[Reupload] 20100815 The Choir Of Qualifications of Men [English Subtitle]

Because i really really like this choir of QOM, so i decided to reupload all the choir eps. And i only upload the stream links. Don’t have time to upload the download links too. So watch it before youtube delete it ( i won’t reupload it T_T )

And don’t comment or mention anything about the name show on this YTB channel. Don’t take the links out of here too.



38 thoughts on “[Reupload] 20100815 The Choir Of Qualifications of Men [English Subtitle]

  1. Thank you !!! You reuploaded exactly when i searched on google how to get the episodes deleted on Youtube !

    The last ep of QOM was very good… so i wanted to see the beginning of the choir !

    It was the first time i watched this show, it didn’t attracted my attention ’cause of the cast (only old men 😉 but now i regret.

    This show gives emotions 😉

    Thanks again… like always your contribution is invaluable !
    It’s better and better : video quality, multi links to upload, streamings, quick translation.

  2. Bạn có thể disable chức năng comment trong Youtube để đỡ bị phát hiện ra.
    Mình cũng rất thích show này , đang tìm những phần đầu thì lại dc bạn up lên , cảm ơn nhiều nha !

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH! 😀 i didn’t know what qualifications of men was and i watched this episode it seems so nice please keep uploadinggg! not a lot of people may comment but im positive there are tons and tons of people relying on this site. THANKS AGAIN! 😀

  4. yes~~yes~~yes~~thank u~~thank u~~dont know what more i can say~~finaly i cant watch other ep~~really love the choir team~~

  5. Thank you, PikeYenny!

    I didn’t have a chance to catch this, and it’s really good, thank you so much! ❤

    I will watch all you upload of the choir. ^_^

  6. thank you soooo much for making my wish come true…i requested for the audition part to be reuploaded just last week. and now i found all the previous episodes. my friends made fun of me when i told them i watched QOM. they said all the cast are too old. i showed them the choir parts then we all got hook up with this show. thank you so much for keep uploading!!!love ya!!

  7. Thank you so so so much for the reuploads! I love the choir too! Can’t believe it’s over. ): Off to rip the videos off youtube before it’s too late.

    Thank you once again!!

  8. thanks a lot..
    i missed a few episode because too busy..
    but i can watch the choir full episode here..
    thanks to you 4 your hard work.. 🙂
    keep it up..

  9. thank you so much for re-uploading them! i really like this mission and i feel like watching it again.
    will you be uploading the episodes from October’s broadcast?
    i really hope you do cause they’re really good.
    once again, thank you so much for everything. great blog too! ;D

  10. i never pay attention for QM although i like 1n2d. i watched accidentally the choir part because i though its DT and they have the same file name.

    now, QM is one of variety show that i will follow

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