Invincible Youth Ep 43 [English Subtitle]

Hey, I will upload on Youtube and MU but still need your help for Mediafire link.Thanks



If you like and want HD,HQ .. sorry i don’t have so don’t request about the quality, the sound.. . I tried my best to fix some problems and i posted all i had

Should remember this is FREE SHARE .. not SERVE, so don’t request too much about my files

If someone doesn’t like it, just pass this blog, i’m ok with it


Guest : 2PM

if anyone here can help me reupload MF, MU or youtube, just type here and post link at this topic too, i will edit and put your link later ^^

While we’re waiting EkoTaf come back, i’m so happy if someone can help me ^^ / Contact me by :

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :

Part 4 :

Online :  (Read the description to watch the next part) ( thanks 3liminator )  ( thank sheva )


387 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Ep 43 [English Subtitle]

  1. thank youthank you
    thank you thank you
    thank you
    thank you thank you
    thank you thank you
    thank you thank you
    thank you thank you
    thank youthank you
    thank you thank you
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    thank you

  2. WOW, awesome!! that was a quick turnaround 🙂 i can’t watch unless it’s on mediafire, so i hope you find someone to help you soon 🙂 🙂 thanks again, you’re amazing 😀

  3. Thanks a lot for the upload !! I’d love to help you re-upload but after the last and only wondergirls upload I did for you, people around me told me not do do it anymore due to the logging of my I.S.P and the strict copyright laws my I.S.P enforces 😦
    Glad to see other people are willing to help you ! 🙂

  4. You need to check your capture card or whatever you’re using as the quality is really bad and there is a lot of static sounds on your videos. Makes it impossible to watch

    1. Just download the RAW (unsubbed videos) at am-addiction open 2 media players and open both IY files 🙂
      One with sound and the other for the subs 😉

  5. i wonder is there any way to sub higher quality videos? you can give me the subs and i can encode them into higher quality videos from kpopellla. lemme know

  6. You guys should realize she doesn’t sub these videos. She just records them from KBSWorld, so the videos already come with subtitles. Thats why the quality is so low. KBSWorld is an analog cable channel. So no HD or HQ videos. Leaving that aside, great work. Thanks for sharing.

    P.S : You should credit KBSWorld for the subs and stop taking credit for their work.

    1. I don’t see anywhere in the post where pikeyenny states that she has subbed the episode.
      Besides advertising KBSWorld, would only lead to the links being removed a lot quicker.

  7. Thank you Ekotaf!
    I’ll be patient and wait for your MU Upload 🙂
    PikeYenny, I didn’t mean it the SERVE way, I forgot to write Thank you above :S.
    I’m really grateful for your links and I will always be.
    It’s just that my laptop can’t use HJsplit for some reason :(.

    Thanks for everything! 🙂

  8. As much as id wish for the shows to be in HD, I really don’t mind the image quality. I’m just glad that there’s someone like you taking the time to sub these for us. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  9. Thanks for the links.
    Don’t stress too much over the quality, you do what you can.
    Some people forget — Beggars can’t be Choosers.


    Really appreciate your hard work…. and ppl should be grateful enough that sum1 like you is subbing willingly rather than asking for better quality *shame*

  11. Thanks for the episodes. You are the fastest out there and am truly grateful.

    The first 30 or so subs of this show have had relatively no problems. We are just pointing out that the sound quality has taken a hit over the last couple of episodes. If those things can be addressed, awesome, if they cant well Ill just have to wait for iheartfx or something. No worries.

  12. Thanks for the subs 🙂 No biggy about HD/HQ. Just happy to watch what you share. If people want a HD sub, they can start up their own subbing group.

  13. hey guys …
    we should be thankful,
    pikeyenny and EkoTaf,
    already provides the best of what they can do,
    do not become stressful because of the quality video and voice,
    they tried their best to us all, so we should thank them,
    not makes them to be disappointed …

    keep your best and EkoTaf pikeyenny
    Fighting ~

  14. yeah guys, we really should be thankful to them.. you know it really doesn’t matter about the quality as long as it’s with subs..coz you’re still gonna watch it anyway..

    thanks pike and EkoTaf..^^

  15. wow pikeyenny im so greatfull to your blog you really help us i mean those who love Kshows & Kpop so much hope you cont. on doing great & fast subbing really love pikeyenny wordpress thanks & more power to you…. you really made my day Great….^_^

  16. Thanx very much for the upload!

    I tried convert your video to .mkv format using any-video-converter (*w*w*w. any-video-converter.c*o*m/products/for_video_free/) and I could get the video to ~450MB .

    With that size I think its more easy for you to upload.
    Hope this info useful 🙂

  17. thank you thank you thank you so much for your hard work uploading the sub for non-korean speaking viewers. That’s my only priority…quality, not so much important…hehe. I’m grateful regardless if it’s LQ or HQ :D.

    Thanks again.

  18. even though there are some problems, THANKS ALOT! really really appreciate it. as long as you put in your effort, i believe everyone will be content with your work. Thanks! fighting!

  19. People Pikeyenny doesn’t sub anything she just uploads KBS world tv rip.
    PikeYenny-It’s very nice of you to share what you have but i don’t think everyone was “just complaining” they just pointed out that the sound wasn’t too great. I even saw some people giving you advice so you shouldn’t be offended since they wanted to help you out. Those who are just plain rude should be ignored.

  20. thanks for the youtube link, 🙂

    wow 2PM as guest, cool ~

    about the link, i really don’t care about size, as long as it has english sub and i can download it, it’s more than enough for me, thanks again 🙂

  21. Another great wednesday because of Invincible Youth 🙂 I’m already looking forward to next week 🙂 Thanks Pikeyenny’s Blog

    1. thankies…and to (hopefully) cheer you up…
      I’ll be fine with any qualities from your file…
      as long as I could still differ who from who and what from what…hahaha… xD

  22. If you are interested in a better quality, DevilSob upload good quality video of many Korean variety shows for only 500mo each video on D-addict

    1. I second this. DevilSlob’s captures are very clean and small. His KBSWorld caps go into my archives.

      Pike’s always at least a week faster tho… 😉

  23. hey thanks alot for the hard work. real appreciate it man. but may I just ask if anyone knows where I can watch taeyeon on happy together with eng subs? it was quite an old episode but I do not know where I can download or watch it online.

    1. DevilSlob has uploaded many eps of Happy Together in his KBSWorld variety pack torrents @ D-Addicts. If you know the episode number, it’ll be easier to find. Hope you can locate it.

  24. ooh this is the episode with 2pm? =) thanks alot, even some little problems arise, it’s all right since you already work hard to sub so many different shows. thanks !~

  25. oh no pikeyenny…dont feel annoyed by demanding comments. We know how effort u put in these videos for us..Thank you so much. We are fine with it 🙂

  26. Some people are too much…They have provide the show for free for your viewing and this ungrateful people still have the nerve to complain.

    I wish I could help with YouTube but I can never successfully uploads a video to Youtube since they change formats

  27. thank you pikeyenny!!
    i’m always depending on your youtube’s share for subbed eps. 😀
    sad though we cannot see goo hara in this eps..

  28. great job again guys for uploading the eps… but just a little feedback… the link for part 3 file on mediafire seems to be erroneous…

  29. erm i dl the files from mediafire but i cant seem to convert part 2,3,4 could u pls hlp mi? for episode 29 i can watch this episode on youtube thxs

  30. Hey I was just wondering how to watch some of the older episodes e.g Ep 29? I can watch 29.001 but for 29.002,29.003 and 29.004 my WMV player can’t seem to read.

  31. yay finally ep 43 thank you for haveing such a great site with download-able links it was SWEETNESS thank you again for all the hard work

  32. thx pikeyenny.. thx for the hard work.. w8ting for the nxt ep.. and more to come.. hope you wont stop uploading episodes of your blog especially I.Y..

    thx !

  33. PikeYenny I dun mind to wait for so long just to watch invincible youth because you had tried your best!!! but u everyday post video u have enough time to study? i hope u won’t have stress later stress white hair come out nia. when is 26/05/2011 say happy birthday to ye eun!!! me n ye eun fate nia same birthday LOL.but hope you won’t waste so much time on here think about yourself dun think about others as long u get enough free time either rest or play hehe to relive stress. ^.<

  34. good episode, thanks for sub & sharing

    the quality is enjoyable, only some aren’t.
    But still, you did your best, so thank you verrrry much

  35. yeah…
    they don`t show IY this week??
    cause on KBS, there is a week where they don`t show IY
    do KBSW also did the same??
    or you didn`t upload it yet??
    anyway..will be waiting for ep44

  36. thanks for uploading invicible youth…are u going to post ep 44??I’ve been waiting for it,,PLEASE upload it,,it would be much appreciated..THANK U =)))

  37. Wow, I have been a little busy lately and haven’t stopped by your site; but I’m amazed at how fast you are. Thank you for sharing!!

  38. I don’t understand why people keep constantly rushing you to upload the new episode. Pikeyenny does have a life. And people shouldn’t even complain about quality. If they are that pressed they should record their own stuff or find another way to see it.
    Anyways, thanks Pikeyenny! Thank you for your hard work! 🙂

      1. Im sure everyone here appreciates you for everything you do ^^

        most ppl are prolly confused by this weeks lack of episodes, I hope everything is going well for you, and enjoy the rest of your weekend

  39. @pikeyenny thanks uploading IY every week. the people are just curious because you always post IY every 7 days, and this time it’s late… so people get worried. I appreciate your work, don’t get me wrong. I know you have a life and sometimes busy, so thank you for taking time to upload videos that I cannot get in my TV.

    People were worried because it’s late (from normal 7 days) and there was no notice, so maybe people think that you stop uploading IY.

  40. i havent seen a new upload of invincible youth in a while, have u stopped subbing them? i been waiting for episode 44, so thought it was strange there arnt new videos

  41. is there no new ep last week? thx u so much pikeyenny..^^ if yenny know u, she maybe like u too..^^ kekekekekekeke.. this blog is jjang!!!!!

  42. heyya thanks for the upload yeah.dont worry about the sound. we are more than happy to be able to watch IY regularly thanks to you 😀

  43. thank you so much for taking your time off to record and upload these videos. i’ve read a few comments saying that the quality is bad. it is a bit disappointing but you know what, at least you even recorded and uploaded these episodes for us to watch. i guess we just can’t satisfy everyone. anyways, thanks again. 😉 i really appreciate your hard work.

  44. pike, it seems people comment to me and misunderstand i was you.
    my email is flooding with these comments, can you redirect their
    comments to you?

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