Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 Ep 50 [English Subtitle]

No Comment = No Update ^^

Link here : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0GAQ2AFQ


Online (no reupload if it was deleted )


176 thoughts on “Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 Ep 50 [English Subtitle]

  1. “no post = no update” that means not many people interested in Dream Team, huh? 😥
    really sad to see your post this week but I understand how you feel
    I hope people who download will appreciate your hardwork more, at least they can leave some comment

    thank you so much for sharing & uploading..will wait for alternate download link
    love you

      1. D: really? why? 😥 i really like this show…well…truthfully…i only watch it when minho or other idols i know are in it..if i don’t know who’s in the ep then i don’t watch it but minho was in all the eps before so i watched the whole show..but minho isn’t in this ep?

      2. hmm.. sadly it is true.

        Danny stopped, then Eunhuyk, then Junho and then Minho… I guess lot of people stop watching it because DT lost its ‘spirit’?

        I like Sangchu but Sangchu alone can’t lift up the mood.
        It’s not like I don’t like jinon or dongjoon – I think they are hilarious… but DT is missing something.

        Maybe its:
        – Danny goofing around and loosing.
        – Minho hating to loose
        – Sangchu arrogance (he still is.. and I still love it)
        – Junho’s huge smil when he succeed
        – Eunhuyk crying when he looses

        or maybe its a combination ?
        Oh well.. – I do still support DT but I’m not a regular watcher as I use to be.
        I usually wacth it without sub first and then with sub (thanks to you).

        anyway.. to make it short(too late?)
        Thnak you for uploading this


      3. please don’t stop uploading it! this is the only place where i can find the subbed versions….and for that i thank you so much! if you stopped uploading i’m sure many people would be sad

      4. please don’t stop uploading DT! I love this show very much more than other shows. Though for me it’s a bit lacking since Minho and Eunhyuk’s not there, but for me I found myself addicted to it. 😀 This is very exciting and I like to see idols and celebrities doing their best to win. I like the games they’re playing so please continue in subbing this…if possible, until the show ends. 😀

      5. I’m begging you, begging, begging, begging you, not to quit on this show 😥 P.l.e.a.s.e!!!!!!
        Choose the interesting episodes as you wished doing to have less trouble, but just please don’t quit….

      6. oh please keep posting dream team. i always missed the show on tv, and i really appreciate that you keep posting it. please don’t stop posting dream team.
        thank you so much!

  2. YAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YOU ARE THE AWESOMEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    honestly you’re like a subbing god X3

  3. Thank you so much for sharing. I wonder why people don’t interested in this show, but still hoping minho and eunhyuk and danny around again

  4. OMG Please don’t stop uploading Dream Team! There will be some Girl Dream Teams in the future and I love the cast that is usually in this!

    Please don’t stop, please.

  5. thanks so muchhhhhhhhhhhh… but could you please upload it to MF??
    it’s really hard for me download MU. .>.<
    thanks so much.. 🙂

  6. wow…
    Ep 50!
    that was fast. thank u~~

    Oh please…
    don’t stop uploading this show. I really love this show.

  7. hello!!! please don’t stop uploading the english subbed episodes! you’re my only source for dreamteam and it’s such a great show plus i’m still waiting for junho to come back even though i have no idea when he’ll be doing that please continue uploading dream team! thank you!! (:

  8. wow! This one looks fun to watch!!!!! *^*

    Thank-you so much for your constant hard work!

    And for sharing this with us! =^= Thank-yoou!!!


  9. Thanks for your upload….I think part of the reason the popularity of this show might
    drop is because some of the members of the “Dream team” aren”t really athletes..
    in fact they really suck at sports…I understand they are on the team for entertainment
    purposes but ……until they get true athletes popularity will waver…..

  10. thank you so much for uploading i love this show. i hope minho comes back in the future eps. he was only in the last one because that was filmed i am guessing during the intermission of lucifer and hello.

  11. Thanks for subbing and uploading, really appreciate a lot. Please don’t stop subbing all DT ep.~ maybe you can pick some interesting episodes to sub in the future? 😥

  12. i hope there’s MF links.. since i can’t download or leech MU at all… also want to request Happy Together Show feat Kim Tak Gu actror who play as Gu Majun…

  13. Thank you!

    On a side note, looks like the the chin-up bar was improved…? Last time they had it in an obstacle course, almost everyone struggled with it.

  14. Thank you so, so, so much for all of your hard work~~! <333

    Please continue to sub and upload Dream Team! C: My friends and i love watching it and other K-shows that you sub. Since we don't really understand Korean, we rely on your blog to be able to fully enjoy the programs, as some of the fun is lost without English subtitles. So we really appreciate your time and hard work!

    정말 감사합니다!

  15. thank you so much for subbing and uploading!!!!!! i would appreciate it if you kept on subbing dream team 🙂 its my favorite show ^.^

  16. PikeYenny, please keep updating dream team! because there are still people who still left their comments.

    and Thanks for always sharing 😀 Love you!

  17. I love Dream Team!!! It’s true that it’s more appealing to watch when MInho, Eunhyuk or one of the idols are in it.
    Thank you for your hard work!

  18. hey thank you very much for uploading! really appreciate it!:) and don’t stop uploading cause this is the only place where we all can watch it!:)

  19. pls dun stop subbing DT.. i really love dream team n always been waiting for you to sub.. ur website is my only hope to watch DT!! dun stop subbing… FIGHTTING N THANK YOU!!!

  20. Thank you so much for subbing ! I love Dream team 😀
    This ep’ was one of the best performance I’ve seen in this show’s history~!
    I look forward to seeing the upcoming episodes~ Please don’t stop subbing this show !

  21. Thanks so much for sharing all of these! Appreciate all your hard work… Love watching this show! Please continue to update as you do! =) Thanks again!

  22. thanks a lot! please don’t stop uploading it. i really like this show. you’re the only place where i can find this aaaaaa

  23. Thank you so much for this! Please don’t stop uploading. I still love DT even though the funny idols are not on it anymore. But originally this program is about sports and fitness stuff, and I love it for that. And it is still interesting! So please don’t stop!

  24. mmm…i know it’s so sudden and i’m probably too late to ask about it…but i’ve just happend to see the 4 episode of dream team2. i couldn’t find it here but maybe you subbed it? it would be sooo great.
    thank you for hard work^^ i love this show:)

  25. thank you very much for uploading 🙂 and please dont stop uploading. your page has been my only source to see the program i miss on kbsworld due to schoolwork. so big thanks to you

  26. Thousand thanks for sharing another great ep. of this show with all of us, we really really appreciate it, and thank you so much for all your hard and great work subbing this program, I love it ^^


  27. thanks for the upload …really appreciate it

    love this show …but I have to say that it is not the same without Minho…really miss watching him in DT

  28. thank you for uploading. please please please don’t stop subbing dream team, this is the only site for reliable dream team subs <3333

  29. thanks pike yenny, i really love this show.. how they try very hard in every game.
    love minho.. love junho.. love all the member of dream team..

  30. I missed the broadcast on TV and I was so upset! Thank you so much for recording and uploading this ^^ I really appreciate it!

  31. nooooooooooooooooooooo! please don’t stop uploading dream team and star golden bell please! preeeeeeeeeeeeeetty pleeeeeeeeeeease! i love the show so much! 😀 XD

  32. Hey, I was just wondering. If you were able to find a raw episode, would you be able to sub it? Cause I found a raw ep 14 for Dream Team and was wondering if you could sub it…

  33. I do not generally comment on web sites but I needed to drop in and say thanks for making this, I absolutely agree with the fact and with a little luck people today can understand this argument.

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