Star Golden Bell Season 3 Ep 5 [English Subtitle]

Guests : BEAST (Yoseob, Junhyung), MBLAQ (Lee Joon, Chundong Thunder), Secret (HyoSung, SunHwa, JuEun, JingGer )


Link download : (finished with 5 parts)

Multiupload  full link :

Mulitupload :

Link online : all 5 parts YTB


164 thoughts on “Star Golden Bell Season 3 Ep 5 [English Subtitle]

  1. I don’t watch right now since I’ll wait for DL link tomorrow ^^
    (Moreover, my internet sucks downloading at night = =”)
    Anyway, my fav. come again, Thunder~

      1. I’ve just been watching this episode
        The interview session was so funny
        I laugh out so loud that my roommate wonders if I’m still okay
        The guests are interesting in this episode ^^

  2. Thank you for subs. Can anyone else upload pls? Pikeyenny already does so much work i hate to bother, but I have trouble reading youtube quality subtitles.

  3. thank you very much pikeyenny
    this episode is very hilarious..i can’t stop laughing!!!
    innocent joon!!!
    the guests are amazing bring much laughter!!!
    thank you!!!

  4. thanks for the video Pike
    Its secret time!!! 😛
    man…I can still remember when they first came on Star golden bell ^_^

  5. thanks a lot!!
    i’m very happy that u also upload youtube.
    please upload more youtube ( even they always delete korean variety….)
    good luck~~~

  6. thanx so much for uploaded it..i just watch last week it so funny..
    hurrmmm u guys have ep where staring zea member??
    esp after zea’s heechul n kwanghee appeared?? do u have it??

  7. You are not wasting your time on this show ^^ I really like it. Thank you so much for subbing and uploading it. Please continue ^^*

  8. lol. this episode is so funny! esp the part where they were doing the jump rope. hilarious.

    i love SGB.

    thanks for uploading!!

  9. this episode was funny I love that guy from Dream Team made me laugh sooooo hard when he continued spinning even when he dropped to the ground xDDDDDD
    thank you soooo much I hope you continue uploading 🙂

  10. OMG thank u so much!!!!! i was waiting for this!!!! my junseob!!!! ottokae????!!!! u really made my day!!! and it’s still morning!! thank u so much!! u’re incredibly jjang!! chaego chaego!!!! >.<

  11. Thanks for subbing and uploading. I love this show even when there are people I don’t know. Please continue, we really appreciate your hard work 🙂

    I have been waiting for this and it was definitely worth the wait!!
    I will be eternally grateful for you uploading SGB xx

  13. thank you for uploading the whole episode in youtube and for the mediafire links. u just make my weekend wonderful

  14. wwwaaaaaaaahhh,,
    TangKyu so much,,i searce SGB with B2ST for Long time,,
    reaLLy Like this,,i wiLL visit ur bLog mostLy,,
    btw, did u have B2ST idoL maid ep6-end with eng SUb?
    iMBC was deLeted aLL in YT,,

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