101004 – 2 Days 1 Night [English Subtitle]

have more comments, will upload it weekly ^^

5 parts is all

Link download : http://www.mediafire.com/?9h209wtj9zcf7


101004 – 2 Days 1 Night [English Subtitle].avi.005
101004 – 2 Days 1 Night [English Subtitle].avi.001
101004 – 2 Days 1 Night [English Subtitle].avi.002
101004 – 2 Days 1 Night [English Subtitle].avi.003
101004 – 2 Days 1 Night [English Subtitle].avi.004

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87 thoughts on “101004 – 2 Days 1 Night [English Subtitle]

  1. I wasn’t really sure where to voice my question, but this seemed like an okay place. I noticed you haven’t posted videos for Star Golden Bell in about 3 weeks. Have you decided to stop posting the videos or is it because it hasn’t aired on KBS in a while (or they ended up doing they show with students again)?

    I hope you do continue to upload Star Golden Bell

  2. thank you so much for upload it..!! plz upload it weekly.. hehehe..
    guys, plz leave ur comment as much as u can.. hahaha..

  3. OMG Finally….
    So u have decided to sub and upload this show weekly, havent u???
    Great news for the beginning of the week, so cooooooooooool
    ^^Thanks so much and hope u will keep this process
    I really really appreciate ur hard working, DAEBAK!!!!

  4. this show is so funny.
    my mum is not keen me watching korean variety show.
    but whenever i watch 2D1N,she joins n laugh with me.hehe
    keep on uploading yah?

  5. Hi

    I’m not downloading this but i’m here to say how much i appreciate your work and effort in uploading this
    Even though i don’t need subtitles cos i read n write both, i appreciate your effort 🙂

  6. Thank u for uploading. Though, I just wanted to let u know that Boo already uploads this regularly, so no pressure to upload every week =)

  7. yo yenny there is 1n2d fansub currently uploading the show so it would be better if you not waste your time or collabarate with them if you want. it would just waste both your times when you could have done something else.

    1. can i know the url for 1n2d fansite.
      i looking for them for ages.
      huhuhuh… really enjoy this show alot
      i really appreciated if you give me the info.

  8. thank you pikeyenny
    i dun know anywhere else to find those video related to 1n2d.
    then, you do upload it. i really appreciate it. loving you so much for this show

  9. thank you again!!!I love it…pls continue to post. Would you be able to post past episodes or know where i could find them?…

  10. i love 2d 1n..been very buzy lately dont have time to watch/download… I will take this someday…thanks pikeyenny!!!!!!

    i notice that kbsworld didn’t air SGB in a while..izit because of jeonghwan’s case? hehe however i’ll wait until they continue it

  11. hello!This was a really superb subject!
    I come from itlay, I was luck to discover your Topics in google
    Also I get a lot in your topic really thank your very much i will come daily

  12. http://1n2dfansubs.wordpress.com/

    that’s the link for anybody wanting to see any of the previous episodes or would like to DL the current one.

    Thank you Pikeyenny for the other shows (I love watching IY) but I think it would be nice if you point the fans of this 1N2D in the right direction.

  13. Thank you very much for your hard work and effort in sharing all those awesome files. Even if many people are shy and dont post everytime they download files, you make a lot of people happy with this. I am sure there is a big amount of happy downloaders who do not post so every show you can share is highly appreciated. You are doing a great job with all those files, you upload so much ! YaY you RULE!!!! Thank you very very much! Hwaiting !!! :-))

  14. is there any other shows by Joo JaeSuk ? the mc of happy together?

    i like running man but its not english subbed anywhere 😦

    also thanks for 1n2d your quality for the last weeks shows is far better than your previous ones also your quality of 1n2d is better than the 1n2dfansubs.wordpress.com ones.


  15. wow, yay. thanks for uploading this !
    i really appreciate the hard work.
    i love this show.
    if you could upload it weekly, that would be nice XD
    thanks again !

  16. woa..thanks a lot…i really appreciate it 🙂
    the best thing is you’re faster than the others…kekekeke..
    anyway kamsahamnida ! keep yout hard work ! 😀

  17. thanks for subbing this yenny 🙂 i enjoy watching this show 🙂 hope you’ll continue with subbing 2days 1night. FIGHTING!

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