Invincible Youth Ep 39 [English Subtitle]

Thanks for all your comments

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494 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Ep 39 [English Subtitle]

      1. These TV recordings, these aren’t fan-subs, KBS-World broadcasts with English subtitles.

  1. Thank you!! I LOVE YOU!!!! I enjoy ALL of your uploads. Please continue uploading videos.

    I know it’s hard and takes a lot of time but we REALLY appreciate your hard work.

    A 1,000,000 thank yous!

  2. oh man its only half way through the month and i already used up my 60gb of internet service XD but …. IY is so tempting T.T guess ima have to pay the overusage charges >.< since Iy is so awesome

  3. yay! is out..i am so glad..
    i can finally watch this..
    well anyways thanks for uploading this episode..
    hope to see more of episode soon…

  4. Very early this week! yay thankyou, please continue to post them! I love hyomin, victoria, narsha, juyeon, hara, sori, sunhwa, sunny, and I miss hyun ah and yuri in that order.

  5. Thank you for the subs….i vividly remember this is the episode that Victoria went all the way to surprise the girl who gave her the spinach at her school….^^

  6. Thanks so much for subbing invincible Youth, i don’t know what i’d do without
    your vids since soshified’s stopped subbing IY 😦 Thanks for keepin the show alive for me ❀

  7. Hey PikeYenny thanks for all your hardwork, I really enjoy IY!

    I have a question though on your youtube account you posted that the IY videos will be unlisted and that you would post links here, are the links the other youtubers links you posted? One of them kept updating but they had all their videos taken down so, it will take awhile to reupload. I rather watch online. Anyone else who knows the answer can respond

    Thanks Again πŸ™‚

  8. Cool beans, thanks for sharing. It’s always nice to unwind after a crappy day at work with another fun IY episode. Please keep ’em coming!

  9. whoooooooooooo!

    i’m so thankful that you still continue to work on this .. *Lol

    even though i’m not used to dwonload your works still thanks

  10. Hi…
    Do you mind if you could upload it to Media Fire… ?
    My country blocks Megaupload…
    Please upload it to Media Fire…
    Needs to see this episode badly… =D

  11. OMG around 25 mins 52 seconds the background song playing is part of Show Luo’s Hot Shot LOL. Wow they used part of a chinese/taiwanese song albeit of course not with lyrics in it but woahhhh

  12. omg i waited so long for dis and waited an hour and a half for it to download only to realise dat my mac does not support the format and I dunt knoe wat to do next *WAILS*
    Pls plsplsplspls could u upload it on youtube or smth? Somewhere where it’s possible to watch online….THANKSS IN ADVANCE!!

  13. Thanks! This was a really good episode even though Taewoo was gone. Now I’m not as worried about him leaving for 2 months to prepare his album. Victoria is so great, like she has been on the show the whole time. I feel bad for Hyomin being cut out again, but I can understand it from an editing perspective. There was just too much going on with the others fighting over Joowon, so there wasn’t a spare minute. At least they don’t give her screen time mostly just to make fun of her like they do Jooyeon and Sunhwa.

  14. Thanks for this update. Don’t stop updating IY, please. It’s one of my favorite shows. I’m sure a lot of people are grateful and are just too lazy to comment.

  15. thank you so much for this.. have been looking forward to watching this.. U R SO AWESOME!!! thanks especially for putting it on youtube.. i have difficulty downloading with megaupload so the YT links are so valuable to me.. thanks again.. hope you never tire of uploading IY..

  16. thank you so much for sharing these vids & uploading them. but thanks much more for giving us the youtube links πŸ™‚

  17. thanks for uploading and sharing!
    you’re my one source for IY, i really appreciate your hard work =]
    thanks once again~

  18. kekekeke iy<333
    thankyoo so much ^^ i was checking your blog everyday for this πŸ˜€
    cant wait for next episode…MBLAQ ❀ leejoon<3 LOL

  19. yo! thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks for making me smile!
    Greatly appreaciated!!

  20. Thank you so much for sharing this program…it was aired last tuesday here in indonesia but i missed it because of my work. Thanks again.

  21. Thank you thank you for your hard work again! This episode was fun to watch hahaha. ❀ Can't wait for next week with MBLAQ! Pikeyenny and IY fighting!

  22. thx for subbing, i’ve been waiting for this ep but ill be waiting for the next ep with mlaq in it!!! Keep up the good work! πŸ˜€ THANKS ALOT!!

  23. erm why i DL ep30 then use hsplit to join the video , the video total time onli 35mins.
    i watch half WAY ONLI!!!! HELP ME!

  24. Thanks for this! how about using an HQ video for this? I can provide you a megaupload link or mediafire for you to sub, just email me, thank you very much! MORE POWER!

  25. you’re definitely one of the most popular subbers on the net right now! so many comments all the time haha, but you desere it for your hard work. thanks for subbing IY! =)

  26. thanks for subbing this episode… pls. don’t stop doing subs for this show, we really appreciate your hardwork.

  27. I’ve heard that u r not gonna upload this program anymore. Still, I hope u reconsider it cuz u r the only source I can find 2 watch Narsha on IY. Pls. u r my savior

  28. Wow unnie, looks like IY’s finally picking up a lot more viewers again! I’m glad for you too! IY deserves all the love it can get, even though I know everyone’s sad that the original cast isn’t all there anymore.

    Thank you for keeping on uploading episodes of my favourite favourite show!

  29. Glad to see another I.Y. upload from you.
    I really really really appreciate what you’re doing here.
    As you know, you’re probably our only source of I.Y. subs now.
    Others aren’t as reliable, but your consistency is JJANG!
    More power to you, and the best of luck to you and your endevours!

  30. really thanks for your uploading, but i wonder why does all the video have low quality, i mean, there are many high quality raw files on internet, why dont you use it to make better quality videos, i like your video in term of translation though, the last part, the most meaningful part, the ending, normally, many other subbin team cut it out, but you translate that part,i really appreciate it, and you translate a lot of captions as well. and,btw, i heard that ep 40, 41, 42, already out, be expecting your subs πŸ˜€

  31. y after i download it . it is 1 hr+ but when i convert into mp4 file it get to 15 min ? pikeyenny can u help mi or explain why is that so????

  32. thank you for uploading this episode and the rest of Invincible Youth episodes.. you’re a very reliable source.. thanks again, can’t wait for the next episodes.. pikeyenny fighting! (>_<)\m/

  33. but sometimes it work.sometime when it convert it became 1hr+ for some time only . so i do not know what is the problem with the converter lol . ( help pikeyenny) KIND SOUL =D post great video

  34. can you please increase the bit rate higher?
    the resolution is fine, since it’s from TV, but the pic is so blurred it almost unwatchable.

    well, better than nothing though. thanks!

  35. Thank so much
    this ep is so funny
    who can tell me what the name of the song that the man
    tell Narsha to work with him.

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