Wonder Girls MTV Season 4 Ep 3

Credit : torrent

Link here : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GGQ8423P

Online : http://www.twitvid.com/videos/pikeyenny



43 thoughts on “Wonder Girls MTV Season 4 Ep 3

  1. Hi,

    I’m just wondering if you’re going to sub Wonder Girls MTV? I really miss them so it would be great if you can sub and share it! <3333

  2. Erm hi yenny, i juz wanna know that are u subbing wonder girls MTV season 4 and Made in wonder girls??? i cant find subs T.T

      1. Hey Pikeyenny, I am new to your blogsite. I appreciate all the subs that you do and was wondering if you could also do Strong Heart? If not it okay, but does anyone know where I would be able to watch it with subs?

  3. Hi there!

    I just wanted to leave you comment. I used to download your videos,, but I can’t download .avi files. I now watch STG, Let’s Go DT, IY and Happy Together from Youtube. I just wanted to let you know how mcuh your work is appreciated. I understand why you have decided to stop some of the subbing, but I hope that if you ever find one or two hillarious episodes, you will sub them for us. If not, that’s alright.

    Anyways, keep up the great work! There’s tons of people out there who love what you’re doing, they just don’t take the time to tell you.

  4. hi!!please dont stop uploading Let’s go dream team..i really like that show..and u r my only source..!!!thanks for your hard work!!

  5. hello , just wanna say that i cant download mtv season 4 , its saying that “The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable.”

    hope you can fix it if its really broken coz i really want to download it :))

    thanks a lot!!

  6. Hi Pike, You would be record 100821 Happy champ cos i not sure
    Where i take preview will record or not? please record ok

    PS: Don’t forgot record MTV World Stage too, appreciate so muce ^_^

    1. ok man ^^ i will record it
      hahaha i am thinking Friday this week will be a amazing night hahah because it will have : MTV world stage, Happy Camp and Mnet Made In Wgs
      hahaha so happy but i know that night i will be very busy to upload T-T

  7. Pike, i doubt my feel seem

    ID name pike which talk to me on mail, WGCN.

    ID Mrs.Cheung talk with WGTH,

    ID pikeyenny talk on my blog

    is different person, right?

    I always think 3 ID is one person >> you.
    but now my feel strage smt so if have time sent mail to talk with me.
    I don’t like doubt.

    i don’t want talk in here but if i sent mail
    simple long time you will check mail so i write in comment.

    PS: if read and sent mail , delete this comment too.

    1. hahaha first of all, sorry for always reply so late at email haha just because i didn’t check my email everyday.. i only check it 3-4 days a week hahaha, i am a lazy girl

      The second. haha, don’t worry, all Pike, PikeYenny, Mrs.Cheung is ME ^^. i used so many name, in the past i had more name like this ( Phuong, gillian+phuong,[PT],PhuongTwins ….) hahaha when i still like Cpop, my ID is Phuong, gillian+phuong,[PT],PhuongTwins or Mrs.Cheung …. but from the day i love Kpop, i changed my ID is Pike until now ^^. i ony put the “Yenny” name to become PIkeYenny because i love Yenny too much hahaha
      actually i am using the ID EunPike on youtube too hahaha, Yeeun + Pike = EunPike

      So don’t worry, i think i will use the ID Pike for a long time, so you can belive that Pike, PikeYenny or Mrs.Cheung, all is mine ^^

  8. hola queria decirte que gracias por bajar los vid de WG! y queria preuntarte donde esta la primera parte de WONDER GIRLS MTV 4 EP 3 , por que en tu twiter solo esta la parte 2 . Gracias.

  9. hello PikeYenny,

    how do I view the .ts file? I don’t think I have the program to view the file… :o(
    any suggestions?

  10. ya, i read the FAQ section at the top of the page, but it doesnt tell me how to convert .ts files so that I can view it… …. …. . .

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