MTV cut : intro part, goodbye, i wanna, don’t cha and tell me T-T

Link here : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5AJHL9U1


Part 1 : http://www.multiupload.com/TFV0JJVWE4
Part 2 : http://www.multiupload.com/A2KR40C2K0
Part 3 : http://www.multiupload.com/GIHF6DJOPZ

Online :






  1. Me first, Thank thank pike , i waiting all night ^^

    PS: Don’t sad. Please patient and waiting.
    This time just begining.
    Futuer, our girls will be famous, popular around the world.

    Love you, friend ^^

  2. Hey pikeyenny, i wonder if you see this,
    I was just wondering whether would you wanna start on star king ?
    It’s a funny show too(:
    Or 1 days 2 night .

    1. i always watch starking with no sub ^^ because i see that show needn’t sub to understand hahaha
      1D2N ? ok i can upload this show but because not many people like it so i canceled to upload it everyweek

  3. Oh, you understand korean ?
    How did you study the language?
    I’m learnt conversation words only.
    Other than that, i dont know what they’re talking .

  4. yeah babie!!! hollaring from the u.s. just wanting to say thank you so much for the uploads and your dedication pikeyenny. you’re awesome and god bless you!

  5. wow! This one was in my country…oh my I feel sad too that it has been cut. They prefer Western artists more. sad2…

  6. Hey, I was wondering if you could also upload the World Stage Performance of Tokio Hotel? 🙂
    Thanks for the Behind the Scenes Videos btw ❤

  7. hi pike..thanks for the videos.
    really love it
    its such a shame that i cant see them perform infront of me but thanks to you i got to see the girls perform at Malaysia through this vid
    really hope the girls is known throughout the world
    go wonder girls!!!

    Do you have full length of MTV Live in Malaysia 2010?
    Really appreciate if you can upload it to mediafire..
    Thanks in advance.. 🙂

  9. pikeyenny.. I was wondering if you could sub Running Man.. could you please sub it?
    I know you’re subbing a lot of shows already but if you have some free time.. I hope you can sub it.. thanks

  10. pike , i read you comment on WGCN. Don’t angry me, OK.
    I always tell ppl about quality vdo which i shared all time.

    I really appreciate you, cos of you. i and WF can watched WG on MTV World Stage.
    i am simple and easy talk. Thank friend .

    1. oh don’tworry ^^ i’m not angry kekeke ^^
      i myself think that file is not really HQ too, so i will record it on other channel on 28.8
      it will be better than MTV asia ^^

    1. I think i won’t post my version because i saw a BT link already realesed it and their version seem that better quality than me ^^
      i think i will post their version
      my version not good as them and very big T_T

  11. i was there..
    n their performance was a daebakk!!!!!
    yoobin was so hot!!!!
    sunye also..
    the guitar part was the best!!!
    WG comeback soon to Malaysia..

  12. pike, you have forgotten upload 001 file in mediafire folder~~
    would you please upload 001 in mediafire folder????

  13. Help mi for some reason i dl this show only part 1 can watch but not the rest it should be broken link anyone have the same problem tell mi how to solve cause it happen to all the show like happy camp and alot more !!!

  14. Thanks so much for uploading this. I was there, and they were simply awesome. I too was devastated when they cut so much out from the final show but left every friggin’ thing from Tokio Hotel… I wanted to see their ‘Good Bye’ live performance… and ‘Tell Me’, cos the audience actually danced along… T_T oh well, wish them all the best in world domination… hope they come back real soon ^^

  15. I downloaded all 3 parts and joined using Hjsplit alr, but there’s only audio no video 😦 it’s in .avi format though. I alr tried rejoining twice but it is still only audio… help!

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