Invincible Youth Ep 41 [English Subtitle]

thank for all  your comments ( more than 400 comments ^^ ) in ep 40. i appreciate all your thanks and suggestions

Now continue to enjoy our G7 with MBLAQ ^^ have fun

Remember : all your problems about link download, just post it at FAQ ( let EkoTaf can know), don’t post it here

Link here :

Youtube : 1 2 3 4 5

Part 1 :
Part 2 :
Part 3 :
Part 4 :
Part 5 :
Part 6 :
Part 7 :


530 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Ep 41 [English Subtitle]

  1. thank you for your awesomeness!!!<3.if you could sub heroes, it would be much is just my suggestion. just ignore it if it is too troublesome.have a good day!! 🙂

  2. everything and every time you upload something, you just make my day more enjoyable… thanks a lot, and please continue doing what you’re doing 😀

  3. Oh man, this episode’s gonna be hilarious! Thanks Pikeyenny! Keep up the hard work! You’re so appreciated, we love you! 🙂

  4. Thankyou sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, cant wait for the youtube clips to come up cos i cant download 😦 ……cant wait !!!!

  5. i will be taking this video……..thanks for your hard work in posting this video……..hope you will keep posting new video……..cheers

  6. Yeah!!! My favorite show is here already.Thanks so much Pikeyenny.You have brighten my day like always….hehe ^^. Controversy or not, I don’t care. I just want to see my girl..and laugh.

  7. Ah, I appreciate all of your hard work!
    International entertainment is a big part of my life lol, and I owe it all to dedicated subbers like you.
    Excellent. Thank you!

  8. i’m sure you already realise this but i must say it again – you guys are an awesome duo!
    thanks a lot for uploading!! taking the mf link 😀

  9. omg!..thanks so much!..
    i really appreciate it..omg can’t wait to watch this one..
    can’t wait for more IY to upload…
    thanks for uploading this episode too..

  10. last week, lee joon got punked, i don’t know what will happen in this episode, hehehe……..
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for upload this…….
    Please keep doing so ^^


  12. Thank you, thank you for the subs! This was such a hilarious episode and I really enjoyed watching it! I really appreciate being able to watch Invincible Youth with subtitles!


  13. Thanks so much for subbing. I’m not sure where you get your RAWs but kpopella uploads
    RAWs of Invincible Youth as well. Haven’t watched the newer episodes yet but the first episode you subbed had like video lines on ’em. I haven’t checked out the quality of the RAWs at kpopella but maybe you should check ’em out and see if they’re better quality than your source. Thanks again for the subs!

  14. Sweet! Since I saw the RAW videos, I’ve been waiting to watch the subbed video of this episode! Thank you so much for uploading this! ^_^

  15. your always welcome pike, we’re just glad for your hard work.. and again, thank you for posting all these.. you’re the best.. (>.<)\m/

  16. thanks for the sub 😀
    HOPEFULLY u read this and thanks for subbing ur the best!!
    anyways do u mind if u could sub IY quicker im always dieing waiting 😀

  17. oh~ so then there’s a part two haha
    I watched part1 one yesterday and it was really greaat x) Victoria is so cute !
    and the prank on Joon made me laugh so hard x) this boy is sooo naive kkk ~~
    anyway thx for sharing part2 ..
    And I really can’t wait till the ep with 2PM *O*

  18. i freaked out when i missed this on TV yesterday.
    thank god we have you. or else i don’t know where to catch the episode i missed TT.
    thank you very much!

  19. Omg! Me too! I had to miss this on tv yesterday coz of project meeting.
    Thank gawd for PikeYenny.

    Is next week the one with Jiyeon? Cannot wait.

  20. Hyomin is scared by ghost. I don’t know if she acted or it’s real. Anyway i like her. 🙂 Thanks for the episode with eng sub.

  21. thanks for the upload. just be careful when posting to YT(even though it’s unlisted) as the video and subs are both owned by KBS WORLD


  22. Thanks alot for your hardwork , i hope you can upload this as fast as possible if you had the time , we all love G7 and you =) FIGHTING . your hard work is deeply appreciated by all ^^

  23. This episode was so awesome!

    Victoria never fails to make me laugh, her face in the gate scene, kicking the gosth.. LMAO

    Thank you so much for the upload 🙂

  24. 2nd time commenting here..This week episode is hilariously funny!!Like so much the haunted theme and the pairing…love you soooo…much Pikeyenny!Feel like that I want to hug you for now for bringing a happy week to me…Janggg and hope you continue to provide Invincible Youth…^^

  25. omo!thanks thanks thanks!!that was the best IY episode i’ve watched lol..I loved the pairings..especially Mir and Jiyeon..all the couples missions are a must see lol..!

  26. thanks for uploading happy together and invincible youth!! 🙂
    can u upload Running man as well??
    i will really appreciate it 🙂

  27. i was wondering if u knew about a video that “azijskaHudba02” made mentioning a link in here to watch IY.. wudn’t it get this site into trouble? anyways just asking.. this is my only source for IY so i’m just concerned.. :3 anyways thanx for the uploads

  28. : ) Thank you for the subs! I’ve downloaded past episodes… ) : But didn’t comment on some of them. (Two..maybe three.) But I’ll comment in the future! Fighting~

  29. Thank you!!!

    Glad to see that their eggplant could be sold at the high price ^^ Thunder was so cute when he sang a song for Victoria. Mir was so funny bouncing around like that. LOL And OMG that guy from SG Wannabe was so so so manly! I started liking him, then. Haha. Narsha was quite scary when she put on a ghost wig TT___TT Victoria was also funny when she kicked the ghost because of being frightened.

    This episode was fun in my opinion although some viewers (I mean on the Internet outside this site) complaint that IY seemed to lose their identity of farming. (But I think this was also okay, G7 had planted until their field had no empty places = = so they might do some other things once in a while.)

  30. Yet another Blurry Episode as AVI and BRANDED…

    If you like to Archive and as MP4 search the Net for DevilSlob instead of this…

  31. So this is the lowest rating Invicible Youth episode?

    I don’t care, as long as I can see Victoria. hahaha

    Thanky ou!

  32. thanks for uploading,,

    and guys, u know that in this episode, the boys must choose the partner for him,,
    and when Thunder / CheonDung MBLAQ performed his charm, he sang a song and then goes to Victoria,,,

    what’s the title of the song which thunder sing it??
    hope u reply it..

  33. thanks for this! i JUST finished watching the previous episode, & i know that the hidden camera was supposed to be hilarious but i just couldn’t bring myself to watch it! joon looked SO repentant 😦 i had to pause the video a few times to get a grip LOL but anyways! can’t wait to watch this episode & find out what all this horror thing is about. thanks once again! ^^

  34. Can’t wait for the 42 with Yuri and 43 episode with Jea 😀
    Hopefully you can upload those episode soon, thanks for all your hard work!
    Maybe you could put an ad or something so we can click on it as a small thanks 😛

  35. i think i might have already commented im not sure but this episode ROCKS
    please continue to upload! you’re definitely my favorite blogger!!!!!!
    you’re subs are awesome!!!!!

  36. Omg, I love you so much. Please continue uploading with subs. You’re the best! Thank you so much. You made my day and other as well! Continue please. I’m sure you’re gonna make a lot of people happy. ^^ But, can I ask. Why I cannot watch it on youtube?

  37. thanks…here i am curious to know Hara dance with MBLAQ’s it one of KARA’s song or her own dance?
    very funny..i want to try it in my room..haha

  38. hey , thaanks sooo much for the subs ! but . i could not get thru the youtube . it said that you deleted the vid . pls put it back .. i so want to watch it .. 😦 will be appreciated !

  39. I cant open the youtube link it said “This video has been removed by the user.” can you give me another link please! i really wanted to watch it. . . ^ ^

  40. Hey. Part 5 in Dailymotion isn’t working TT.TT I wanna watch it till the end. Please fix it . Thanks! Cheers for subbing IY!

  41. hi..i downloaded the 1st two of these 7 parts. it has extension like .001 , .002 , .003 , .004. and, whenever i look at the properties, the file type is said to be the extensions.. how can i watch these vids??? or do you know a media player that can read these kinds of vids??? tnx so much

  42. hi, i’m so sorry i’m disturbing you so much but i already did what it says but it still doesn’t work.. i downloaded ever software that i could.. i can’t do it.. but tnx for the help

  43. TT I finally found tis link n suddenly found out tat u’ve removed de video… Why…? Anyways, thx for sharing all de other videos if de variety shows!

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