Do You Like MF or Multi-Upload ?

as Ekotaf said before : MF links are buggind and going down too often these last days, so he is testing the new service try the “Direct download ” link.

Just remember that i only have this man (Ekotaf) to help me reupload, so if he wants to use any service, i will agree with him no matter what ^^

So you guys should to write the comment ( or discussion with him) to let him know your opinion that you can download MF and Multi or not…

For me, i’m still like to use megaupload ^^ keke

Thank for reading



199 thoughts on “Do You Like MF or Multi-Upload ?

  1. i like MF better because i can actually schedule them to download using my off peak time so i won’t get capped as quickly and the links can be resumed (don’t have to start dling from the beginning) if the internet disconnects

      1. I prefer MU or MF; but I didn’t know I could does one do that? My internet disconnects at very random times >.< and it's annoying to have to download a large file all over again when the first file was almost done..

  2. Megaupload is also good! but sometimes, there’s a limit of how many hours you could download for the day…

    Mediafire is easier and more user friendly! 🙂

    I’ll try multiupload! 🙂

    Thanks for trying different kinds of serves! 🙂


  3. MF for me cause it doesn’t lag as much, but if we’re talking abt files split into several parts I prefer Megaupload. Not so sure abt Multiupload cause I haven’t used it before.
    If anything, it’s up to the uploader. I’ll just go with the flow~ 🙂

  4. honestly i prefer MF..
    Multiupload isn’t good enough.
    maybe you can try Enterupload? i’ve tried using it and it quite fast.

    1. Did you try the “direct download” link ?
      Because , I don’t have any problem and the speed with “direct dowload” is better than MF link .
      I think for european people , the speed is good.I want to know about people from asia.

      I won’t use Enterupload because is not a multi uploader and the speed of dowload is bad.

  5. MF is the best. Fast download, no waiting time and you can download as many as you can. It is more safer because if the download fail only that part is fail. hehe (n_n)

  6. i prefer mediafire because the downloads are smaller and sometimes with megaupload my comp will lose connection halfway through a dl and i have to start the entire thing from scratch again.

  7. megaupload is better =) thanks for everything… One q? u can upload ep from Strong Heart?? i really want to u do that! I never find good quality episodes in subtitled like yours =(

  8. I love both mediafire and Megaupload, havent tried Multiupload yet.
    I use Megaupload the most though since I have a premium account with them. yay for no waiting and no caps and Download huge files 🙂

    1. hmm…now that I’ve seen mulitupload, its not bad.
      Since it uploads to serveral file servers, if one site goes down, theres 5 other file server still up.
      The only thing I see thats a problem is that many of the sites Multiupload uses have timing countdown to download the files. Mediafire doesnt have it.

      1. EkoTaf
        I tried the direct download and I am getting 2MBps which is pretty awesome. I get the same speed with megaupload, but on mediafire its half that speed.

  9. Megaupload is much better because it downloads files faster than if you were to download them regularly…multiupload is just 5 different places to download so i dont really care for it..

    1. read that wrong..multi upload for me because they usually have a megaupload link there…mediafire is alright but its slower for me

  10. I personally like MF more. I often can’t download from megaupload 😦 and I’ve never really used multiupload before. Thanks so much for sharing the videos!

  11. hii there
    i like megaupload cuz u dont need to download in parts
    since i hav a slow internet connection it usually takes me a hour to download a episode
    so if to download parts it will be harder for me

  12. i prefer MF cause I always did by using it, and I think I can’t make it if I used multi upload.
    Are both Multi-Upload and Megaupload the same? if they were the same so I can’t make it. so please… just use multi upload.


  13. i like megaupload better, because i have GOM (i accidentally downloaded it, but i took into good use) . i actually dont know what to download if its medaifire, anybody mind to tell me?

  14. Multiupload seems very good, 2.2MB/s download for me and the site doesn’t seem to have any waiting time either.

    I just used the direct link, but it also uploads the files to 6 other sites as well, which is cool.

  15. im not sure which is which but i’ve been downloading with megaupload cuz i have subscription with that but i appreciate that u even putting it up tho so whichever is easier for u to do is fine with me. extra couple mins of waiting or hour is better than not having it to download at all.

  16. I prefer Mediafire as Megaupload dislikes singapore IPs(we have a shared ip system over at the isp) and unless we got a premium membership, anyone accessing from a singapore isp would not be able to dl anything from Megaupload(due to multipile dl from the same ip) unless it’s happyhour or something.

    haven’t tried Multi-Upload yet but will do once IY ep40 is out

    At the moment Mediafire works best because it allows multiple DLs and it doesn’t block singapore IPs for the weirdest reasons 🙂

  17. the reason i prefer megavideos is that you can download the whole video at once so you don’t have to download it in parts however since you are the one uploading it and i am so grateful for it then i am fine with whatever is the most convenient for you

  18. Megaupload no doubt since its easier to use and can handle huge file. So i would say Multipload since MU link is shared.
    Thanks for sharing Ktv with us!

  19. Hmm, for me, i’ll prefer mediafire because i cant seem to access to megaupload all e time. Adding on to that, i think e user that think that there is a bug, have to actually close his firewall to access

  20. I’ve never used Multi-upload, so I can’t say.
    However, I do like Mediafire a lot — as others’ve said, MF has no wait times, which makes downloading very convenient.

    But use what you’re comfortable with; we appreciate the time and effort you spend on these shows. And if you like Megaupload, keep using that. (:

  21. im sorry but i need MF…. i cant use multiupload as i need to download only 1 file at a time… and in malaysia, the internet is ridiculously slow…so i must wait 2 ohurs for 1 part to download the complete video… can use MF instead? please and thank you

  22. or another wan is megaupload… like whatdayveed says, it is easier as we just have to download the show at one go… which means i only wait like 6 hours to download all… with multiupload, i have to wait longer… and have to continuosly click the download link

  23. If u upload to MEgaupload

    you can fetch Link Megaupload in Multiupload

    Although just you paste Link Megaupload in Multiupload , You will get other link in multiupload

    I’m sorry My English isn’t work .

  24. i’d prefer MF as i always download it on them. Everything i want i searched it through MF first. It can give me the best speed n multiple download at the same time 🙂 I don’t use MU much because i cant get the speed i want n even worst sometimes can come to a single digit download speed. 😦

  25. Megaupload is good because there is no need to recombine them all. Although there is a wait it’s not long at all.

    Megaupload ftw.

  26. for me.. anything will be good.. as long as i can download it.. a lot of thx for uploading videos.. plss continue to upload them especially IY.. thx a lot ! more power..

  27. Doesn’t multiupload let you mirror your uploads to many sites including mediafire? I mean if that’s the case, then multiupload is the clear winner because you get everything.

  28. for me its best to use mf as we can keep downloading while other parts are downloaded.. as mu needs us to finish the download first and so does multi-up..

  29. Mediafire is cool. Megaupload, slow download since and limited. Can anyone tell me how to download via megaupload faster? if you have the solution to fast download, i’ll be ok with it. thank you for your consideration.

  30. I preferred megaupload because I have a premium account…therefore no waiting time. But I will understand if you will switch to another servers

  31. I prefer Mediafire link as no verification codes are needed. Furthermore, i can download better with MF link. I got to wait for hours fo MU or other multi-upload links. Don’t know please continue reupload using MF link. I support you!!Jang EkoTaf!!

  32. It depends, on MU I am sometimes able to get my full download max ^^ , however sometimes download speed will be slow and will even stop from time to time.
    I also cannot download files that are to large (1GB it think is max ?)

    On MF I am always able to download the files at 500KB/s, even if the file is split in 11 or more parts I will get 500kb/s on each file.

    So in conclusion 😉
    I like MU because it enables me to download files completely without having to join them. But like I said download speed will be bad and stop sometimes.

    MF is always reliable and I really don’t mind the multiple downloads and joining.

    So I think MF is best 🙂

  33. 4 Me i always liked MF i didnt face any kind of proplem plus MU is blocked in my country so teah for MF if Mupload is not blocked i’ll be happy to use it

  34. MF works better @ my download limit,better speed n much easier to reload. That’s why i always waiting 4 MF link before downloading.. ^^

  35. Actually , i personally feel MF is better.
    Although i agree is troublesome for PikeYenny to keep re-upload for those faulty links .
    But the server is great(:
    No matter what, i’ll respect your decision .

  36. i forgot to say that if megaupload is unavailable all you have to do is refresh the page like three times to make the download available.

  37. i like MF ! bcos of my slow speed here, i use DAP for downloading . and it just work at MF .
    please upload it with MF .

  38. I still prefer MF or MU but maybe i like MF more than MU. Don’t know why. But thanks anyway for uploading those vids and share the download links. I’m grateful.

  39. I usually use MU. However, can I recommend a site? is a new site so files won’t get taken down randomly. Free registration has a 1GB file limit. The only downside I see is that the files get deleted after 30 days of inactivity.

    Hopefully, you find a good solution 😀

    media fire is too slow sometimes. puh-lease continue with megaupload 🙂
    muchos graciassss xx
    we love u muchooo!!

  41. I prefer MF, but i still can download it from MU and multiupload so i take whatever your decision is. Thanks for uploading and sharing the download links all this time

  42. I prefer MF than multiupload or megaupload. Resume capability, download manager friendly, reliable, and above all it’s free!

  43. If Eko wants to upload to multiupload, I can upload to mediafire when possible. I don’t download everything, but I normally download the Dream Team & other variety shows… I watch them while working out, haha.

    It won’t be as fast as Ekotaf, but I should be able to do it within a day or two.

  44. i love mediafire because megaupload is not working so well in my place…

    keep sharing pikeyenny

    i really appreciate your hard work!!!

  45. in multiupload there is zshare which is as easy as mf .. however i prefer MF becuz it is simpler and more organized =)

    anyway whatever is convenient for u ^_^

  46. Mediafire is still the best since we can download without any limits and i won’t get capped..
    You got to think about people who can’t download from Megaupload since you can only get the full speed if you have premium account which im sure most people do not have.
    And also i always have problems with megaupload so i tend to stay away from downloading from there…
    I guess that there is always direct downloading or maybe try

  47. I like MU and MF, but prefer MF because I can continue the download if the download stops. I don’t really like multiupload, but if that’s what you think the best, I won’t argue ^^ as long as I still can download it

  48. MU is forbidden in my country, so I can’t download from it.
    MF is way better than any other downloading links I have tried before.

  49. I already tried multiupload. It’s in rapidshare, right?
    I’m not quiet sure how the speed, but it’s fine for me. I can leech it first so it’ll be faster.
    It’s same for MU……
    But it’s kind of trouble if I can’t or there’s nobody who will leech it first.
    For MF, I don’t need to leech it first coz the the speed already good.
    So, I prefer MF. But if there’s something happen in MF, multiupload can be the second option…..

  50. i like MF more cuz its easy and fast plus it work in our country were everything block
    so if he stop using MF 😦 i cant download anymore

  51. i think the general consensus is that MF is good for everyone because of multiple downloads and acceptable download speeds. i personally like MU, because i have a premium account with them and i dont only just use MU for asian -related videos. there are a good amount of movies that can be found off of MU, but that’s something else to discuss.

  52. I’m a Hong Kong wonderful.
    I don’t know why MU have banned HK to not allow us to use their service.
    So, I prefer MF more~

  53. I prefer MF. reasons are already stated by many people plus the links can be downloaded to a download manager. Megaupload restricts too much for me and multiupload I just can’t see where the direct link is so I gave up on trying it lol

  54. i prefer mediafire because i download them using idm and it’s faster..
    MU is super slow in my country…
    i barely succeed if i download from MU

  55. I love everything except for MF. It’s way too slow for me and it would take 3 times longer to download the file than from Megaupload or Multiupload.

  56. i like mediafire coz i don’t have megaupload premium, i just have leecher, but if u want multiupload can u upload to hotfile … i have hotfile premium :p kekekekeke

    anyway thank you for ur hard work all this time 🙂

  57. Megaupload.. The speed is stable and faster than MF… (and I got premium acct from them ^^)… They are still the best!!!
    MF is not bad, speed is slower than MU though. Multi-upload is a bit buggy sometimes…A lot of spam ads 😦 But it is convenient as it also has MU and MF..

  58. MEGAUPLOAD!!! its a lot faster without premium. just that it doesn’t allow download of files bigger than 1gb but that’s ok too!

  59. I like mediafire becuase we can download multiple file at one time where we don’t have premium account for megaupload. As I am using share internet in my uni it is even harder to download from megaupload.

  60. Mediafire is better.
    But it’s okay as long as it’s didn’t need premium or be a member. ^^
    Thanks for keep uploading ! 🙂

    MORE FASTER………!!!!

  62. its either my host dun allow me to use mf or it just mf that dun work properly nowadays.
    but i really prefer MF rather than anything else. i try multiupload but it doest allow me to download it.
    i’m from asia for your information.

  63. I have a question.
    Why can’t I see the “direct download link” ?
    all I can see are rapidshare, megaupload, deposit files, hotfile, zshare, and uploading.
    From the information I know, the fastest speed in my country is zshare.
    I’m from Indonesia btw..

    Until now, I use MF bcoz I don’t have MU premium account.
    But I want to try the other alternative download links too..
    Thx for giving us a lot of alternative, I know that the speed is different for different places.

  64. For me, MF is good for people that doesn’t have megaupload premium account.. about MU.. I don’t know because I never try it..

  65. any chingu as long as you upload dream team and star golden ball that I would be glad so much… have a nice day chingu… 🙂

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