Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 Ep 39 [English Subtitle]

This ep i recorded from last week but i hadn’t time to post it. So i will post it now. I’m not sure i can post Let’s DT this week or not

I must say that i didn’t like ep 37 and 38 so from now, should i choose what’s ep is interesting and post it ? or should i continue to post all ep every week ?


Guest : Junho (2PM), Minho (SHINee), Jin On (F.Cuz), Shangchu, Alexander & Eli (U-Kiss), Lee Joon ( MBLAQ )

Link here : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VTNYUNQV


Part 1 : http://www.multiupload.com/4E34XAVGXR
Part 2 : http://www.multiupload.com/SF1983EE8S
Part 3 : http://www.multiupload.com/E4BP3GZKS8
Part 4 : http://www.multiupload.com/HXNFBE3S4N
Part 5 : http://www.multiupload.com/L4Q3F36J62
Part 6 : http://www.multiupload.com/SHTI9BRQ0K
Part 7 : http://www.multiupload.com/VL6QR243ZJ
Part 8 : http://www.multiupload.com/7ISRX4Q7L5


366 thoughts on “Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 Ep 39 [English Subtitle]

    1. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you ! keep posting! you’re awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  1. By d way, U’re right~
    I din quite like d Face Soccer Game episodes~

    Thr’s no MinHo in it~
    I wonder whn will Tae Min b out??

  2. Thanks for the vid and please please please keep posting. I want to see the Hong Kong special with SHINee’s Taemin 🙂

  3. yay yay thank you so much!! \o/
    I was out yesterday so I couldn’t watch this ;A;
    well yeah I didn’t enjoy ep 37&38 as much as other eps since it was only one game and Jinon didn’t play so much 😡
    well whichever way you want is fine I’m just glad you would still like to share your records of shows ^__________^

  4. thanx a lot 4 upload this..
    yup, u should updating the interesting LGDT
    or u should make a poll whether to upload LGDT, SGB, & HT
    and we will vote if we find next week ep is interesting or not, so u could uploading those shows

  5. Could u continue upload Happy together .
    im really hopeful XDDD
    from the episode 100722 happy together(simon and yonghwa as a guest)and some after schools girl.

  6. i think u should only upload ones that have more idols in it..like this one with u-kiss and lee joon cuz i think ppl would prefer to watch it then..
    cuz for example, i watched the sgb with kara and sj but the previous ones were kinda boring.
    just a suggestion 🙂

  7. Pleaaase upload every week.. i reaally would appreciated it. and i am soo thankfull that you have posted almost every subbed Dream Team ep.. since i can’t understand korean.. so pleaase upload it weekly.. i am really looking forward to the Hong Kong special with Taemin and Donghae.. please upload that one..subbed.. thanks =]

    1. yahh..i think ep 37-38 kind boring too…
      but please continue post all epi every week…. 🙂
      i really thankful and appreciated your hardwork 🙂
      i can’t wait for next episode……..
      Thank you so much 🙂

  8. WOW thank you!!!
    i believe this is the ep where minho gets injured…..
    i think you should probs subs the interesting eps….like the dream team hong kong special……my beloved taemin and donghae will be in it!!! yay~

  9. thanks pikeyenny

    yup, i dont like ep37&38 too because of the boring face world cup ~.~

    but this ep seems interesting

    and yeah, i think it’ll be easier for you to just post the interesting eppies from now on ^_^


  10. Yahooo! Thank you sooo much for this episode!! To tell you the truth I didn’t like the two previous episodes as well! It was kinda boring but this one seems much much more intersting! Thank you so much for posting again!! You’re the best!
    If you’re up to choose which episodes are interesting, I completely trust you for that!
    Fighting! ^^

  11. thank you for posting ep.39! hope you will continue sharing every week, but if you only want to upload only interesting episodes, it’s ok too. thank you once again ^^ fighting pikeyenny!!

  12. Thaank you so much for subbing and sharing~~
    And yes, the previous two weren’t really good because of the world cup thing.
    But now there are gonna be some good episodes to come.^^
    I like this one, watched it already raw. xD

  13. Thanks for the upload 🙂 tha last ep weren’t interesting because of the football thing 🙂 Love your good work ^^

  14. pls continue posting LGDT episodes. i just love them and i know many people do love them too. the following episodes are also interesting because the hongkong episodes will be shown next. so pls continue uploading this. i will really appreciate it. more power to you.

  15. ep 37 and 38 was definitely not very interesting but im sure that it will be a lot better <33
    joon, eli and alexander <333 a fangirl's dream come true ❤
    thanks thank thanks a lot for uploading this ep !!!

  16. thanks for keep uploading DT..
    I’m really appreciate all ur hard work..
    if choosing it will easier for you, i really hope that u can post every episodes that have minho on it..million thanks goes to you:)

  17. I would appreciate it if you could u/l every week but i agree with you, epi 37 an 38 was not an interesting one. ^_^

    Thanks for sharing us epi 39.

  18. Will download once you upload on media fire.. thanks a lot! love minho!
    this is the episode where he get injured right?

  19. Thanks for DT

    … if its not too much of a hassle, can u upload every week ^^
    but to be honest i prefer HT than DT especially after the boring face soccer (wasted 2 hours of ma life) but it still does not hurt to watch them all 😛

  20. thanks for upload:D:D

    i am soo happy that you will continue:D:D

    actually i didnt like the soccer thing so much too..there were funny parts..but not soo funny..

    its up to you if you upload the episodes you like…even though i like to watch all..but its your choice…your the one that uploads;D

    thanks again:P

    1. Oh, and I think you should post them every week if possible. I know that most people don’t like the eps like the face soccer tournament, but I for one got enjoyment out of it.

  21. Thanks a lot for sharing 🙂
    To be honest I’d be totaly ok with you choosing the eps because my biggest interest are the eps where they challenge themself like the high jump or the hurdling. Other then that I just look for the eps to be funny or interesting. So like I said just chose what you consider a good episode because after all it’s your private time and you shouldn’t upload stuff that doesn’t really interest you 🙂

  22. Thanks as always! I didn’t enjoy the last two episodes either, because face football is such a boring game. I think maybe you should post all episodes, unless it’s a special episode like the ones past, then you should make a judgement call.

    All I can say is, thank god it’s back to normal viewing. 😀

  23. I definitely think choosing the ones you like best are a good idea. I don’t really watch the boring ones… But I’ll definitely watch this ep! So many idols! Thank you!

  24. thank you so much! i really appreciate you uploading this!
    everyone does!
    i hope you post the hong kong episode that taemin’s in
    i think that one will be good 😀
    don’t stress yourself out! we love what you’re doing!

  25. hi maybe you should only continue to upload episodes that are interesting. I mean it’s only the last two episodes that were boring, but the next episodes are very interesting I think, I watched the preview and they even go to Hongkong. I really love LGDT. Thx 🙂

  26. Thank You so much!!! I’ve been waiting for this 😀 And maybe you should just upload the interesting ones though 😀 Especially the one in Hong Kong 😀 =))

  27. hi pikeyenny, i think you should upload episodes that are full of idol members. and if it’s not interesting for you so don’t push yourself 🙂

  28. thank you soo much! 😀
    please post every week’s one! i think only episode 37&38 are boring but not the rest! 🙂
    love you pikeyenny! ❤

  29. for me, as long as its not pure face soccer. its all gd.
    a bunch of guys blowing eachother just isnt my thing.
    ep 37 & 38 were just dumb. period. keep subbing the rest!!=]

  30. Oh thank you so much for posting this. I have been waiting to watch it. I wish you would continue to post every episode, but it is really up to you. It is your blog. Thank you again. You are much appreciated.

  31. I agree with most that the face soccer world cup wasn’t interesting but I’ve liked all the others so thank you for posting them.

  32. yeah i didn’t enjoy 38 and 39 too and now without Minho is not the same 😦
    but ii think that Hong Kong special will be interesting so if you like it please sub it
    thanks as always for uploading so amusing shows
    your blog is the best !!! ^-^

  33. At first, i really watch lets go dream team because of junho. but if there’s no junho, i still watch it maybe because i get use to watch it. Yeah there’s some episode to me that are bored. But maybe someone else not bored with it. That is my opinion. Its up to you,, i really appreciate your hardworking. Thank u so much

  34. hi!! thanks sooo much for the uploads and recordings!
    eli and xander is here!!…

    please do post also the episodes wherein they are all in hongkong.. that is 2 episodes..^^

  35. thanks so much for sharing! [i quite agree that] eps 37 and 38 we’re a tad ‘different’ from the usual eps… but you still shared it so thanks! haha this ep seems interesting because we have the boys of Ukiss! first time (?) seeing them here?! hehe… and minho! i missed him from the past 2 eps..hehe..thanks again!

  36. first time posting here =)
    omg i love your blog

    episode 37 & 38 were a bit boring but the rest of Dream Team is amazing. i really enjoy watching it. please continue uploading it =)

    thank you so much for all your hard work in recording and uploading all those amazing shows

  37. i’m sure everyone who posts comments here appreicate everything you upload. i am for sure :D…

    i agree that eps 37 and 38 were quite boring, but i believe that you should keep uploading every weeks episode cause there’s always some people that enjoy it, along with the other programs as welll 😀

  38. Thank you so much for the upload! 🙂

    I agree with you, the last 2 episodes were kinda boring, but I loved all of the others.

    If they make a world cup competition thingie again like they did for the last 2 episodes, I don’t mind you not uploading them, but don’t stop uploding the others episodes please.

  39. hey pikeyenny! I really appreciate everything you’ve done so far, I can’t express how much but just….. THANK YOU! I know i’m in no position to ask you to continue uploading Dream Team but I really do hope you continue doing so, this is like the only show I download/watch.

    Thank you once again on behalf of everyone, from the bottom of our hearts 🙂

  40. Hey, i agree too. the last 2 episodes are sucks. i didn’t know why the crew doin that…
    but, on this episode. things goin as usual again. i hope you will continue to provide us the LDT :D.
    thanks a lot man 😀

  41. Wowwww
    Joon comes again, he appeared on the variety show a lot these day. I love that.
    Thank you very much for subbing this
    I appreciate and I’m sure I will enjoy it

  42. Well it all comes down to what you find interesting really, but as long as you’d upload an episode every for every 2-3 episodes that come out it should be fine really 😛 Just make sure not to skip the couple episodes, those are really fun.

    Sidenote – if you ever happen to start liking “the running man” let us know 😀

  43. wooow~
    it was the one I was waiting fooor kkk ~~ x)
    thanks so much for uploading this show!
    I love it soo much ~ *O*
    can’t wait to watch this ep, and the next oneees ~
    Pleaaase keep on posting every eps *-*

  44. thank u so much for subbing this,,,
    i think u have to choose just with idols in the ep,

    so if you find the ep isn’t interesting, u don’t have to upload it

  45. thank you so much for sharing ❤
    if you don't mind, can you post the episodes where there is taemin?
    I really like taemin. please…

  46. hi pikeyenney..i’m glad you posted LGDT again..i’m agree with you, some of the episode from last week and before that isn’t interesting..Its up to you to choose to upload or not.

    But i heard that this week lets go dream team will be an interesting ones. The best 7 from this season will compete in a special arena!!! 🙂 Hope you upload this week episode.

    If there’s any special ep like dream girls, couple special, high jump project etc. i’m grateful if you post it 😉

  47. thank you! i will download eventually.. i really appreciate all the subs you do, i hope you do continue to sub and upload all the episodes of Dream Team T_T i’m really looking forward to the hong kong special too! you do a wonderful job, thank you so much <33

  48. please continued to upload dream team every week..
    i didn’t enjoyed the 37 and 38 either…
    but i really want to watch dream team at hongkong..
    thanx before.. 🙂

  49. hey its me again , i dun think u would remember , well thanks alot for continuing to post =D actually , i think by you posting the more interesting ones is better , i dun really like , the face soccer thing either , also it will be less stressful for you ? haha still THANKS ALOT

  50. Thanks for updating dear PikeYenny and Ekotaf 😀 Good job you guys! Lou you guys ❤

    Please please please continue to update every upcoming episode of DT! I love it to death 😀

    I hope you can consider our request. Thanks again! ❤

  51. Thanks PikeYenny! ❤

    Yes, I agree the last two episodes with face soccer world cup wasn't that interesting, but now it looks like they are back to regular Dream Team, which is great. 😀

    Thanks again, you are awesome and always make my day whenever your subs comes out. ^_^

  52. Thanks for the upload. Please continue uploading all episode whether nice or not nice cause this helps some ppl like me who cant watch due to impt exams . U ROCK ! I DOWNLOADED IT AND CMON PPL , COMMENT IF U DL IT 😀 we wont want pikeyenny to not upload lets go dt anymore T_T ❤ pikeyenny

  53. thanks for the subs! upload every week eps.
    coz like, some aren’t that interesting, but others are to some people. it’s good to cater for all people.

  54. Thank you for uploading this!!! I LOVE Let’s Go DT.

    If it’s possible, please continue to upload every week!!! I enjoy EVERY episode you upload.

    Thanks a million!!!

  55. thanks for uploading! In my opinion, if you find that some episodes are REALLY that boring/uninteresting, then do not post them up. We should trust your judgement!

    However, i think that most episodes will be pretty fun, so it’s entirely up to you.

  56. Thank you for uploading! Honestly, I didn’t like the last two either, but I would love it if you continued uploading each week. I think every show is like that. There are some good episodes and some bad episodes. Please continue your hard work!

  57. watched it and LOVED it!!!

    DT finally return~

    but i wish eunhyuk and sangchu would be there also for all the games
    too bad most the original members have busy schedule ~.~

  58. just post it every week please! i know you’re busy but anytime you post it i’ll download it. every episode. :)))

  59. thanks soooo much! this epi’s gonna be so awesome!
    and i think u shud still post every week
    the last two epis weree really boring cuz they were all face soccer, but i dont think they’res gonna be more like that 🙂
    and those were the only 2 eps i actually disliked ever since dream team started so i think there will be many more good ones to come!

  60. I agree abt the last 2 episodes being not so really fun.. but we would all really appreciate you uploading it weekly.. please and thank you pikeyenny!! ^^

  61. thank you for uploading! some of them are quite boring esp the last one since only 1 idol (junho) was in it. it’s interesting for me if there are idols in the episodes~

  62. thanks! 😀
    Well, I must say I understand your feelings, those soccer faces episode were boring… ;__; I guess it was the world cup fever though.
    I don’t know really know what you should do though, it’s up to you!

  63. Thanks for the upload<3<3 I agree that the last 2 episodes wasn't the greatest but I think you should continue to post every episode cause even if som are not the best it's still a little fun 😀

  64. thank you alot!i hope you will post when eunhyuk is attending because he’s so funny and make the show interesting 🙂

  65. I prefer that you’ll continue to post every LGDT but… it’s true that ep 37 and 38 weren’t that great >_<


  66. Thank you for sharing. I agree with you that Ep.s 37 & 38 weren’t much fun – probably because I don’t like the game they played ^^; But this week looks different 😉

  67. yay!!! thank you so much for updating I really do appreciate it alot =) hmmmm I gotta agree with you some episode aren’t as funny and interesting as others…so personally I think you should maybe only update the one that are funny and have idols in them

  68. thank you for sharing Dream Team again.. ^__^
    I wish you will upload and sub the shows every week.. kekeke
    anyway i thought you miss ep.35 because i didn’t saw ep.35 here.. >.<
    again thanks for sharing Pikeyenny.. ^___^

  69. Oh thank you so much so much so much so much so much so much so much so much so much so much so much so much so much so much so much so much so much so much so much for uploading it to MF i’ll downloadem now

  70. Thank you so much! True ep 37 and 38 was quite boring, since it wasn’t really an active challenge. But just looking who’s in these episode looks and sounds really interesting. I’m not sure, but i heard that the 41 episode is the last? So, please keep uploading Dream Team, because without you there aren’t that many sites to see our favoriate stars on.

  71. Yay thanks for posting this up! Are you going to put it on your yt account too?
    Anyways thank you for posting DT up!

  72. I think only upload if they are entertaining and have good guests. Having good guests on the shows seems to be a main reason for ppl downloading.
    I don’t see much point wasting your personal time and effort in the future for episodes like the face soccer league as the guests were mediocre and they played the same game throughout. & most people commenting were disappointed with those episodes as well.
    Thats just my two cents worth.
    Thanks again for putting this episode of DT up 🙂

  73. thank yoouu!! aigoo i’m waiting for this!! and yea i’m agree with ep 37 and 38, but i prefer to upload al of them, maybe some people like it? well, it’s just my opinion but..

  74. Thank you so so so so much :D! I was waiting for this to come out with subs!!! Pike, you do what you can handle. Honestly, I’m fine with whatever you give us (: I appreciate your hard work 😀

  75. Thanks for the link!!!! 🙂 i didnt really like the last two episodes either since they were boring with only face soccer and no minho D: thanks again!!! 🙂

  76. thank you for posting it. yesterday i only saw half of it cause i got up to late. i sure hope you will continue posting lgdt as watched every single episode so far. I agree 37 and 38 did not hit my taste, but the rest are good and i love seeing the competition between the teams

  77. Thank you very very much~ ♥

    I already loved this ep without subs and now with subs… *O*

    Thank you so much for sharing ^-^

  78. thank you so much for continuing to upload this show…

    please upload all episode..i’m very thankful with your hard work..

  79. you’re right episode 37 and 38 not very interesting..
    but i glad if you update every week..
    also thanks for uploading this episode..
    you are the only i can watch this type of show…
    otherwise it mostly idol fansubbing this show…

  80. You’re right that 37 and 38 was a bit boring.. But Other than those 2 everything is so fanatastic, sp please continue to upload every week.. Love it!

  81. Oh! Thank you for posting and uploading DT!!! I really love the show 😀
    Would be awesome if you had the time to post every week, but I understand if you don’t. Would really want to request that you sub the episode with Taemin, pretty please? ^^
    Thanks a billion again! Pikeyenny fighting!

  82. Thanks for uploading Dream Team.It’s one of my favourite shows that’s why I think it will be nice if you upload all the episodes.I don’t understand korean so I am thankful to you for the english subtitles.

  83. Thank you!!! yes, ep37 and ep38 ere boring! but i always watch it anyway! so please, keep posting all of them! =) Thank you for you hard work!!!! =)

  84. Please post every week, appreciate it 😀 And why is it that i can’t open the file i downloaded? 😦 what program do i need?

  85. i really like dream team so please don’t stop!!

    i usually just download it on here and not leave a reply. i didn’t know you were going to get it into account.

    please continue to sub. fighting! 🙂

  86. i think if you really want to to subbing alll ep of LDT i think others might be happy if you only sub ones with special guests. cuase for us it’s better than nothing rit thank you

  87. Thank You very much for all the hard work!! Episodes in HK where they are all talking a lot would be nice to understand with Your help. If You have time and mood I would appreciate it!!

  88. thank you for uploading. you’re right the last episodes weren’t that good, but from what i’ve seen from the fan photos the following episodes look fun 🙂
    Too much face soccer gets boring eheh But i’m looking forward to this one and the following ones.

    Thank you for the hardwork!

  89. hi pikeyenny
    i want to say thank you for subbing the shows!! for DT just upload the one that you like~~ but i would love to see the one with taemin in ^^
    thank you again for doing such an awesome job

  90. I must admit, episode 37 and 38 was weird. But it was all cuz of the World Cup wasn’t it?
    Anyways, I’m here to say thank you so much for this episode! 🙂

  91. thanks for this!
    i hope you continue to upload
    this is like a one-stop site for a lot of popular shows
    i’m sure a lot of people appreciate what you do!

  92. Hi, I just wanted to say thank you so much for uploading Dream Team. I thought the last two episodes were kinda boring cause the face soccer stuff, but it would be nice if you could keep uploading Dream Team every week.

  93. yes please ,,,,

    do post it regularly every episode every week ,,, *puppy eyes*

    cz if we wanna watch every eps…*smile widely*

    please upload it regularly,,,
    please continue,,,

    we love uuuu <333

    thx for ur hardwork ^^

  94. Thank you So mush For Subbing DT again..
    i Think like you said befoRe .. Just subbing the interesting OnE…
    That’s the Best Way..
    For the Change you Can Subbing the Other Variety Show..
    Like Strong Heart Maybe..

    Once again ..Thankyou so Mush For your Subbing
    Luv You Full

  95. You don’t even realise how our family waits for your subbing! We’re Dream Team biased really! So thank you very much for every episode you’ve done so far! It is really something! Please keep up the good work! If I knew korean I would’ve subbed this show too bcos you can rarely find subs for it, so much more people appreciate your work! Thanks again and waiting for HongKong ep with Taeminnie! ^^


    This is one of the few things I look forward to every week and you’re the only one that can provide it. I can rent the video near my house but since I’m not Korean, I can’t understand it without the subs. Please don’t stop. Whether the episode is interesting or not or not many people like it, I do and I’m sure there are others that do as well.

    Thank you very much for your efforts! I really, really appreciate it. I only commented now because I only recently got into this show. I will continue to show my support if it means anything.


  97. hehe yeah as the others have said…. some eps do get boring…. but because of the dream team.. we watch them anyway.. XD
    hehe i hope you keep uploading them… 🙂
    and continued thanks for sharing!!

  98. thank you so much!! I’ve recently started watching Dream Team and I’m so surprised that I love it!! XDD It looks like such a fun show to be on!!! Thank you for your hard work! ❤ I wonder how Taemin will do on the show?! ^^

  99. Thank YOu SOOOoooooooooo much for downloading. As for you question, I just don’t like the face soccer. IT is sooooooooooooooo boring. Other than that I enjoy all of DT episodes. So if you skip the face soccer, I am okay. But I do Love Dream team. Thank you for not dropping this. I LoooooooooooooooooooooVE YOU!!!

  100. thank you so much for uploading this episode,,
    i’ve been waiting for this one coz i forgot to watch it last week 😀
    hmm, actually i agree with u, eps 37&38 is boring, i don’t even watch it,,
    anyway, thanks again 😀

  101. thanks! i think you should upload every week because some episodes may be more interesting to others ^^ really appreciate your work!

  102. Thanks 4 sharing. 🙂

    I do think you should post every episode though. ..
    I mean what interesting to one might not be the same to others aight? And vise versa.
    Anyway, thank muches for posting this ep.

  103. i mean like night star or the muzit or when thy appear in star king..am shinee’s fan and i think there are a lot of shinee’s fans soo pls if u could do that ^_^

  104. Hi thx for posting this, can iI have a suggestion, if you stop subbing this can you sub, SBS Running man with yoo jaesuk and lots of popular artist including Kim jong kook just like the family outing season one. A lot of people are waiting for people to sub that show, and nobody is subbing it. Just a suggestion thank you =).

  105. Dear Pikeyenny, THANK YOU! Thank you so much for posting this up! And another thing, please pretty please! Please post it every week! Please! I know a lot of us are being selfish asking you this and that, but you’re our only source in getting this. Please~ Your hard work is very well appreciated! Don’t think otherwise. 🙂 So please keep on posting Let’s Go DT every week! *begging*

  106. thank you very much ^__^
    i never thought the episodes were boring 😀
    but please continue every week, you are doing an outstanding job, fo sho!

    and @Mike, i dont know if you’ll read this but there is a group subbing running man. they are called iSUBS.

    ^- i hope that doesnt look like advertising o.o

  107. i think it would be better if you just choose the good episodes to sub and post. i’m waiting for the dream team episodes in Hongkong.. I’ve already seen the raw videos but I cannot understand anything. Your subs would be a great help. thanks in advance

  108. I think you should only sub DT and SGB if you think the episode is good; or maybe if there are enough requests for a particular episode

  109. hi ^^
    i love this show …
    as a fan i believe you should do it every week …

    but yeah , i can’t force you to do anything
    but since you are the only one that sub this show …
    i BEG you .please , don’t stop doing it TT-TT

  110. Waaaah… u upload again Dream Team?? Thank you so much, coz this show interesting for me…. Thanks so much for your hard work uploading this…^^

  111. Thank you!!!
    Please upload DT every week….
    Some times it gets boring but we watch it anyways because we love Dream Team ❤
    Its up to you ^^
    Again thank you so much for your hard work!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. Thanks so much for upload this! Please keep going we love so much DT! (and more when is minho there LOL)

    Thanks again y Congrast 4 a excelent blog! ^^

  113. Thank you! Please keep posting 🙂
    I have to agree with you about ep. 37 and 38.. maybe because
    i didn’t know those people or i just don’t like that table “soccer” game!

    lol.. i don’t know what you call it! But most of the episode are really funny and interesting =D

  114. I hope you would post every week but even if you choose a certain one to post, I wouldn’t mind it either. I agree that episode 38 wasn’t very good. I stopped after 10 minutes in.

  115. THANK YOU!! and I do agree that 37 and 38 were boring, but so far they have been the only ones that are like ehh

    LGDT is the main and probably only reason why i come to your blog, PLEASE so post every week. You have no idea how much i would appreciate it, please ❤

  116. yeah.. i think this ep is better than ep 37 and 38.. those ep were so boring, face world cup..ughh…

    thx u pikeyenny..^^

  117. thank you so much for posting!! i hope hope hope that you’ll upload episode 41 with taemin, donghae, & alexander! ^-^

  118. I think you should save yourself the trouble and just share with us what you
    find interesting. But what ever decision you make, thanks for the upload! (:

  119. i hope every week you will post them even if the last two sucked i still watched them, it’s that head soccer they played boring as but this is back to normal. thanks for taking the time to post them up and yay i did comment for once…sorry that i never used to.

  120. please keep posting Let’s go Dream Team..i love this show..yeah the 2 previous eisodes were so boring..I downloaded them and never show them..lol..but this one and the other to come will be better..I am so waiting for the taemin episode!!please keep doing your awesome job!!

  121. Thank you!! ><
    I'm very grateful if you can post it every week..
    and I also waiting for Happy together, Invincible Youth, and Star Golden Bell!

  122. Yes, I think you are right.

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