Happy Together Season 3 Ep 162 [English Subtitle]

Guest :  Se7en

have more comments, so i’ll upload it weekly

Link download :  http://www.mediafire.com/?43q6h4973try4


001 : http://www.multiupload.com/VA6WNKSGQ2
002 : http://www.multiupload.com/LARZH434RQ
003 : http://www.multiupload.com/RJ72KQEWGZ
0004 : http://www.multiupload.com/KPZLRMQCX7


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135 thoughts on “Happy Together Season 3 Ep 162 [English Subtitle]

  1. thank you coz uploading this show..
    please upload this show weekly..
    this show is really funny..
    mcs are the best..
    thnks again..
    u are the best!

  2. Thanks for uploading HT and also DT, i appreciate it!. Also i find it easier if its like on youtube or dailymotion and its hard when there is just download links

  3. yipphii thank u for uploading and also sharing to us,,,its really mean to me and also for all KPOP lovers,, i always appreciate ur workhard,,,hwaiting and still be here with us,,;))))

  4. u should still uploading this reality show because this is really fun and fresh especially the MC ,,jaesuk ahjussi is really funny and also myeoungsu,,,LOL,,,,if u scared that ur accounts on YT will be suspended,,,maybe u can use daily motion,,heheheh,,its just my suggestion,,,honestly i really love this blog because u are very humble and nice to the reader..so ,,every time i always check this blog to support u and we dont need to pay whatever that we watched,,so thank you once again

  5. Thanks a lot for uploading this show ! I don’t understand why Seven was criticized for being too cold to the comedian (Jiseon ?).

  6. what do you mean MORE comments?

    This together with IY is the only thing thats worth while. Not that dream team crap!

    JAESUK for president!

  7. You know, these days I’m actually watching Happy Together a lot more often. I really enjoy it, no matter who’s on, because Yoo Jae Suk is so good.

    So thank you! I only download it from you.

  8. Thanks for the upload. Now I understand why Seven get criticized. He’s too stiff in this show.

    But the most funny for me is when the two MC park paired up. LOL

  9. thank for the vid!
    anyway im experiencing a broken file after i joined the split files. isit only me, or someone else is having the same problem?

  10. want to see it but youtube removed it..T_T btw thank u so much for uploading.. may i know if u can upload the episode which kim shin young in it? and dont sad bcoz MIWG is over…cheer up!! ^^

  11. Happy Together is the best show out there, that’s why it has aired for so long and it’s still going! Please keep subbing it Pikeyenny!

  12. thanks for the post but since i only have internet connection through my phone i’ll wait patiently for you to post this online 🙂

  13. thanks alot
    but it’s really too bad KBS america claimed it’s copyright in YT
    is there anyway you could reuploaded it and make it unlisted?
    just asking 😀
    even if you can’t i’d still be grateful 😀


  14. I watched the episode and i loved it. I didn’t think it would be that funny because i wasnt too familiar with the guests besides seven, but seven isnt really good at variety. But it turned out the episode was really good. I didnt realize how sexy jin yihan was, I am going to see if I can watch his drama.

  15. i’m hooked to HT lately. but this epi, i really dun like se7en. he treat the comedian lady badly. maybe because of the lady is not pretty enough? i’m sick of him!

  16. Thanks for your post. I very love kpop show. It is so funny.
    I can relax after watching it.
    I found it for a long time. Now i can get it, thanks you very much

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