101009 – 2 Days 1 Night [English Subtitle]

Download : http://www.mediafire.com/?b8wt6yz7d84cl


101009 – 2 Days 1 Night [English Subtitle].avi.001

101009 – 2 Days 1 Night [English Subtitle].avi.002

101009 – 2 Days 1 Night [English Subtitle].avi.003


63 thoughts on “101009 – 2 Days 1 Night [English Subtitle]

  1. the best variety show in korea for years with a consistent rating of 40% none other than 2D1N. hope u will continue to upload this awesome slot for us since the hosts are really funny with ho dong leading them!

  2. Pike! I saw 2d1n wordpress mentioning bout ur blog =D Thanks alot for this! Anw this is episode 169 if i am nt wrng.(to keep track of how many episodes dere are! =) haha thanks again for 2d1n eng subs!!

  3. thanks!
    you’re the first to post this episode up.
    i’ve been waiting for days!
    thanks once again.
    kep’em coming.
    any chance of megaupload?

  4. Thank you so much for uploading 1n2d. This is my all-time favorite show for three years now. I simply love this show to the max and the strong bond these guys have. M week isn’t complete if I Can’t watch it.

  5. awesomessss
    btw. if qualification of men gets low rating from us…would u consider subbing running man or FAMILY OUTTING=]]]] cuz recently…ramen soup sub failed us for Family outting…=[

  6. thank you so much for all your hard work….. the fact that you post them in videos on youtube really made things easier for me….. thanks again and keep up the good work…. Fighting!!!!

  7. this is the first ep i’ve watched from this show. and im really enjoying it! hahaha…so funny! thank you so much for sharing!!! more power! (^_^)

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