still awesome. And y’all are awesome!

  23. new things will be shown in the show in their new episode On the 19th of November showing the unique athletic abilities of the members.
    Source: Newsen

  24. Thank u for sharing, Pike.

    Does everyone know the song at the beginning of this episode? ( It have in the clip when u download the whole ep)

  25. 5555 My baby is quite upset w/ 2 matters: one for that guy who used 2 like her the most switched side to like Hara the most, plus Hyuna who betrayed her and run 2 join the other girls ke…ke

  26. last year when i search IY episodes in google, i always type “invincible youth episodes english sub” and you wont find this blog immediately but now it is on the first lane already, it means you work really hard to be the on top, keep up the good work pike! and thanks!!!
    anyways are you married?? coz as i remembered “i think last year at your B-Day” your still single

  27. you know what…i really hate the new memeber from after school…she’s so mean to sunny and hyuna…well…your not the original you stupid…

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