[Part 1] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sktQljMkq7I




Part 2 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MvJ4RaqLIo




Part 3 (End)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHR1NKoLpVo





17 thoughts on “[Updated Link] Wonder Girls @ MTV WORLD STAGE BEHIND THE SCENES

      1. OK.

        PS: pike if you have time , i think upload Full Show will be great
        cos KATY PERRY’s and Tokio Hotel ‘s and more fan will be happy
        and enjoy too.

      2. if you know that part of our girls was cut and part of TH and Katy seem that full, you will don’t want to watch their part ^^ just like me and other wonderfuls said about it on my twitter too hahaha
        everyone want to kill the PD of MTV World Stage now because he cut the part of wgs > <, cut the intro part ( in the cages ), cut goodbye, cut wanna, cut don't cha and cut tell me too T-T

  1. Pike, what you know about me hahaha i borrow lim solo song. ^_^

    I know this story, yes i upset too.

    Our are wonderful right?
    Our great-hearted and don’t worry.

    Some day no one cut our girls part
    but take time our girls will be great artist in ther world
    and famous, popular around the world too.

    I belive in them.

  2. Every artist that performed there had their set cut to fit it in the MTV schedule. It’s reality, no one’s fault. Katy and Tokio Hotel’s set seem longer because they had a longer performance time frame. As much as I love the girls and as much as I love their awesome performance, I expected them to cut Bunkface and WG a bit more because Katy and TH was announced as the headliners of the Worldstage at the beginning. Not the artists fault who gets cut. Watch the whole thing, I did, and it was awesome. All the artists were amazing. Each artist had their own style and unique stage set up! Open your minds to more music 😀 I just hope that MTV uploads the full setlist for all the artists on their website. I wanna see the whole WG set too!

  3. Oh gosh!!! This is so great!!!
    Thanks for uploading this 🙂

    But i’m not sure why sometimes megauploads doesnt allow me to download. Perhaps its their tricks to get me to subscribe to them!

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