Star Golden Bell Season 2 Ep 14 [English Subtitle]

Guest : U-Kiss (Dongho & Kevin), miss A (Suzy & Fei), Lee Joon (MBLAQ), Changmin (2AM), Lee Hyun (8eight)..

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :

Part 4 :

Big Thank to sheva for reuploading MF and MU ^^

Hey guys, sorry for Mediafire, Megaupload and dailymotion link .I can’t upload it because my upload is too bad today.If soemone want to reupload the files on MF, you are free 🙂 .I will try later.



213 thoughts on “Star Golden Bell Season 2 Ep 14 [English Subtitle]

  1. Thank you for the episode, shame that Shin Jung Hwan won’t be on anymore since his gambling debt is through the roof…or he’s sick either one

  2. WOW! You are the best!!! Other subbers just quit on the shows they upload (not going to mention names lol) but you are THE BEST SUBBER/UPLOADER EVER!!! Keep up the good work!!! Words cannot express my gratitude!

  3. Yayy!! Dongho, Kevin, Lee Joon, and Changmin? I have to watch this ^^
    Is Changmin a regular again? o.O
    Anyways, thank you for posting!!

  4. I have tried all the hosting, but unfortunately all was failed.. plz.. do you maind to upoad in mediafire??… I really wanna watch this episode… plz (1000x) 😦

  5. thx for the upload, but can you upload the one with shinee and afterschool? plz upload that episode, i’d really appreciate it

  6. in each of those multiupload links, there are 7 other download options/hosts including the megaupload!!!!

    at least, say “thanks” before/after complaining.

  7. Thank You Sooooooo Much. I was starting to worry that you were not going to upload Star Golden Bell anymore.

    Thank You. I hope you continue to upload this show!!

  8. thank you so much! ive been waiting for this and its finally here thanks to you! ur hard work is very much appreciated and i hope u plz keep it up!

  9. finally mediafire link..
    wow… thx so much…. just like what people already know… you’re an amazing subber/uploader ever!! =)

  10. hey bb, i wonder if you are going to upload the eps.13 where shinee onew and taemin as the guest…please don’t stop to uploading this show.. i really love this show and i really appreciate it if you uploaded the ep.13 thanks 😀
    love you 🙂

  11. is it possible to upload star golden bell 300( special) plz? i really want to watch it.. n pls dun stop uploading star golden bell.. cos this is the only place i can get it and i really love this show

  12. Thanks for sharing all of these recordings of the subbed Korean variety shows~ ^^ Just wondering though…are you going to share SGB ep 300 sooner or later? Because that episode had SHINee’s Onew and Taemin… I’d really like it if you could! ^^

  13. For all the people asking for SGB 300 with SHINee you can look for it on sfinee’s official youtube: loveshawol 😀

    And thanks Pikeyenny for all the amazing videos!

    1. Uh, no…they never uploaded it on there D: THey did upload the ep with Jonghyun and Key though… not ep 300 though with Onew and Taemin… TT___TT Where did you find that?

  14. hai thank for subs this ep..i really wait it,coz last time i cant watch through my tv..actually can u sub SGB ze:a kwanghee n heechul??please i really need that ep..

  15. hey thanks for uploading this show with english subtitle..
    would you mind keep uploading this show?! kekeke~
    I like it!
    I’ll wait for the new episode.. 😀

  16. Hi! Thank you very much for always making all fans like me happy by uploading SGB! This is one of the coolest and funniest shows ever! I learn a lot from this and I’m thankful that you always make it a point to upload this and share this with us… You are so great…

    Please upload the newest episodes! Please please please… especially the one with FT ISland and Beast… THANKS! More power to u! ^^

  17. Please upload more of this! I wanna see more episodes! Especially the new episodes… thank you so so so much! More power to u! ^^

  18. can you upload this ep on youtube???i dont know why i cant watch this vid eventough i’ve already downloaded it…can anyone help me?

  19. hi ^^ thanks for sharing this video..
    hey, can u upload sgb season 2 ep 24?? i’m looking this video because Geonil (Supernova) was there >.<


  20. hi… i love your site with all the subbed
    videos 😀 but i was wondering if you were
    gonna sub ep 17 with FTisland&BEAST…
    pls do let me know… thanks(:

  21. hi… i love your site with all the subbed
    videos but i was wondering if you were
    gonna sub ep 17 with FTisland&BEAST…
    pls do let me know… thanks(:

  22. may you please upload episode 13 of season 2 with eng subs? all the links i’ve found have been deleted due to copyright violations.

    THANK YOU! (:

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