Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 Ep 51 [English Subtitle]

Just write more the comments before i stop to upload this show

Link Download ( help me reupload MF and MU full , thx )


MF ( thank to icetea ) : http://www.mediafire.com/?elm32pdvv292p


MU Full : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MAIY0NE8


001 : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SJXI3JH9

002 : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=D2RQDMTB

003 : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4NXKETS6

004 : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=OVD1CV1X

005 : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LCEQC19O

006 : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7DN7E2TG


179 thoughts on “Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 Ep 51 [English Subtitle]


  2. hi. thank you so much for uploading this show for us viewers. please continue uploading. i love all the shows u’re uploading. there are more people watching than commenting. and again, THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!

  3. thank you for the upload! i just got a question, it wont open for me when i download the link, is there something else i need to download in order to watch it or something? sorry if this question has already been asked!

  4. Just got to know about your blog and your subbing works. Please dont stop subbing dream team! It’s my fave show and us international fans will always be grateful to you. Fighting!

  5. I thank so much for uploading this show. I never knew about this show until I found it on your website and now I love it!! 

  6. please PLEASE don’t stop uploading this show. this is my favorite show of all. Minho is so competitive. I wish he can come on every episode. please don’t stop subbing it, I love it. Thanks for all your hard work. Fighting!

  7. please dont stop subbing!
    most of the time when i catch your subs for dt these days, it’s off other sites so i cant comment.
    maybe, when people post your links, they could add a note to comment here if theyd appreciate for your subs to continue.


  8. Pleaaaase don’t stop to sub Dream Team !! I love this show and I always look forward to see a new episode ! Thank you so much to upload it >w<

  9. Aww
    Please don’t stop, I got to love Dream Team because of you!
    Because of you, people who don’t understand korean can watch this<3
    Thank you sooo much!!!!!

  10. thanx 4 da upload..
    please dont stop uplaoding it because theres so many kpop fans come here 2 watch their celeb..
    thanx so much 4 your effort

  11. Thank you soo much! Dream team is one of my favorite shows but for a while I could never watch it because nobody would post the subs 😦 But then I found your blog! Seriously thank you soooo much!

  12. I’ve never commented but since you wanna stop subbing this show, I just had to say DON’T STOP SUBBING!!!!!!! This is the only site that still uploads this show and I still watch it all the time so please don’t end it! I only go on this site for Dream Team and if there’s no more Dream Team, I’ll be extremely sad.

    Thank you for this episode!!

  13. i love watching this show! and as a non-Korean-speaker, i rely on your subs to understand the jokes and what’s going on. please don’t stop subbing dream team!

  14. Thanks so much for this! Please don’t stop uploading! Many of us rely on you for DT and really do appreciate your effort!

  15. i can’t wait for the Media fire upload, it gives me better connection than megaupload. I love this show and thank you for uploding

  16. Thank you! I really like korean shows =D
    But I don’t understand Korean -_-
    I really appreciate your hard work!
    And I hope I could express well my gratitude, because my english is not good, heheh!

    Thank you very much! And sorry for my bad english xD

  17. oh no! please don’t stop uploading and sharing this show. We really do love Dream Team and appreciate all of your efforts. Please continue because you’re the only hope of the viewers from abroad like me.

    Thank you so much!

  18. THANK YOU!! please don’t stop i always comment, it’s just a shame that other shows just happen to have more viewers and this show doesn’t, such as IY for example, but this show is amazing! so thank you for uploading =D

  19. Oh no! I’m like 2 episodes behind D:
    Stupid school.. making me miss out on my favorite K-shows >:[
    Thank you sooo much for subbing and uploading!
    I freaking love you<3 😀

  20. Thank you for uploading this pikeyenny. I’m an avid follower of this show so I really hope you’ll still continue to post this here. I’m esp. glad that you put it up in YT btw and i hope you’ll still post the continuations in YT as well.

  21. Hi thanks for uploading! Please continue to upload dream team. You have no idea how appreciative we are to you. So please, even if it means only one person will comment on dream team, please continue to upload the upcoming episodes. Thanks!

  22. Thank you so much, I was afraid you wouldn’t post this week DT.
    Please don’t stop uploading, this is one of my favourite shows!

  23. oh.. my stomach… it hurts so much..
    serious, jinon really grows on me.
    I use to like watching DT because of the old cast (Danny, Sangchu, Eunhyuk, Junho, Minho)

    I wasn’t sure about the new cast… but serious.. Jinon does a good job. – Everytime he loose I just fall of my chair. – It’s not because he loose… but it’s because his atitude when he loose.
    Loosing the “Rock, Scissor and paper” was hilarious.

    I admit my deafeat and In love DT
    oh.. and Yunhu is hilarious. – I’ve watched him in dramas but haven’t really paid attention to him. – Now I do ^^;

    Thank you for continueing uploading DT

    Oh, btw. Mind I ask you which day and time is DT aired? – For some reason my satelit only show 2-3 hours of “KBS world” free each day. – Maybe I’m lucky enought to see DT?

      1. thank you.

        Now I just have to check the the satelit 😀
        When I get the time to set up my dvdrecorder, I might be able to record this show (or other… depend on the show time).

        If you ever need help on recording/uploading other show, just tell me 😀

      2. darn.. just realized…. 19:00 korean time is around 13:00 european time. – I’m at work during that time 😦

        Oh well… too bad 😀

  24. i wanna ask something…is it possible for you to upload Strong Heart?really difficult to find the show….really appreciate it if u able to upload it…..anyway,thanks for your hard work….!!!

  25. Hi pikeyenny, I’ve been following your DT uploads for a while now and I must say that they’re great! Of course, so are you!
    Thanks for the hard work, 화이팅~!

  26. Why always with the stopping of uploading?? Seems like you do this to the ones that get all the comments. I come here for Dream Team and SGB, but I’m continually worried you’ll stop uploading them…do these shows seriously get less comments than the random videos and interviews you post up? Just curious.

    1. Its to make sure that she doesnt upload a program that only has 10 viewers on average. If more than one hundred individuals watch and comment she knows she isnt wasting her time subbing something no one watches.

      1. First off, she doesn’t sub these herself. She rips them from her tv and puts her own logo onto them. Secondly, I haven’t seen a post of either Dream Team or Star Golden Bell that has gotten less than 100 comments, which is a lot more than the other random videos that get posted up. Also, you can tell how many people download/watch from megavideo, mediafire, and youtube…all you have to do is look at the number of times it’s been viewed/downloaded. I think it’s really obvious people are watching these shows, and it’s kind of redundant to post the same threat up every time and make people worry and hero worship you.

  27. Thanks a lot for this!
    Dream Team sometimes gets boring cuz sometimes they bring some stars that we don’t really know about… but i keep watching them to kill time, so DON’T STOP SUBBING THEM!
    By the way, can you upload episode 44, the one with the dream girls team vs miss world university? I know there are no MALE stars in that episode, but I really wanna watch it and you’re the only source for Dream Team that I can rely on (and of course Invincible Youth!).. Thanks a bunch!!!

  28. PLEASE DO NOT STOP subbing dt~~ i repeat…PLEASEEEEE don’t stop 😦 and by the way..what happened to minho? he was a regular before but he hasn’t been in the recent episodes 😦

  29. Thanks for sharing to us this wonderful show. Please continue in uploading and we’re always here to support you…fighting!!!

  30. please don’t stop uploading this show..may be the comment not so many like others show,but there are many people who depend on you for this show..because only your blog provide this show with english subtitle…i will continue to support you..hwiting

  31. annyeong unnie~
    please dont stop uploading this! ever since my dad stopped subscribing to kbs, i havnt been able to watch DT anymore. then i found you 🙂
    you’re awesome, dont ever stop being awesome!

  32. thank you so much for uploading ^-^ but but please don’t stop uploading! this is the only place i can find dream team episodes with subs T-T so please please don’t stop ^-^

  33. Omo….another new episode… *big hugs to you*
    I like to see Sangchu with those moustache..hehehe recently I had a fetish with moustache…. *giggling*

    thank you as always… i’ll be waiting for the next episode… ^_~

  34. thanks for all the hard work.. i love this show… please continue to upload and sub.. i appreciate it.. all the best… hwaiting

  35. as always..i can only do my part to support you and your post by commenting..If i have capacity to help you more like reupload or etc..i’ll let you know.. btw thanks pikeyenny! love you.. 😉

  36. Thank you so much for subbing and uploading! Dream team is my favourite show and i always watch it no matter who the participants are so please don’t stop uploading it!

  37. NO.. U’re not wasting your time uploading all the videos… We Pikeyenny fans really appreciate ur work…. 1 more thing, how do i join all the files that had been downloaded please help Pikeyenny..

  38. I’m am so thankful for you guys its hard to put in words. It is because of you that I can stay connected to my favorite shows and idols. Also because there is no one out there the consistently has subbed goodies, I really rely on you for these shows (not only dream team). I would just like to say thank you thank you thank you! I really really appreciate it 🙂 I love you guyss

  39. I am so grateful to have found you and I’m really thankful for you uploading all these subbed goodies. I really rely on you because these shows are one of the only ways i can stay connected to my favorite idols. And I would just really like to tell you that I love you guys and I really appreciate all your hard work just for fans of the show/idols all over the world. thank you thank you thank you!

  40. Thank you. I don’t have the time to watch it every week, but it is really worth watching, so pls don’t stop subbing it.

  41. 안녕!!

    Thousand thanks for subbing and sharing with us this show, it’s one of the best, hehe. Really, thanks a lot ^^

    감사합니다 !!

  42. hi, pikeyenny…
    thx you very much…i’m still think ur blog is nice and awesome.
    u don’t even have rules about minimum post.
    i like it, becoz mainly peoples whom working only have weekend to touch their downloading section, in office it forbidden hehehe.
    so i will write any comments gladly all the time…

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