[HQ] 100828 Wonder Girls @ China Blue 2nd Anniversary Evening Gala

Recorded by me

Take out with full credit ^^, thank

Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tear + Interview + Nobody

Link here :

001 : http://www.mediafire.com/?993bd5m89oh8jie

002 : http://www.mediafire.com/?t5fgq7bj4ev943m

Online : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjO68AI3P7w


Part 1 : http://www.multiupload.com/M0088J7QWB

Part 2 : http://www.multiupload.com/ZPXMX4HKTW


24 thoughts on “[HQ] 100828 Wonder Girls @ China Blue 2nd Anniversary Evening Gala

  1. I try find WG part vdo clear but no anywhere record.
    Thank so much same everytime, you always record and shared. ^^

    PS: you record MTV world stage on NTV China again?
    if record, What quality is better ot not?

    1. ah yes ^^ i did record MTV World Stage on MTV CHina
      it is better quality than MTV asia i recorded last time
      i will upload it soon ^^
      thank god that i have Zhejiang Channel so i can record Evening Gala ^^

  2. i have a question cause the show is how long arh u did cut the video u uploaded is it so only one part is it? for this video

  3. cause the happy camp for wonder girls i cannot see the full thing i can only see the part 1 the rest even VLC player cannot read y is that so ?
    cause i wan to solve this problem once and for all so i can enjoy the video u uploaded for us
    And finally i wan to thk u for ur hard work in subbing the video

    1. why you only download 001 ? you must download all part i uploaded
      Hunan Happy Camp show too. if you only download 001, you never see the full clip
      look at the picture, it had the full size and the full time of clip
      you won’t see the full clip if you lazy to download only 001

  4. part 2 onward only have audio no video but even if the is audio there is no sound.
    Anyway am i the only one face this problem s?

  5. k thk i know wat happened liao thk i solve the problem liao thks!!!!! NOW I CAN WATCH TILL MY HEART CONTENT!!! SO HAPPY!!!!

  6. Pike, i change my rule on this post >>



    Reason cos >>> http://diyman.wordpress.com/2010/07/18/100830-to-silent-wonderful-and-silent-people/

    I know you understand why i do this, many years for shared ppl say thank cos
    can’t see download link. Now i open blog want friend but ….. Sad

    PS: i think i will up fin in morning or faster than that.

  7. I watched already, Umm

    Seem vdo on your youtube so clear than vdo on this post.

    Simple your record have not noise block too much.
    Why this show so many?

    * Noise block effect from vdo have many movement and
    encode low bit rate from source.

    i appreciate your shared but Sorry, i doubt so i asking and talk to you.

    1. no no hahaha, don’t worry, i never angry with you my best friend ^^ hahaha
      do not misunderstand ^^
      nothing can make me feel angry with you, so don’t worry haha ^^

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