100929 Qualifications of Men [English Subtitle]

Comment if you like it, so i will continue it next week

[1/4] :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27cGMbKjrKs

[2/4] : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRjuMLFmcuo

[3/4] : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CY3E0r4spio

[4/4] : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ku6uYsqDC6k

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112 thoughts on “100929 Qualifications of Men [English Subtitle]

  1. OMG i really love qualifications of men and i’ve been looking everywhere for it! Uploading it means a lot to me thank you so much!

  2. dudes…dudettes??? not sure but……im TOTALLY loving yall for uploading mens qualification…its really hard 2 find people that upload these…..neways keep up the great work….peace out pikeyenny

  3. I’ve only been starting to follow this show just lately. Just like 1n2d, it’s hilarious 🙂 I’m glad you post the links here. I’m looking forward to their succeeding episodes. I hope it can also be posted here as well. Thanks a lot 🙂

  4. I super love this show. especially when they started the choir mission. too bad only nobody is uploading it on YT. that’s why I’m really thankful that you’ve decided to upload this. hope that you still continue to upload it. thanks you so much

  5. Thank you so much for uploading this show. Can I ask you? Do you have the Qualification of men episode where there is audition for the choir participants. I miss that episode on KBS world. If you have that episode, could you please uploading it on youtube. I am appreciate your hard work so much.

  6. Hi! THANK YOU SOOOOOO much for uploading this programme…
    enjoyed it very much….!
    if it’s not too hard on you, pls sub the next episode as well….

  7. Please…I beg you to continue uploading the new episodes of this show. I’m searching for a site that uploads this so i’m happy that you did. If you may pls also provide download links. Thanks so much! ^_^

  8. thanks for uploading this. would it be possible for you to upload the hardsubbed version to something like MU in a single link? It’s just that I prefer that to watching over youtube streams. if you can’t do it then no worries, just thought i’d ask

  9. isn’t this suppose to continue the part where they aer suppose to fullfill their promises? but it seems like this is totally not related to the previous post. thanks by the way

  10. YAY!!! thank you for uploading this… will there be any download link?? if not i’ll just download them from YT…
    thanks again…

  11. yey! another upload of qualification of men. this show is hilarious and quite underrated, so that’s so much for this!

  12. Wow!! it is really fun and interesting to watch.
    will be looking forward to the next ep if there is a chance. ^^
    thank you for bringing us this ep.

  13. thank you for uploading.. i hope you continue doing subs with this program as well as other prgrams like IY, DTS2 etc..

    thank you very much!

  14. thanks for the uploading.i wont mind if you continuing uploading more and more of the QM.instead,i’ll be waiting for it 🙂 glad,there’s someone like you out there to help me enjoy more of the show.

  15. thanks so much for uploading! i saw the final performance and really wanted to see how they got there! this is awesome! keep up the hard work!!!!!

  16. thank u very much for sharing!!!
    just wondering..will you keep on sharing this show?cause i have trouble finding this show with subs on the internet.it’d be great if you can keep posting this show’s episodes.thanks!!!=D

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