TaeYang (Big Bang) – Star Date [English Subtitle]

Cap by me

Link here :ย  http://www.multiupload.com/P9JOW2UJKR


Online : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9OJWHT1nxA


17 thoughts on “TaeYang (Big Bang) – Star Date [English Subtitle]

  1. Big thanks for ur hardwork and thanks for listened my advice to give a YT Link,,,really love Taeyang and also this show and this blog is very usefull for me,,,:))))

  2. I become upset because of you.
    Why did you block my twitter account?
    I just wanna see MIWG Ep.9 3/3
    except The video, all the videos you uploaded is played on iPod. Only 3/3 is problem, http://moby.to/02zr3u
    But, Not to see my tweet, you blocked me..
    Im so upset..
    All Veitnam people act like you??
    I’m also dissapointed..

    1. hey guy, i didn’t block you twitter account, what’s happend ?
      i read you mess on twitter but i can’t reply it because i don’t have the answear for your question
      everyone still can watch part 3/3 good, only you can’t
      so you must check again your PC
      because i don’t know what to do

      1. Wow… do not let comments like this get you down. You’re doing a great job! Thank you for continuing to upload all this stuff.

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