Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 Ep 52 [English Subtitle]

If you don’t thing i am wasting of my time to upload both Star Golden Bell and Dream, you should write more the comments for 2 this show


Download : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SQH4CGV8

MF : http://www.mediafire.com/?emdig185s3r6f



281 thoughts on “Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 Ep 52 [English Subtitle]

  1. I’m sorry for not commenting or saying thank you.
    I haven’t watching Dream Team lately since Junho of 2PM hasn’t been on since August.
    I’ll will say keep up the work. You’re the only one that shares this and I’m thankful for that.
    It’s nice to watch entertainers do athletic events. I also heard that Golden Bell is ending so I feel like you should aleast finished that up. Thank you so much and keep up with the great work!

  2. Hi, Thanks for uploading this show – i really like dream team. please continue to upload. thanks for your hard work. the show brightens up my day.

  3. hey,thank for uploading Dream Team and Star Golden Bell..please don’t give up..i only download this show with sub at your wordpress..

  4. I use to love Dream team alot…
    but kinda stopped watching after Minho and Eunhyuk stopped going on….
    I might watch this to see if its still fun

    Thanks for uploading

  5. Please dont stop uploading this show and SGB….We still love these shows really much…Thank you for your hard working pikeyenny. 😀


    Please don’t feel like you’re waisting your time, at least I love you for uploading both DreamTeam and SGB ❤

  7. hi there! just wanted to ask if there are only 6 parts for the mediafire download folder. it’s from .001-.004 the jumps off to .006.. thanks!!

  8. i really like Star Golden Bell and Dream team, i like to see MInho compete. thank you so much for your hard work and please keep uploading them.

  9. hi!
    i am newbie here..
    well, thx for uploading the subbed one !
    i love dream team because Jinon ! XDD


    well, hope u aso upload SGB (specialy for T-ara & CO.ED) hehehe~~

    i hope our comment make u upload it.. ehehe~

    oh yeah, hope u also upload it on YT~

  10. Lets all comment if we love the show, and also let people know that there are uploads here so that everyone can learn to love thses shows and get over a thousand comments!

  11. Chết chết, đọc cái câu đầu của Pikeyenny nên phải comment gấp. Cảm ơn bạn rất nhiều vì đã upload quá nhiều show hay *v*
    Đợt này DT mất nhiều chủ công như Minho, Junho hay EunHyuk nên chắc người com/down giảm chút, bạn đừng nản nhé, bạn ko upload mình bơ vơ biết vào đâu xem đây 😀

    (Vì nghĩ đồng hương nên mình type tiếng việt, ko hiểu thì mình trans t.a nha, haha)

  12. oh! don’t stop uploading SGB and DT…. Thank you for fast uploading it… really appreciate your efforts to upload it on dailymotion and on Youtube… Please continue to upload… Really miss MINHO on Dream Team though!!

  13. Thank you! Please continue to upload this show and SGB and IY!!! We all REALLY appreciate your hard work. There is NO ONE who is doing what you are doing so so WE LOVE YOU FOR THAT!!! PikeYenny Fighting!!!

  14. Noooo you are definitely not wasting your time uploading these two shows!!
    It’s just that this show just doesn’t have as many viewers as IY bu still has it’s faithful viewers like me. I really appreciate Ur efforts uploading plea song stop 🙂
    Thank you. ❤

  15. HEEY o//

    I just love so much DT and SGB *—* They are the only two shows I download and I can’t find them subbed anywhere else. And you do such a good job *———-*

    Sorry if I wrote anything wrong.. =$ I just though it would be good for you to know lots of people love the work you have subbing (?) these videos. And I always recommend your blog to lots of friends. YOU ROCK ! believe this 😉

    BTW, I’m brazillian, soprobably there are lots of gramatical errors. I’m sorry Ç_Ç

  16. yay. dream team. thank you so much for uploading them. plz continue uploading star golden bell and dream team. i am always looking forward to ur update every weekend. plzz do continue to upload the shows ur uploading. thanks you so much!

  17. you are not wasting your time!! we really appreciate what you do subbing and uploading this two series!! so please keep doing it! and we will of course keep thanking you and commenting the entries!! =)

  18. thank you so much for uploading it!! please dont stop. u’re the only source that i depend on for these shows!! ur work is greatly appreciated! 🙂

  19. Can you keep uploading this and just upload sgb for a few weeks? It’s ending anyways 🙂
    Please provide streaming links I be ohkay to help you upload too :Dp

    Thanks for dedicating so much time and effort to download and upload the videos for fans of the show who are unable to view it under their television networks.
    I hope you continue uploading shows for more and more fans in the future!

    You’re the only source for me, if i want to watch dream team or happy together or Invincible youth etc with eng sub 🙂
    Please keep uploading, but I can only watch them, if you post them online, cause i don’t really konow how to download them 😦
    But still, THANK YOU SO MUCH !

  22. SERIOUSLY!?!? Star golden bell and Dream Team are the only reason I come to your blog!
    And I download/watch them both nearly every week!!

  23. Thank you so much…your wasted time and hard labor means a lot of happiness for some of the people here…I myself prefer SGB more than DT…but i believe there’s also someone who likes DT too…so please dont stop uploading both of these program.

  24. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I look forward to watching this every week…especially when Minho comes back!!! 😀 Thanks again~~~~~~~

  25. Thank you very much for subbing and uploading~~
    I love LGDT, but unfortunately Minho isn’t a permanent member anymore, right?
    Correct me if I’m wrong.^^ Therefore I don’t watch it as often as I used to do.
    But I and everbody else here appreciate all your hard work and we thank you for making us very happy with your subbed vids.^^

  26. i hope you keep uploading SGB and DT! i was really hoping to watch the subbed SGB with FTI! heehe…. thanks for this DT ep! i can’t wait for the comeback of minho, eunhyuk and junho! hehehe..although im starting to like jinon’s presence! hehe

    1. haha.. just like me… – hoping for the the “comeback” of Junho and minho

      But Jinon is really hilarious and I like his spirit (and his attitude when he loose)
      Sangchu is still one of the best ^^

  27. Thank you so much for subbing Dream Team. This is like the best show every and I’ve only started to like it very recently. I really appreciate you subbing it for everybody out there. You’re the greatest!

  28. thank you sooooooooo much, dont take offence to this but i think i love you lol , honestly you make my day. keep it up please


  30. I appreciate the uploads truly. But you telling people you’ll stop uploading if you don’t get enough comments is really rude imo. I prefer your uploads because you’re faster but there is someone else who uploads all these shows plus extras like ulzzang generation without threatening to take away uploads.

  31. aww, it is definitely not a waste of time that you are uploading DT for us viewers! it is such an awesome show & I love the competetiveness of the show (wow, was that a word?)! and you are just so awesome for uploading it! gaah, *gives you a big hug. thank you~

  32. I was just finished watching ep 51 last night and here you are with new episode…
    huwaaaaaa you know how precious you are, dear….
    Luv you~ *big hugs*

  33. You are definitely 100% not wasting your time ’cause I love both these shows and you’re my one and only supplier of eng subs for them!~

  34. I hope you’ll continue uploading both ( especially Star Golden Bell ) but I download only if U-Kiss is there, Mianhae =/

  35. im a big fan of dream team and also minho… thank you for always subbing the episodes of this show… kip it up pikeyenny…^^

  36. you ought to know that we (me and other commentators) are solely depending on your uploads to watch these shows. don’t say it again that you won’t upload these shows. it worries me seriously. and you know how thankful we are for all the uploads.

  37. I’m still a few episodes behind and I want to watch them in order… so I’ll say thanks!!! in advance ^^ DT and SGB and HT are my favorite shows — I hope they will still be uploaded!

  38. Keep subbing both shows please!!!!
    You are definitely not wasting your time!!!!
    It’s for all English speakers around the world!!!!!!

  39. thank so much for uploading!! u are very fast and i appreciate lots of it!! i’m a regular who watches ur dream team and invincible youth!! =)) hwaiting!!

  40. As I said before, don’t stop uploading!!!! I know the show’s kinda boring lately especially some of the guys like Junho, Minho and Eunhyuk don’t make appearances anymore, but at least SANGCHU IS BACK!!!! Keep uploading! I love this show!
    You’re the best and you know it!

  41. i love this show please don’t stop your the only one subbing this great show heck i’m here everyday just seeing what you have put up for the day you really are one of my favorite sights for korean shows. plz plz plz keep dream team going. i know there are people out there that don’t comment but sometimes it’s just saying ” thank you for subbing” seems a little over done to us, when you may be thinking i just read 300 “thank you for subbing” comments sweet.

  42. bear in mind that the actual number of people downloading your releases are 2 times or 3 times the amount of comments you received. So don’t stop subbing. Everybody loves this show and you know it. Everybody is thankful and you should know this too !!


  43. Even my kids starts to enjoy this Dream Team show ~ please keep the show alive coz I really like this show and appreciate your work in uploading it ~ fighting~~~

  44. I don’t really see the rationale behind this whole “comments = uploads.”

    If that was the case, you would stop uploading all the other clips except for Let’s Go Dream Team, Invincible Youth, Star Golden Bell, and Happy Together. All your other uploads get less than 50 comments, yet you still upload those. Whatever though. Do what you want.

    Thanks for continuing to upload, as you can see by the hundreds of comments, it’s very much appreciated.

  45. Thank u soo much. I think that u doing a GREAT job and I sooooo happy for can see this programme with subtitles. Thank u from me, my mom and my little brother.Thank u from Spain!!!!

  46. Annyeong unnie~!
    No, you’re not wasting your time loading these up, people like me are ever grateful for you! We just don’t comment very much because we just keep writing the same ole things over and over again because we don’t know what else to write, and are afraid of getting annoying.
    But I love you~! saranghamida ❤ and if you stop uploading DT, I will not love you anymore, and I know how to write that in Korean too. So, beware, and keep uploading! Hwaiting unnie~
    (btw, you ARE a girl right? idk.)

  47. u are definitely not wasting your time!!!! please don’t stop subbing.
    we all appreciate your hard work!!! thank you very much**

  48. Your efforts are greatly appreciated! But yeah sadly it seems that SGB is coming to an end so that will be one less thing for you to worry about.
    Anyhow, thanks for doing thid. Because of you I always get to see episodes I missed. Please don’t stop.

  49. thanks so much for uploading Dream Team! the stars are all different now
    Star Golden Bell as well. If you have time could you try Star King too? please and thank you if you can =)

  50. Please keep posting both show.
    I don’t have time to watch the broadcast show on tv because of my schedule, so i always download them from your link.
    It’s okay though if you’re going to post the interesting episode only.
    I’m still really really thankful. 🙂


    PLEASE dont stop subbing dream team, invicible youth and star golden bell…PLEASE PLEASEE..
    Iam a big fan of your blog..

  52. Nice episode. It’s getting a bit dull.. I miss the old times!!
    Hope next few episodes will be better.
    Let’s Go Dream Team!! Hwaiting. 😀

  53. I’m new her so i don’t know if my comment will post. but thanks a bunch i really enjoy watching Let’s Go Dream Team! 🙂 I’m so thankful i found your site. 🙂

  54. hello!!

    just asking, but are you going to upload this week’s episodes and the subsequent ones? ‘cos i saw the preview from last week and they look really exciting!!!

    thanks for your efforts! 😀

  55. thanks so much for uploading this!! i’ve been trying to find subbed episodes of this everywhere!
    honestly, though i only watch for eunhyuk, minho, and junho!! haha! well & a few other guests i’ve seen but still!! since those 3 are missing i’ve gotten kinda lazy, but then there’s so many back episodes i need go back too.

  56. thanx a lot for all the Dream Team subbed videos.. i really really really appreciate all ur works..
    love ur hard work frenss…plezz do not stop upload it..we all hope 2 c ur nex project..

  57. Hi ^^

    Thank you soooooooooooo much for sharing this show, I love it ^^ Really, thanks a lot for all your hard work subbing and sharing this program with all of us, we really really appreciate it ^^


  58. “If you don’t thing i am wasting of my time to upload both Star Golden Bell and Dream, you should write more the comments for 2 this show”
    Attention seeking much. don’t be so rude to the people who are surprisingly still supporting you.

  59. hi, pikeyenny
    thx you for your dedication and much efforts to uploading dream team…i’m a fan of ur blog keke…^^

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