[Engsub Drama] My Mom, Super Mom – Ep7


20 thoughts on “[Engsub Drama] My Mom, Super Mom – Ep7

  1. thanks for the upload, i’ve been dying from laughter since episode 6. & Jiwon reminds me of Se7en & Kimhaneul reminds me of Eli from U-kiss, both so cute!

  2. thank you so much for the upload.
    i’m a dramaholic and i’m loving this drama.
    but do you have eps 1-5?
    its a bit strange watching from ep 6 ><"
    pleaseee and thank you ~

  3. hello 🙂 you are really daebak 😀 hahahaha..thank you so much for uploading this drama!
    ~i hope you upload till ep. 25 … thanks so much again.
    Take care and God bless ^^

  4. I dare to say that this movie series is liked by most of the people including me.I thank you for your dramatic action and your best work that can shake people’mind who are watching your movies.That’s why I admired you all and everyaction you act in this series.

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