Invincible Youth Ep 49 [English Subtitle]

Thank so much for your all comments always ^^ … it makes me must update faster and faster haha


Link here :  (help me reupload MF and MU full link  if you can ^^ ). Don’t ask about youtube links now, Ekotaf will upload when he’s online


MF Folder :


MU : ( thank to Ghoo )

or : thank to Izarrudin (Izone) :

or thank to unholydaemon :


001 :

002 :

003 :

004 :


295 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Ep 49 [English Subtitle]

  1. Thank you so much! Waiting for the Youtube links.

    I love how you have a slight schedule for when you put up a certain show.

    1. thank for your help, but wait me upload finished all 4 parts
      and then you joined it with HJ split and then reupload the big file with MU link, not split tp 001 002 003 004 as i did with multiupload ^^

  2. TY so much for IY! Everyone please comment like crazy….because I know every1 is itching for ep 51 already!!! WE WANT SUNNNY!!!! Hopefully pikeyenny can upload it asap!!!

  3. OMG You are amazing! Incredibly consistent.
    I can’t wait to come back from classes (and after a giant midterm) this afternoon to watch!
    Thanks again~

    Haha, everyone’s itching for Sunny ep. I’m just eager to see SunMin again haha

  4. Thank you so much. 🙂
    I’m waiting for the anniversary episode of IY! It’s been a year of helping us watch this show.
    Thanks Pikeyenny! Hwaiting!

  5. Can you change the old website back ? :s
    This is lagging me really bad. My screen freezes for 3 – 5 minutes every time when I come here to check for IY updates.

  6. Thx for upload ill put it on yt if i have time and give link if i have your permission? and can i put it in mediafire since its faster to download??

  7. THANKS ! But i don’t know why i can’t download it from multiUP…
    I can only download from MF. when is the MF coming up ?

  8. Thanks for the 49th episode…The show seems to be more interesting now that we’re getting
    use to the 3 new girls…..still miss Sunny though….

  9. thank you for invincible youth episodes. i wouldnt know where else to watch it if you didnt upload them. I appreciate it alot. also thanks for the qualifications of men choir uploads as well =)

  10. T.T You’re making me cry tears of happiness when you sub/upload so quickly. Awesome Job! Once again, thank you for your hard work.

  11. First time im here in you blog and I want to thank for The video and sub. I know it alot of work that you have to do. And I really greatful!!!
    ❤ Keep up the good work!!!

  12. thx for your hard work penny…..

    penny can you upload your IY video on MF but, the size of files just 50MB???
    coz my bandwidth on my campus cant donwload all files more than 50MB!!

    but, if you can’t, can someone on this blog will help me….
    i’m not watching IY episode 48 and 49…….
    plz…. i really like IY….. i cant life if i cant watch IY T.T

  13. Invincible youth wouldn’t be that well known and successful without PIKEYENNY!!

    Hope you could still have time to rest pike!

  14. ahh!! thnx so much pikeyenny! but can i ask a favour?
    can you put the subtitles above the end of the frame? cause the only
    time i can watch it is before i go to sleep, lying on my bed..
    so i have to put it in my ipod to watch it..
    and i dont know whats wrong with my ipod.. when i convert it to MP4, it wont convert the
    black parts down it means i wont be able to read some of the subtitles.
    i hope you understand what im talking about haha.
    thank you in advance!!! :):):)

  15. Thanks a bunch again, this show is soo beautiful.
    The rest of the world is really missing out on this one, thats why
    i spread the word to my friends :]

  16. THANK YOU =]


  17. thanks for another great sub!!! the beginning part with the whole snake ordeal has got to be my favorite part out of the entire episode! lol

  18. Thank you sooo much for the good quality sub. Way better than those we see on tv! They just wants to get the job done and not even bother about explaining the jokes. But you did it and that made me love the Korean language more! Appreciate ur effort! =D

  19. I reAlly Like This sITe and Its contents…
    But I feel The vid is quite big…
    So im thinking if Pikeyenny Interested,..
    we could downsize it a bit to <500MB..
    I think it would be very Nice!!
    Any wAy Fighting!!

  20. yay!! Thank you pikeyenny.. i’m worried i cant watch IY cos i missed a lot of episodes. You’re my saviour haha.. Thanks again!!

  21. hi pikeyenny…i ve just finish subbing invincible youth ep 1 in malay language..just 12 minutes for testing..maybe u can put it on your wall blog ,for your malaysia or indonesia fans….if i get a good comment on it i ll keep on continue subbing…if not i m just stop subbing it…this is the preview…

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  23. at last finally i can wacthing iy back after a month huhu i just finish my final exam^^ here i come iy… thanks to you for upload it… great job!!!

  24. thanks , although im lazy to comment i still commented since i want you to continue to upload in the future ❤ , you did a good job ! jjang ❤

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    your post is marvelous
    I obtain a lot in your topic really thanks very much
    btw the theme of you site is really superb
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