[Congratulation] + Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 Ep 48 [English Subtitle]

^^ thank you guys so much for supporting this blog ^______^. I got 3,173,654 views all-time kekekeke. Let’s go to celebrate, have a party..go..go.gooo hahaha


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101 thoughts on “[Congratulation] + Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 Ep 48 [English Subtitle]

  1. Can u u please put in the online version so that i can watch it online? i cant download the file that u had attached above. please…… thanks a lot!!!!

  2. keep your great work..i will support you all the time…

    thanks for your hard work..

    the best source for dream team..


  3. congratulations, congratulations… thank you for sharing all this shows in my country doesn’t air k_sworld so is great that you share and take you time to upload all thank you 😀

  4. where the ___ would i be able to watch these shows with subs if not for this wonderful blog!?!!
    love it, thank you for yours & EkoTaf’s hardwork ❤

  5. Well thank YOU for uploading all these great shows, I love you for it 🙂

    I’m excited to watch this episode, can’t wait for the download to finish!

  6. thanks for continuing to sub this series! 😀 i love it so much! 😀 And congratulations to you!

    Btw, we noticed that you haven’t been putting the names of the guests of the shows anymore. 😦

  7. finished watching it. i went aaaaaaaahhhhhh , darn so many times in this episode 😀 . can’t wait for next week as minho is back 🙂

  8. You’re the one that needs to be thanked!!! SO thank you so much for all your goodies and for sharing with us all those shows!!!! =P

  9. More of my baby Sangchu. Thank You SO MUCH PIKEYENNy (since Sangchu is not as popular as he should be) This show is the only way to get my Sangchu fix, I freakin love you ^_^

  10. i love dream team,thank you for sharing \^o^/
    can’t wait next ep. because there’ll be jinon and minho…
    saranghamnida pikeyenny <3…..kamsahamnida!

  11. Thank you so much for all your hard and great work subbing this program, we really really appreciate all your effort ^^


  12. I think this eps is the continuation from the last eps rite?
    I wonder when will Eunhyuk, Minho n Junho will comeback to this show…
    thnks for sharing anyway ^^

  13. Thank you sooooo much
    If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be able to watch the awesome show with Minho<3
    and because of this show im a Sangchu fan!!!

  14. Thanks!

    It’s funny how they keep doing events now where 90 percent of the people end up completely embarrassed and ashamed of themselves.

  15. HI!! firstly i wanna thank you for your efforts in putting up all these episodes 😀 not trying to bug you or something, but i just wanna know if you’ll be uploading ep 49? i’m looking forward to it soooo much ‘cos minho is appearing again on that episode! thanks!

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