100924 – 2 Days 1 Night [English Subtitle]

If you guys like this show, i will post it every week. But just youtube links ^^, lazy to upload link download ^^

And i have just changed my new software, fixed the problem about the sound, the quality of image so help me test it, is it better than files last week ? ( actually myΒ  original file is more than 3Gb and it is TS format, but i must convert to avi so maybe the quality couldn’t be good as before .. but still can watch ^^)

1/5 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHSZLomjATA

2/5 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9erOUHLqdhc

3/5 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhH4lo3As6Y

4/5 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eN6BqnqV_oQ

5/5 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8yttrJXQ2M


120 thoughts on “100924 – 2 Days 1 Night [English Subtitle]

  1. Thanks for the links.
    It does appear to be better quality. But I think to really compare, dl links would be better because there is some quality reduction when uploading to youtube.

  2. Thank you so much. Although I do feel bad that we are getting this for free while you pay and have to upload. Do you have a paypal account for donations?

    MC Mong, I will forever support you.

  3. I love this show as well, so if you decide ot upload i will watch. I know you like alot of comments. Thank you for the upgrade video! Please know that my comment is x4 because i watch with friends at the same time.

  4. I love this show! I will be really happy if you will continue uploading it onto Youtube. I have been a fan of this show ever since the episode where Lee Seung Gi joined the crew (: There is another person uploading it, but they are not as quick as you when it comes to uploading shows! I LOVE YOU!

  5. By the way, about the quality of the videos on Youtube, it is good! A lot of people who upload their recordings of shows from KBS are either low or medium quality. Yours is amazing compared to others!

  6. Thanks For The Upload, The Quality Is Great.

    I’m Personally Not That Fond Of This Show, But Am Very Thankful For Your Hard Work.

    You Are What Makes My Week.

    Many Thanks

  7. wow thanks for the upload. . . i hope you’ll upload qualification of men too. . . that’s a fun show too. . . thanks again. . .

  8. Yay!!
    What a pleasant surprise for me to wake up and see this post! Haha.
    Can you please reconsider uploading the full show for us to download.
    It is the best variety show on KBSW. You should watch it!

  9. 2day 1 night rocks but pikeyenny rocks more!
    i think u should put up a donation page/link coz i for one would like to contribute to your great work. Thanks ^^

  10. Omo!! I had watched 2d1n on the fan site and they are subbing till ep 166 or so =/ Man it is really a surprise to see u upload this! WEEE AM SUPER GLAD u posted dis. Coz the subbing team had some issues and arent really posting vids as fast nw. THANKS SO MUCH PIKEYENNY!

  11. Thank you soooooooooooo much!!!! I’m so grateful for this:) I super love this show. It would really be great if you did post the links. This for me is the best variety show in SK.

    U MADE MY DAY ❀ ❀ ❀

  13. Have heard about this show and must check it out, to see if it’s as nice as people say it is πŸ™‚ Leeching it from youtube now !
    Thanks a lot, I am off to watch season opening of Smallville now :d

  14. WoW pikey you’re my angle ❀ :')
    I'm in love with this show but I can't watch it every week because of my classes time.
    Thank you very much ❀

  15. yeahhhh….!hoorayy….!hail to queen pikeyenny!not a word of thank can represent how thankful I am if you continue to upload the show. Pikeyenny, you are truly a diehard fan of korean variety show..the proof is here…you willing to share it for free although uploading all these shows consume a great deal of your time. please please please do upload 2 days 1 night even just Youtube link…Pikeyenny saranghae!!!love you!

  16. Wow, how surprised.^^ I started watching this show recently and it became my second favorite programe (the first one is IY). Thank for your uploading both 2 shows^^

  17. thanks…i like the show.. really appreciate ur effort
    if u don’t mind… can u upload “We got Married” show as well..

    thanks a lot

    1. you can find wgm show on snjeung.wordpress.com (adam couple) rdrsubs.co.cc (goguma couple) and w2d on dailymotion for khuntoria couple. they all subbed wgm fast. since mbc never air subbed version of wgm, i don’t think pikeyenny can upload it. she doesn’t sub videos. she recorded it and upload it, still it need great deal of time. i really appreciate what she does and i think we all shouldn’t be too demanding πŸ™‚

  18. thanks pikeyenny for uploadrd this show,,i really love this,,and i never found this show on YT but finally u gave to us with YT Link ,,can u just post any show on YT,,,once again Gomawoo~

  19. this is coooool ! (:

    although 2d1nfansubs provide eng subbed eps, they seldom upload vids on streaming sites like youtube & downloading eps from megaupload can be a bitch sometimes,

    appreciate your work! (:

  20. i love 2 days 1 night its one off my favourite shows
    and i till miss kim c
    i think its been like 3 months since he left on that field trip episode T.T

  21. Yes. Please post this show every week. I love it. It’s my favorite show!
    But I’m a bit sad right now because of MC Mong’s issue with the military draft and KBS is temporarily keeping Mong out of the show.
    I believe in him and I hope he can prove all those netizens and news reporters wrong.
    Mongie, fighting!

  22. thx alot. I been wanting to watch this show too. Couldn’t find anyone else. great to know that u r gonna upload this show. EVERYONE COME COMMENT MORE =X

  23. i love this show very much. it is my friday night fix and relieves all my stresses. it would have been great if you would post download links. but since it is not possible, i would just like to commend you for a job well done. many people were suprised and very happy upon seeing your notice about 2D1N.. thanks very much…

  24. Waa~!!!!!! I like this show..^^,
    A wait for a long time to wait until this show uploaded in this page..
    Thanks coz upload this show..
    Kamsa hamida..^_^..

  25. OMG!!!!!!!i freaking love this show!!!!
    i’m far away from home now…cannot watch it in KBSworld…
    bt u’ve made up my day!!!!!!<3~

    1. wow thanks a lot pal ! i really love this show..

      but i suggest that it would be better if you upload on megaupload bcause the original quality of KBSW Rip isn’t good enough and it will be worse on youtube

  26. wow thanks a lot pal ! i really love this show..

    but i suggest that it would be better if you upload on megaupload bcause the original quality of KBSW Rip isn’t good enough and it will be worse on youtube

  27. hu cares about dl links, at least u make the effort and sacrifice your time to provide us with new things

    Thanks for the gud subs
    doesnt matter if u dont have the dl links, i’m happy with the effort u make to even put it up (:

  28. hwaa.. finally found this show with eng sub..
    please post it every week..
    i really want to watch this show..
    thanku so much for upload it..
    ^ ^

  29. I Love this show and I’m glad someone is finally subbing it. I rarely leave comments but I want to thank you for all the subs you have done. I’m on your blog daily to check new videos. I don’t know if you take request or not but would you consider subbing new episodes of Strong Heart or Storm Dream?

  30. So I finally got around to watching this show that I’ve heard so much about. I loved it. I hope you’ll be subbing this weekly. If not, thanks anyway for the opportunity to see this episode!

  31. thanks a lot..i’m felt like dying searching for this show..
    thank you sooooooo muchhh!!! for subbing this show..plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post it every week..

  32. Thank you so much!!! I really like this show but for couple of monts I couldn’t find any new episodes so I’m really gratefull for your effort.

  33. — can i watch the past episodes here?? if yes– how can i watch it here??— if not– can you suggest some websites where i can watch it with eng.sub– thanks—

    i really want to watch the past episodes i haven’t watch

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