Invincible Youth Ep 46 [English Subtitle]

Have free time tonight so i can upload IY faster ^^. I’m still uploading other parts, just help me reupload MU (full size) and MF if you can ^^.

If you get any problems about link download, contact me in here

Don’t forget to write the comment ^____^

Mu full link : (Thanks to Ghoo) (Thanks to Vagoo)

Mu in 6 links :

001 :

002 :

003 :

004 :

005 :

006 :

MF link : (Thanks to jefri for mediafire )

MF Folder Link :

Multiupload Links :


304 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Ep 46 [English Subtitle]

  1. Thank you so much. Really appreciates the effort you put in (: I would really love the Mediafire version. Can’t download from mega uploader. Hmm. If you are free, could you pls upload it in Mediafire?? Thanks a million!

  2. Thank you for the subs.Can’t describe my gratitude for going through so much effort to make this episode possible for all of us to watch.

    Thank you once again.

  3. thx for the upload.. i will help u upload in mediafire… will try help upload in 1 single megaupload as well if possible later…

      1. can u upload this video for youtube streaming, cause i can’t download from MF or MU… thank you very much ^0^

  4. haha, this episode is very funny!!! they pick on SunHwa in this episode, and the G7 is adorable. this is the 1st episode since the new members came, that i feel they are a group again. too bad narsha is not in this episode.

    1. thankiu ss iu 😡
      dạo này chả hiểu sao e chẳng down đc MU, nó hất hủi em rồi ss :((
      MF thì cà giật, lúc đc lúc ko, chán phếch!
      có khi lại phải đi lặn lội tìm host nào ngon ngon để share ss nhểy?

  5. Thank you so much for subbing, but i can’t download from MU, always getting into trouble from it, is it possible for u to upload a steam one like in dailymotion or youtube…. MF i’m ok with it but is slow from where i download it, if u can upload on dailymotion or youtube will be much appreciated.
    Thank you and keep up the good work.

  6. Whoot! I thought that my eyes went crazy when I saw yet another video! You are most certainly awesomely intense!

  7. was refreshing ur website just now… din see any ep46… then i suddenly i saw it!!! that moment of happiness is really all thx to u!!!!

    THX PIKEYENNY!!!!!! will be waiting for part 4 n 5 (YT)…. XDXDXD

  8. omg dude, your freaking unbelievably amazing, i just finish watching the last episode.
    then you go an release another one..your the fastest subber i’ve seen :]
    keep up the hard work <333

  9. One of the better episodes in a long while in my opinion. I really enjoyed it. Victoria’s food always look so much more delicious than all other foods that are made in IY. 🙂 Thank you very much for your hard work and your time spent. It is greatly appreciated by people all around the globe, never forget that. 😉

  10. hey thanx ya! i really need some entertainment after done whole load of assignments. since i’ve watched all 45 episodes, so i dont have any favourite show to watch. luckily u upload this last nite. im really happy after seeing it. thanx so much!!~ =))

  11. Thank you so much pikeyenny. I visit your site everyday coz you post all the subbed versions of my favorite shows. You’re really fast.

  12. You are a Goddess Pikeyenny,for bringing good laughter and hope to anyone.Thanks for your commitment and effort..totally appreciate them…and again thanks for this week episode of Invincible Youth….^^ salute pretty Pikeyenny!

  13. ss ơi, thử up lên Veoh thử đi ss.
    ss chỉ cần đk tài khoản, up file HD rồi nó tự động cho ss link online. Ai muốn download HD chỉ cần đk tài khoản là down về đc. ko giới hạn dung lượng với thời gian nên ss có thể up 1 lần nguyên film dài hơn 90 phút mà ko cần chia part. Tốc độ cũng khá ổn, có chế độ resume. ss thử xem sao.

  14. <3! i have had the worst week of school ever… this will totally help lift my spirits a bit though, thank you as always ❤ ❤

    1. hey, what do you mean ?I cut at the end of preview.There is the full part. I cut last part because the song’s Copyright and the video is blocked in some countries.

      1. rewatched it again and it’s my codec prob nyway.sorry ya!

        btw,i downloaded it from youtube using IDM.the video for fifth part was stucked till 7:++ minutes.

  15. why no youtube links???

    normally the link to youtube come out directly, but somehow this episode it require me to have some sort plug-in to access… i’m using firefox btw and when i try to download such plug in, it couldn’t find any suitable one…

    did you use other way of uploading?

  16. wow..i wonder so many people like invincible youth although in my place very hard to watch it..kamsahamnida pikeyenny

  17. Thank you very much for uploading Invincible Youth, I absolutely love that show and thanks to you I can watch it with subs :):D

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