Invincible Youth Ep 42 [English Subtitle]

Guest : Yuri

All megaupload, rapidshare, depositefiles, uploading, hotfile, zshare is one host : Multilupload, you can choose any link you want to download

Part 1:

Part 2 :

Part 3 :

Part 4 :

Youtube :  i won’t reupload it !! Go dailymotion.Look “Watch Online” on the left top of website.


374 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Ep 42 [English Subtitle]

  1. KYAAAAAAAA what a great way to start the week (long weekend yay!). Thanks so much for uploading this!! 🙂 Can’t wait to watch.

  2. Thanks a lot!!! I’ve been dying for this episode!!! Wrinkle Yuri is back!!! =) But, the links for part 3 is still uploading. Is there anything wrong with it?

  3. maybe I forgot to comment on your other post but please continue uploading in because it doesn’t require waiting. Thanks. ^^

  4. thanks for uploading the episodes!!! can you also link them to youtube as well because im having a hard time downloading them. but anyways thank you soooo much!!!

  5. Thanks a lot for the upload, can’t wait to watch it 😀
    Unfortunately I will have to wait, because Multi-upload doesn’t like me anymore 😦 got 3MB/s on first file and getting not even 20kb/s on the others, welcome back 56K6 era 😦 ; I get higher speeds when downloading from youtube 😉
    Patience is supposed to be a virtue, but i disagree with that when it comes to downloading…
    Ow well 4 hours 44 minutes remaining

    Anyway thanks again for the upload !!!

  6. wow it’s already up. haha..
    missed it again today. didn’t know they changed the time! gosh KBS =.=
    thank you as always! 😀

  7. Thank You so much


    If anyone is having a problem joining the 4 parts together using hjsplit its because the names for each part is not the same (some parts have spaces or underscores in different places). Change them all to the same name e.g. IY 42, then join. You should end up with a file thats 777Mb

    p.s. please carry on subbing HT

  8. Thank You Very Much for Uploading!!!!
    It’s really good seeing Yuri again in the show, even if it’s only for a short while!

  9. I dislike the thing.

    A single MEGAUPLOAD link was far way faster for me.

    It took me 4 clicks x2 to get all parts and I have to join them before viewing.

    Please use the previous posting method you had.

    Please hear out my opinion~~~ Fighting!

  10. woah! its fast!
    thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
    and i have no prob with the way you upload it
    as long as you upload it 😛
    once again thank you ! love you !

  11. i really appreciate that you are uploading IY but lately the audio seems to suffer a bit
    i dont know if its because of converting or something else but i have some cracking noises while wathing

  12. yeah the audio quality kinda suffer abit from the conversion
    and just a note part 2 @ youtube around the 6minute++ cant be view i guess that cant be help ><

  13. anyone know what hpn to mediafire ?
    IT has been down since 12am yesterday (GMT+08:00)
    ): i can’t even download the things i wanted to .

  14. just downloaded this from multiupload>zshare,
    Just wondering is there problems with ths audio for this episode?
    either way, thanks for the great job! xD

  15. part.5 already blocked KBSi…can u please upload again…??coz i just can download from YT…my internet connection really low….T_T

  16. they took down ep 42 off youtube 😦
    If there any way of reuploading or streaming it somewhere else? I would love to download it, but I have limited mbs 😦

    On another note, thank you so much for subbing and uploading IY episodes. You are so dedicated and I can always count on you to upload episodes regularly. Thank you so much ^^

  17. wow. looks like KBS found you! wtf….GTFO KBS. If you don’t want this to happen then stop being such prudes about letting americans watch online for freeeeee….
    I bow to you Pike. Seriously. You are my hero. Indeed.

  18. Thanks yenny for iy 42 and the dl link from mediafire 😀 the best uploader with so many download sites to choose from so many people can download ^^

  19. Haaaa..thanks for translation..Keep up the good work.. =) Thanks to you that I can enjoy a great evening watching IY..

  20. its my first time commenting here. but i had always stay tuned for your upload so thank you very much for the subs … hwaiting!

  21. Hi pikeyenny!!
    Thanks for uploading invincible youth! Unfortunately Youtube blocked the videos and i haven’t watched it yet…can you please upload it elsewhere?

  22. mind reuploading youtube again??? becoz i cant seem to play the video after downloading using km player and they say no filter combination could render this file pls pls re upload thx

  23. thanks for uploading but there’s something wrong with the video… it seemed fine up until the corn picking part… it gets all staticky… thanks again

  24. Pikeyenny yo are wonderful! Thank you so much! You know… pikeyenny is as popular as an invincible youth member. This episode gave 2 awards for their accomplishments. Pikeyenny, In all of our hearts we strongly believe you should have an award or two for taking care of us. We are your fans! We love you!

  25. I know you don’t get paid to do this, but this release was the worse in quality you’ve put out yet. The sound crackling is insane and the video distortion is no better. i do appreciate you putting these videos out and I know many of us are always asking for quick releases, but please take some time to review your work and make sure it’s not completely sketchy. Thanks for the hard work though. Just a bit of constructive criticism.

  26. Hooray for the continual rising popularity! Hope that this won’t go down though.. Like the other places.. Hmm.. Oh well!

  27. the audio quality is the worst. why don’t you just use the file from kpopella and pub sub in it. my sound card starts to make scratchy sound after watching this. if it’s hard for you
    to upload higher quality, just upload the sub.

  28. hi there, would it be ok to request that the name of the guests be posted for all succeeding episodes? coz right now I’m looking for a particular episode but I don’t know what episode number it is. I only know who the guests were. I noticed some of your posts state the guest but most do not.

    nevertheless, thanks for all your hard work

  29. Thanks you sooo muchhh! Kam Sa ham nee daaaa *-*
    Looking forward for HyunA to visit too however it would be great if SuNNy YuRi and HyunA all come together hehe

  30. HELP i have problem DL part 3 for mf link can reuploud the part again ?
    AND thk for subbing IY i started watching after i came across this blog and i am now addict
    to it pls help!!!!

  31. Hi! On part 4, when Jun received a prank back’s part was cut, is there any chance to watch the cut. The situation was getting interesting and then cut. Please tell me where to watch the last couple minutes of part 4. THank you

  32. sorry for disturbing u, i have probs with watching IY at dailymotion. it didn’t load at all, it is my internet line problem or what? can i know? coz every time i want to watch something at dailymotion, i’ll face the same probs..hope u can help me T.T

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