Invincible Youth Ep 48 [English Subtitle]

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397 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Ep 48 [English Subtitle]

  1. Thanks for uploading, I’ll wait patiently πŸ™‚
    Ow btw in a couple of weeks Sunny and Hyuna will be back for a guest appearance πŸ˜€

  2. thanks for sharing! i had an enjoyable/difficult time watching the last two episodes. seeing them with their grandparents made me realize how much im going to miss mine. RIP 09-28-2010

  3. Thanks Pikeyenny! i was able to watch it a while ago on tv and She seonhwa was so
    funny with stories about her first love. I just miss Narsha unni. it’s so different when she’s
    not around.
    so excited that sunny and hyuna will come visit again but why without yuri? i hope they’ll stay for good once they visit.

  4. Wow that were only 5 days between the 2 episodes!
    You’re really fast! πŸ˜€
    Thank you for your effort Pikeyenny! πŸ˜€

  5. pikeyenny!! thank you soo soo much.. it’s invincible youth for us again.. :))
    hope someone can upload all of it as one file in megaupload..

  6. thank you for the upload…..but can u upload IY for next next next week in Dailymotion if u don’t want to upload it in YT if u have a time, of course….please….kamsahamnida…^^

  7. I LOVE YOU! lol
    youre so awesome! πŸ˜€
    ….if possible…well more like if you like the show Win Win…then… well if you like it…then can you sub that show too? ^^

  8. Thanks…Glad that Sunny will be making a guest appearance in a couple of weeks..
    really miss her….though Victoria is very enjoyable to watch…..

  9. Thanks PY! I’m on my iPod so I can’t watch the new episode until you upload on DailyMotion or something.. …:(
    Thanks anyway ! I appreciate it!!

  10. this could just be me, but it seems like the part 2 doesn’t work. i would appreciate it if you fix it (if there’s a problem of course). you guys are GREAT~

  11. thank ss πŸ˜€
    Δ‘ang mong chờ ep 50 kỉ niệm 1 nΔƒm IY nΓͺn ss Δ‘α»«ng ngΖ°ng cΓ‘i show nΓ y nhΓ© πŸ˜€

  12. FYI – link to download part 2 is not working

    Thank you for your hard work in subbing and uploading this! I appreciate you doing it!

  13. yaaaaaaaaaaaay thank you you are amazing. since i started work i cant watch those programs on tv because it happes to air when i am at work. just wish you could continue uploading dream team you would be more than amazing to me. thanx alot for your effort. you make people happy.

  14. Hii, thanks for uploading so quickly but for some reason my media player can’t play some of the files because they end in .001, .002 … etc. How can i fix that?

      1. you need to use the program HJsplit to combine the files, Read the Faqs at the top.
        After that, almost any media player will play the file.

  15. thank you for your hard work!
    I won’t lazy writing comments because this is my favorite show!
    And you are my favorite uploader!

    Keep it up pike! Pike FTW!

  16. thank you so much pikeyenny!! and to those who uploaded the video’s on youtube!!! thank you ekotaf! thank you guys!! thank you for making it possible.. i always wake up in the morning with a big smile looking forward to watch the vids!!! thank you guys!!!

    keep it up!! Ü

  17. Thanks you! The last few eps have been a bit…. umm, not great. does anyone else think so? Still love watching tho.

    Thanks Again.

  18. Thanks for uploading!!

    Just wondering if this episode is going to be uploaded onto YT soon?”

    I guess I”ll just wait for that then. (:

      1. ops sry i thought it was during that time. the air time show that you put it. sry sry my bad but i gotta say this your sooooooo jjang! ❀

  19. It’s so great to be true, but hey, I do fall in love with you..hehe..I fall in love with your effort Pikeyenny since the day you made all this uploading possible…and the word of thanks is just a little appreciation of that love…hehe..btw,kamsahamidaa for this week episode…!!

  20. thank you so much for keep uploading this great show…
    if only i can get something for you…for ur great effort…
    thanks again…

  21. THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing this every week!!! i’m constantly on your page looking at all your new shows, i completely love this show and you’ve made it possible for all of us to continue watching our girls!! while there aren’t many who leave comments, please know that there are 100x more people watching this show who don’t leave comments, so please keep up the wonderful work you’re doing ALL the time for us to enjoy!!!!!

  22. thanks alot for sharing the videos…
    but I just wonder. what is the difference between the MU Full Link and the one that Bunthoeun uploaded??

  23. pikeyenny thank you sooooo much for ur hard work to sub this video… ^^b
    i’m very glad that u have subbed this epsd… πŸ™‚
    i’ll be waiting patiently to the next epsd…
    FIGHTING!! ^^

    btw in MF folder,where is the part 2? it just part 1 then part 3 until part 6..
    i can’t DL from megaupload or multiupload.. >,<

  24. this is the most popular show you sub i think haha. i cant thank you enough for continuing your hard work on subbing this show ❀ =)

  25. Hahaha! This is probably one of the funniest episodes ever. Lots of laughs. And this is also a Juyeon Episode, she dominates in this one. Very funny!

    Thanks for the upload.

  26. pikeyenny, i’ve seen all the episodes of invincible youth, sorry for the late comments :P. would like to express my appreciation to you for providing all this english subbed episodes, really enjoyed it!

    on episode 46/47, i agree with you for those who expects higher quality, because this is provided for free, i am happy just to able to catch my favourite entertainment show is english sub

    you’re doing a great job, FIGHTING! ^^

  27. can i say thank u? can i can i? waaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh how come i juz found this blog today???!! T___T
    uhuuuuuuuu i sure missed lots of things already!
    really thank u from the bottom of my heart!

  28. Thanks for the sub and share, this episode’s really funny. And hyomin become funnier too, it made me laugh so hard about what she learns from victoria, hahaha

  29. thx for your hard work penny…..

    penny can you upload your IY video on MF but, the size of files just 50MB???
    coz my bandwidth on my campus cant donwload all files more than 50MB!!

    but, if you can’t, can someone on this blog will help me….
    i’m not watching IY episode 48 and 49…….
    plz…. i really like IY….. i cant life if i cant watch IY T.T

  30. thanks! sorry, i haven’t been commenting recently, so know that there are probably a bunch of people out there who appreciate and depend on your uploads…!!! thanks on behalf of those!

  31. catching up now.. hehe sorry for the late comment. Since i have internet connection now (even not very fast) i can download. Thanks for your hard effort. πŸ™‚

  32. Wow. You’re doing a great job! I’m very grateful for all your efforts! Keep it up! You’re making a lot of fans happy! πŸ™‚ \m/

  33. i just wanted to thank you for your hard work !! i’m so happy to be able to download the episodes and watch them on my flight today !! (:

  34. thank you for the wonderful quality of the subs and ur time and effort put into this.. (: because of u we fans have managed to watched episodes by episodes without fail.. thank you!

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