Star Golden Bell Season 3 Ep 1 [English Subtitle]

Before i post any show, i will announce it in here :

Came back with SGB, let enjoy it and don’t forget to write your comments ^^

Link here ( help me reupload MU and MF ^^).

About youtube links, just wait EkoTaf upload later ^^

Mu Full Link :

MF Folder Link :

001 :

002 :

003 :

004 :

005 :

006 :

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170 thoughts on “Star Golden Bell Season 3 Ep 1 [English Subtitle]

  1. Season 3 looks like the old format 😀

    i think i’ll definitely enjoy this one… thanks a lot Yenny 😀

    keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  2. i guess the season 2 didnt go so well ….
    much more anticipated for season 3 … cuz yey cute Su Jeong came bak ..
    thank u so much !!!

  3. hey thanks for this.
    do you know what happen to sgb for the last few weeks on kbs world? is it because of the shin hwan dude? or just for the new season?
    iis it back on kbs world now?

  4. Thanks so much for this! I love you! Haha/

    Anyway, to answer other’s questions, this is actually just season 2 episode 19, not really season 3 I think.

  5. The old concept is back for the new season? Well, at least from what I see based on the screen shots since I haven’t watched it yet. Daebak! I love the old concept a lot more than the newer one. I actually stopped watching it because it changed, but I guess I will be getting my weekly dose of SGB again! ^^

  6. season 3? because of the change in one of the mcs? and the concept? haven’t seen it yet, but I’m gonna enjoy this I know.. thanks!

  7. waaaaaaaaa… you made me cry pikeyenny!!! this would be the best birthday gift ever for me… it’s my birthday tomorrow and I thought it would be boring and the usual birthday I will have but know I have something to get busy with every night… watching SGB! 😀 XD I’m a huge fan of the show!!!! 😀 XD thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you in a million! 😀 XD woohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… 😀 XD

  8. heyyy thanks for uploading ^^ i was waiting for the sesaon 2 with shinee on it … maybe i missed it , well , still thanks for the work done XD

  9. Haha Kim Taehyeon lost to Sujeong on purpose beacuse it was Chusoek and she was about to cry! It’s nice to see the nice side of him sometimes lol. Thanks for subbing Pikeyenny!

  10. Thank you! I’m so excited they are back to the old format! I see Soojung and Kim TaeHyun! One of my favorite parts about SGB! Thank you!!!

  11. thanks for subbing!
    can’t wait to watch it! hehe
    i hope you sub the ep with shinee and ftisland too!! hehe.. (^_^)

  12. The reason why Star Golden Bell skipped 3 or 4 episodes and is now back is because KBS World decided to stop showing episodes that has Shin Jung Hwan on it. This episode aired September 18th in Korea and was the first one with another MC in his spot(Jang Sang Ryul) although he was just for this episode.

    After this episode in Korea KBS finally decided to permanently remove Shin Jung Hwan as MC and the next week he was replaced by bringing back Jeon Hyeon Moo (who had been the MC on SGB until he was let go when they started the school theme)

    Since KBS had replaced Shin Jung Hwan they decided not to show the remaining 3 or 4 episodes with him subbed on KBS World.

  13. Thanks for posting. Too bad about not putting up the rest of season 2…seems like a bunch of people missed it. But anyways, I can see Sujeong is back, so I’m happy ^^

  14. just asking … will you not post the rest of the season 2?
    i was really antecipating the eps. with SHINee boys and the one with BEAST boys , but ok
    thank u anyway ^^
    i will watch this !!!!
    and then … season 2 just started these days right? season 3 already ?? o.o”’
    anyway , i liked season 1 the best ^^

  15. Thank you so much for the upload I’ve missed this show so much!

    I like this new season, it’s much better than the 2nd one and I’m happy they brought Sujeong back for the quiz game, it’s more fun this way than with the french one from season 2.

    Thank you once again, I hope you will upload SGB weekly, pretty pleaseee 🙂

  16. thank u for the upload and subbing and can u upload SGB to Youtube too bcoz MU and MF its take a long time to download…maybe u can do this for next Eps…..Thank u for ur hard work…..^^

  17. would u upload SGB episode, the one that onew n tae as guest??
    hope u’ll upload it >____< (cant wait to watch them kekeke)
    thank u so much

  18. Thank you so much for subbing it and if you could please continue to sub this show cause it is really interesting and i like it a lot ^^

  19. Thank you so much for putting the show up on DailyMotion! For some reason, I can’t download the shows on my computer, they just won’t work. Please continue putting them up on DailyMotion too because Star Golden Bell is one of my favorite shows ever!

  20. Thank you!!
    You have really saved my day, I love Star Golden Bell and this is the only place that I can find it XD THANK YOU <3<3

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