BAD NEWS : next week i will stop to update : Let’s Go Dream Team, Star Golden Bell , and Happy Together too. Just because all of it hadn’t enough the comments T-T.

If you guys didn’t like its anymore, i will stop everything.

Update : 15 august 2010 : ok, i read all your comments and thank so much for so many the nice comments, and ignored a few the bad comments ^^, hahaha if you don’t like my blog why you’re always stay here and even waste your time to type your comment ? bla bla bla…

OK my friends, about IY, i think i won’t stop next week because i didn’t really care about how many of the comments at IY topic, it’s always has more than 200 so i’m ok with it, happy with it because i know people still like IY ^^.

But look at the SGB or Let’s go DT .. i must say that i myself didn’t like it as IY.. these eps really no interesting > < … i need the comments not for myself ( and proud that haha i’m so famous, people must say thank me) no, i never think like this ok ?Β  i need people write the comment so i can know that show is interesting or not, if not we should to cancel it and give more time to other shows ^^.

That’s why i am still thinking should i continue to update SGB and Lets DT next week or not. Give me more time to think about it. How can i continue to post them when i myself didn’t enjoy it too much too ? ^^



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  1. Pikeyenny, Please don’t stop. Its not that we are not commenting maybe busy? hehe i know u contributes a lot and i REALLY REALLY (not fake) appreciate if u post eng subbed videos cause im a fan of korea variety shows and wonder girls.


  2. please dont 😦 even though i don’t use wordpress much, your site is bookmarked because i keep on DL-ing from u. πŸ™‚ i’m ur number 1 fan i think, hehehe. i admire ur hardwork in uploading for us. please keep it up!

  3. ohhh NOOOOO…don’t do that!!~~~ T_T

    I think it’s not that people don’t like it anymore, they just watch the videos on Youtube…there are a lot of comments, this proves that people watch these videos

    1. please, please, PLEASE don’t stop updating :/

      I really love watching all the subbed videos, especially Invincible Youth & Star Golden Bell – we acknowledge all your hard work, so please don’t stop now~

  4. Please don’t stop updating it! 😦
    I bet everyone just downloads it but seldom comment, even I do.
    I’ll promise to comment everytime I download!

    Please don’t stop 😦 Sorry!

  5. Please don’t stop subbing them!! 😦 Your like our main source for shows! We can’t live without your dedicated work >< I'm sure most of the people ended up watching stuff on YT and forgot to comment??

  6. nooooo! don’t stop uploading IY! i’m sorry for not commenting T_T but you’re the only place i can find subs for ittt please continueeeeeeeeeeeeee

  7. NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Please keep on updating! I’m a bad viewer! I haven’t been commenting! I’ll 100% start. Don’t stop! We’re sorry >.<

  8. please dont stop…….because a lot of people out there need your uploads….

    especially now….

    so please don’t stop….

  9. nonono! don’t do that please!!! you’re my only (and fastest) source of getting these shows, it’s just i watch it on yt almost everytime and just don’t comment there, coz don’t want those videos to be suspended :O
    don’t stop, please! you make people happy ❀

  10. WAAAaaa!
    im very in love with Let’s Go Dream Team, Star Golden Bell , IY and Happy Together series.
    plz don stop updating mate.

  11. Pleeeease don’t stop! I comment on every video I download. And I love the fact you sub IY. If it’s a time issue thing feel free to take longer! I hope no one is pressuring you or pushing you! and if you do stop, then thank you so much for all the videos you have done so far. It’s brought me and others countless hours of entertainment.

    1. If you decide to quit, I’ll be forever grateful for the subs that you have provided thus far. If you decide to stay, I’ll still be forever grateful, but I’ll also put more effort into expressing my gratitude. Nevertheless, thank you for everything. I really appreciate the effort, hard work, all that stuff.

      .. Hwaiting ~ ! (;

  12. Dear Goddess Pikeyenny,

    I understand if you stop uploading these episodes because of all the time it takes to put them up… You do a lot and you deserve more praise for the work you do… I was grateful to find your site because the previous site I use to download IY episodes stopped uploading them once Sunny and Yuri left… However, please don’t stop uploading IY and Dream Team episodes because there are many of us that love to watch these episodes since we cannot get them in our area!!! I have been trying to get all the older episodes since I’ve been behind on episodes… I will make sure I always remember to thank you for the episodes because really YOU DON’T HAVE TO UPLOAD THESE EPISODES… YOU DO IT BECAUSE YOU WANT EVERYONE ELSE TO SHARE IN WATCHING GREAT KOREAN PROGRAMS!!!

    For all that you do, I do want to thank you Pikeyenny for doing at least this for us… even if we don’t appriciated you as much as you deserve!

    Thank you,


  13. Awww….I really like LGDT, SGB and HT. And i did leave my comments when I d/l. But its your decision really. Thanks for the previous uploads so far.

  14. btw could u add 100722 happy together.i have been searching for english sub for this episode for a long time.but no one subs it.(Guest* YongHwa,Simon,Afterschool girs)

  15. plz don’t stop updating those….(≧д≦*)

    i promise if i download i will comment…(β—‹’Ο‰’β—‹)

  16. I really like those program and i think many people like it too. Please reconsider it. Even if you stop, thanks for all the previous video. But I’m really sad to hear this 😦

  17. I really appreciate and love your subs, sorry for neglecting your feelings and not commenting. Please do continue subbing and I promise from now on I will always comment. However if you feel that its not worth your time anymore I respect your decision, but thank you for all the subs you have done thus far.

  18. OMG!! pls dont stop updating ur blog with all our favourite shows T_T

    i know that people out there will continue to support u by commenting on ur vids!!

    we really do appreciate what you have done for us all this while, so please stay.. =D

  19. No, don’t stop. If you see all of your uploaders on youtube and other sites you will know, people do actually watch these shows!

  20. You’re the only source for IY and SGB episodes ; ___ ;
    Please don’t stop – I’m sure that the YT uploads gets bunches of comments which really translate to how many people love your uploads

  21. Please-please don’t stop!! We’re really, really sorry 😦 I’ll promise, that i’ll always write a comment, when i download! Just don’t do this..pleease. 😦

  22. Owhhhhh….please please please dont stop uploading. I really love to watch all of those shows. PLEASEEEEEE dont stop uploading!!!

  23. hey pls dun stop =( , if you just wanna take a break its ok , we will wait , no matter so long it is , but dun stop uploading them ok ? there isnt many places where ppl can watch or download these shows with subss , and i am one of them , who is unable to watch it on tv , and all the sources comes from you , so pls dun stop okay?? I LOVE YOU =D THANKS

  24. oh no..!!!! please dont stop what you have done all. just keep it up. i’m sure many people are disappointed when you stop upload. we’re all counting on you.

  25. No!! Please don’t stop it!! This is the only place where I get to watch dream team… πŸ˜€ Please reconsider it πŸ˜€

  26. woahhh? but you’re the best! ): please don’t stop ): without you i’m clueless when watching these shows without subs! ): *plays 2pm don’t stop. can’t stop ! D’:

  27. D:
    Please don’t stop subbing.
    You’re the only reliable source when it comes to subbing the latest episode’s of these shows.

    I’m sure people do watch them, it’s just that they sometimes forget to comment.

  28. NOOOOOO. please don’t stop updating these awesome shows. i guess people don’t their comments because they are too excited to watch the show. pleaseee, by updating these shows, you save our LIVE. πŸ™‚

  29. well you’re here on this site so obviously you download the shows too

    please don’t stop updating ❀ we really do appreciate your hard work!

    1. Look at what all these people are writing..they all sound so desperate, for a tv show! I’ve taken steps to actually learn the language. I’m not going to beg for her to keep going like the rest of the people on here.

      If thats too harsh then so be it. I have money to pay for it and support the industry so maybe this is a sign that I should start paying for it, rather than stealing from the k-pop industry.

  30. Dear pikeyenny,..

    I really appreciate ur work for those videos. I really enjoy them with eng sub espescially LGDT, But u said want to stop upload them.. oh that is gonna be hard for me to enjoy those videos again.. so please.. don’t stop..
    Many peoples will be dissappointed because they really like ur job (u can see their comments that trying to stop u, that means they like ur job so much)
    but now all is ur right, u decide what is the best. I only want to say what I n the other feel.

  31. PLEASE Dun!!! yea like every1 commented.. ur our only source of IY N LGDT and SGB and basically anyting u uploaded…Aish… =/ Well i do appreciate ur hardwork. I am pretty sure deres alot of ppl out dere dat 4got to comment or thank u for ur efforts.AHHH those ppl!!!Oh nvm them…Well ur still the best!!Pikeyenny dAEBAK!!

  32. Oh! Please don’t stop uploading them! I know a ton of people (including myself) who really really appreciate your work – and we all certainly don’t want you to stop! I think a lot of people are watching the shows through youtube because sometimes it’s faster than to download it – so they’re usually commenting where the video is.

    >.< Really hope you continue to upload! But regardless, it's your choice and I am grateful for the past uploads!

  33. Please don’t.
    we all love your hardworking and you
    I always comment on what I have downloaded and I promise I will keep comment your video so pls change your mind

  34. please dont stop subbing! your the only reliable source i have of subbed videos of happy together. im reallly greatful and thankful for what you’re doing and i would really appreciate it if you would continue.

  35. well…….every show is my fav show…..really appreciate it if you keep updating it……but i understand if u want to stop…….it is not an easy task to keep updating it

  36. Yea please don’t quit, IM YOUR FIRST FAN AND FIRST TO COMMENT since u posted this i was like less then 1min replied u >,.<

  37. Please don’t stop uploading Dream Team and star Golden Bell..
    I’ll do anything just please don’t stop uploading it..
    just didn’t have the time to comment.. I’ll always comment from now on..

  38. Pikeyenny, I truly understand how you feel. You’re probably very disappointed and not to mention, quite pissed too. I share some stuff on my blog aswell (videos, photos, artwork and stuff), AND it’s a big let down when people don’t show enough support on the hard work you have done, especially when you’re doing it without getting any in return. It gets even more annoying when people demand things. So I can’t blame you for feeling this way. T-T

    I particularly follow your I.Y. uploads because I can’t rely on fansubs alone, since they usually come out late, or not come out at all. I also tell people about your blog since Soshified stopped subbing Invincible Youth after the 2 SNSD members had left. Your blog was really a lifesaver of every G7 Fan. AND I am truly grateful for your time and effort in sharing these videos.

    Although I am not a follower of Star Golden Bell, Dream Team and Happy Together, I was able to get some episodes that I particularly liked. I’m sure a lot of people are following your updates as well. Then again, IF PEOPLE AREN’T SHOWING THEY ARE GRATEFUL, and you’re not getting enough encouragement, I can’t stop you for feeling pissed off with the whole thing. I just hope it doesn’t come to what we all fear… that you would fully stop sharing KBS’ subbed videos, because some people are more than grateful for your efforts.

    And last, I wanna say…. you gotta know how awesome your blog is. Everything you post here is what makes your blog useful and charming. Do continue your hardwork, and the people who love your work will truly support you. Thanks for telling us how you feel~ you deserve more than just a simple thank you… HWAITING~!!

    NOTE: subbed Invincible Youth episodes 37 and 38 because SNSD’s Sunny was there as guest. So that’s probably why there was a decrease of messages/comments on those particular episodes. ^^

    1. i’m truly agree with you. i think there’s not much viewer or comment for invincible youth episode 37 and 38 is because the episodes are already being subbed by soshified and their subbing are really fast this time..

      but then, after those episode, i don’t know where i can find those subbed videos of IY..

      i hope you do continue updating those video…

      thank you!!

      please don’t stop…

    2. I couldn’t agree more with what you said. I read my mind!

      PikeYenny, please please please don’t stop subbing LGDT oke? I enjoyed them very much!

  39. I hope u won’t stop uploading all that, especially IV coz I’m a big fan of the show and truthfully saying, after searching all over the net I found ur blog. U r my source for the show. If u stop uploading I really dono know where to look for it again.

    Pls don stop

  40. I am really thankful for the episodes you have uploaded but I wont be begging you for it sorry.
    Besides people should actually start to realize that she IS NOT doing any subbing at all.
    she is just recording the tv show and uploading it for us who don’t have the channel, which I’m thankful for. but you should’t say she is the one subbing because it’s not true. KBS World is.
    Anyway, thanks for everything you do.

  41. Oh no! I’m kinda new to this website but I really really like it!!! Esp IY episodes!!!
    Please continue doing the awesome things that you do!!! We will really appreciate it!
    I promise to comment on all those shows!!! even though we dont comment, we still are really grateful to you!!! So please dont stop!

    Thanks πŸ˜€

  42. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!! i check ur website EVERYDAY!!!!!!! its on my bookmarks bar!! please noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..

  43. why… don’t stop 😦 don’t forget its summer alot of people are away or just coming back so please reconsider it.
    Alot of people appreciate your efforts for subbing and uploading!


    i really love those shows and there’s no where else to see them in eng sub

    so sorry for not commenting for awhile now
    i’ll remember to comment every time

    thank you again pikeyenny
    we really love your blog…seriusly ^_^

  45. Please don’t stop updating!

    I really love the shows. Please look
    forward to us commenting on your videos!

    Thanks! πŸ™‚
    Himnae! Fighting!~~~β™₯

  46. the thing is, lack of support is really the point.

    i admit, it’s not easy to do what you’re doing. you spend hours just for us to understand what’s inside.

    don’t stop subbing. we’ll support you. πŸ™‚

  47. OMG Please don’t stop! Some of us don’t have cable or something, so all the more you shouldn’t stop. Though I don’t need to watch the shows on Youtube cos I have cable, there are still so many others that don’t! Please don’t quit! πŸ˜€ We appreciate your effort. Hwaiting! :)) Please don’t quit. We’re supporting!

  48. no, please don’t stop subbing all of the episodes.
    I really like your subbing *it’s true*
    Sometimes people busy, so they couldn’t leave any comments, but I’ll try my best to always leave a comment.
    So, please don’t stop subbing! Fighting!

  49. Hmm please don’t stop updating IY, it’s one of my favourite shows and ur blog is my only source. Really appreciate u uploading subbed IY. Thnks

  50. please don’t stop updating the shows please please please!!i know for sure your site is one of the most popular source for english-subbed korean shows.not many people commenting is probably because we don’t know if we should (yeah most netizens don’t have common courtesy to thank uploaders if they’re not asked to even when they’re grateful:p).so maybe you should put some note on the homepage to ask people to post comment for dloading/watching your videos.

    as for myself,i check your site everyday since a few months ago and this is only my second post hence please accept my apology.i’ll be sure to comment for every videos i watch from your site πŸ™‚

    long live pikeyenny!!

  51. Pikeyenny! Please please please don’t stop! There are still many of us who still appreciate what you’ve uploaded. Even if there weren’t many comments, we just want you to know that there are many people like me out there who appreciates your uploads.

    I can always rely on your videos because I couldn’t watch the broadcast on KBSworld most of the time. If you stop, that’s the end of all the shows that I like to watch!!

    Please, DON’T stop uploading just because of those who does not appreciate you. Please always remember us, those who thank you for your wonderful uploads. So please, continue to upload these wonderful shows.

    I sincerely thank you for all the hard work you have done all these times. πŸ˜€

  52. Hey! Don’t stop! i really like IY and this website has always been the one i’ve been coming to everytime for the shows! So please dun stop! 😦

  53. anything but invincible youth. maybe because the departure of sunny, yuri, and hyuna has caused a decrease in viewers.. but, there is still a strong following and support for the show. even if the number of comments have dipped, the ones who do comment are extremely attached. we are forever grateful for what you have done here.

    please, continue invincible youth.

    stay strong. fighting.

  54. please dont stop uploadings those varietyshows
    i come to your blog like about 10plus times everyday just to check if you have uploaded the videos here .
    i know your busy so theres no hurry .
    but please dont stop
    theres no other sites or subbing teams like yours to upload the KBS subbed one
    dont stop pleaseeeeeeee ! 😦

  55. please don’t.what would i do if i missed IY,Happy together,star golden bell and my fav let’s go dream team?im uploading IY,star golden bell b’cuz i was very busy last week and i slept during the broadcast….these r my favourite shows in KBS….please don’t stop…

    PS:λΉ„λ””μ˜€ μ£Όμ…”μ„œ κ°μ‚¬ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€
    bidio jusyeoseo gamsahabnida

    I don’t have the channels that show what I want to watch on tv..
    so.. i watch what u post. 😦 But if you stop posting, where else will i watch those shows? T_____T

    Pikeyenny FIGHTING!

  57. He? Stop subbing? NOOOO!!!!!
    You’re my only source for subbed Korean Variety shows! Please don’t stop subbing! especially Dream Team and IY!!!!

  58. Hi Pikeyenny.. I dont know if this good news or bad news for me.. Good news is I finally know where to search subbed video for IY.. Bad news is that you are thinking for stopping upload subbed video.. T_T

    I’m a fan of IY.. I stopped watching IY when Sunny, Yuri and Hyunah left.. But when I watch IY ep 37 & 38, I found out how I’m so attached to IY.. IY inspire me and cheer me up.. It is really worth it to watch IY..

    I found this information from Sunny fanpage at facebook.. Maybe you’re having a hard time right now.. But I think there are many people who really appreciate your work.. I really appreciate your work and no matter what your decision is, you have my thanks..

  59. You really can’t get enough credit for how much effort you’re putting in this and you ca be sure all your viewers are thankful for that even if we don’t say it all the time.

  60. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo~~~!!!!!!!! pls cont uploading coz we reali love wat you did here… but if u reali make ur decision.. den i will respect it too .. thx!!

  61. I hope u still continue to sub all those good show!
    not sure how many comment u want, but im sure will post comment everytime i come on this site!

    Thank so much for ur hard work! seriously

  62. NOOO!! PLS!!! DON’T!!

    I’m very love your site… I always check new update everyday! and I very happy when I found it..
    So please don’t stop..
    I’m very sorry because I download it but I don’t comment on it..
    From now, I’ll post a comment from every reality show I download..

    (I’ll do anything to keep this site alive!!)

  63. not uploading anymore because of comments? the shows that you’re not going to upload anumore are the shows with the most comments on your page… just saying..
    I never comment because I didn’t know it was sooooo important to you.. but I guess I will now if that makes you somewhat happy.

  64. please plaese donΒ΄t stop lets go dream team and happy together!
    i was in vacation for over a month, but im back and im here to make comments again!! T-T and im sure there are many people who just got summervacations and are back again to enjoy the awesome stuff you sub! please please dont stop! T-T

  65. Im sad you wont be continuing to upload but thanks for your uploads to far ^^
    youve provided soo much pleasure to all of these nonspeaking korean kpop fans πŸ™‚

  66. now that i just found out about the blog TT-TT
    please , don’t take dream team of me … you are the only one that saves me
    since this show is awesome but no one do sub it , only you ….

  67. plzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t stoooooooooopp
    i wait everyday for your updates
    l love sgb, iy and happy together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i promise i’ll comment more……….

  68. please don’t stop updated 😦 If it is because you’re low on funds and such please put up a donation button so we can click on it 😦

  69. OMG!!!
    please don’t stop uploading….
    i really love watching IY!!!!
    i promise to comment in every single IY upload page ><

  70. Nooo please don’t stop!!! I’ve been waiting for Happy Together and your uploads are awesome:) Invincible youth too!

    PikeYenny Hwaiting

    1. Just because you have money, you think you’re all that great? And do you really think we did not put any effort into learning the Korean language? Seriously, you’re selfish. What a douche.

  71. please don’t stop sub it! i “discovered” you just few days ago and i was so happy to find some cool episodes of korean tv-show. but if you want to stop, i really appreciate your HARD work.

  72. i really appreciate everything that you upload. please dont stop uploading, if you do, my life will be plain boring!
    please please! i beg of you!!

  73. Please don’t stop. We really appreciate the hard work you put in:) I’m really grateful to all the subbers because i don’t learn:( thanks anyways!!!

  74. nooo! PIKEYENNY! Please do not stop! You rock! It’s just I’m silent enough that I forgot to thank you from time to time.. BUT.. If you really need to, and have any other works, it is okay! I will understand, You are a person too. A lot of people rely on you, and you are one of the reasons why I love SNSD so much. Before you stop I just want to throw a HUGE HUGE THANK YOU! You rock!SARANGHAEYO PIKEYENNY! I know.

  75. Hey,
    Please dont stop subbing videos
    I love watching IY with your subs
    They’re the best ^^
    I really appreaciate the effort you put in subbing varietyshows for us fans who dont get Korean ^^
    i hope you’ll keep subbing them
    if not, I still thank you for subbing it till now ^^

  76. oh nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    please stay update please..
    i’m just discover ur website last week and suddenly u want to stop…
    huhuhuhu im begging u…huhuhu

  77. pls dun stop…soon i will not be able to catch the show on kbs world as i need to serve the army and will only be home during sat and kbs world shows at tue…

  78. please..i’m begging to you..don’t stop uploading..i hope you continue upload..
    you just think that i owe you all the time for uploading the video..only GOD know how i you feel..T_T..Please…sarangheyo…^_^

  79. omg, please don’t stop. please, please, pretty please. I love ‘Let’s Go Dream Team’ and ‘Star Golden Bell’ and its a pitty that i can’t understand korean. It was like a dream come true when i discovered you. Please dont stop ❀

  80. please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……….
    dont stop uploading………
    you are only our source……………..
    i’m to busy to watch in KBS WORLD……………

  81. NOOOO!!!!
    please dont stop subbing dream team… your the only person who I know that does!!!!
    I promise that if you keep subbing I will comment once everyday on this blog!!!!!!!

  82. hmm…
    i hope u can cancel it…
    coz this website is one of my feveret…
    it helps me so much…
    im sorry if bfore this many ppl juz download witout thanx…
    but we will try to change…
    we really apreciate ur effort coz it is something honorable to do things like you…
    so i & for the all who all who loves this website…
    hope u can still uploading & dont stop…
    this is my sincere apology for everyone…
    hope u can think about it more…

  83. Please don’t stop uploading this video.. I know it seems like no one care about this anymore but NO! Deep in our heart, in my heart.. I’m grateful and amazed that someone doing this thing not for money, but for the sake of other people.. I can truly feel your sincerity.. Thanks a lot for all of your hard work but please don’t stop.. We need you..

  84. dont listen to the haters/antis, your website has been a wonderful thing for many of us, I myself, check it everyday, just in case you uploaded a new show earlier than usual πŸ˜€


  85. nooo!
    please dont stop uploading these shows! TT.TT
    i really love let’s go dream team & star golden bell!
    PLEASE! 😦

  86. hey idk what’s going on but i barely got hooked to korean shows and the only way i have been able to watch the was thanx to u ….PLEASEx100000 dont stop updating YOUR WORK IS REALLY APPRECIATED

  87. no please don’t stop posting let’s go dream team & star golden bell 😦
    I really like it but recently I can’t download them yet so that’s why I don’t give any comment on your post
    please don’t stop uploading, I’m really really love the shows

  88. omg, please dont stop updating. you’re the only reliable source for subs since im not korean myself and i appreciate everything you’ve done. i really hope you dont stop.

  89. PLEASE don’t stop uploading the shows! I download a lot of your subbed videos, but I tend to forget to leave a reply usually. T___T

    From now on I’ll keep on leaving comments for you to encourage you for your hard work, so please don’t stop! Because thanks to you, I’m able to watch the shows that I like! You’re my life savior!

    PS: Dream team episode 37-38 didn’t really caught my attention since they were only playing the face, Minho is absent, so hence why I didn’t wanted to watch it. xD;; But episode 39/40 is with Taemin correct? I’m sure that that episode will get TONS of replies to encourage you! ❀


    I haven’t been commenting please I don’t have the habit of commenting on websites. I promise from now onwards, I WILL COMMENT EVERYTIME I DOWNLOAD FROM YOU!

    I download A LOT from you, just that I didn’t comment. ><

    Please reconsider and I'll surely comment everytime I download from you, PROMISE!! ❀


    I haven’t been commenting please I don’t have the habit of commenting on websites. I promise from now onwards, I WILL COMMENT EVERYTIME I DOWNLOAD FROM YOU!

    I download A LOT from you, just that I didn’t comment. >< You're the only one uploading Let's Go! Dream Team and other shows I watch, please don't stop uploading them, I think I might die of anxiety.

    Please reconsider and I'll surely comment everytime I download from you, PROMISE!! ❀

  92. Oh my God! please don’t stop…. I really like dream team >_< but there are some that Minho wasn't in it so I didn't download it. But please,,, i always like most of the episodes… Really really,, please,,, i'm begging you T________T so sorry for keep insisting,, but you're the only source,, really

  93. Oh, pikeyenny, please don’t say that. ):
    As many others have said, there are probably very few comments because
    (1) many people watch the vids on YT, and therefore don’t know that you would appreciate their leaving comments behind; or
    (2) people are just too lazy to comment.

    I kind of fall into both categories — I have an RSS feed to this blog to let me know when you upload new videos, but I head over to your YT channels to watch them.

    HOWEVER, since commenting is this important, I will comment on every episode I watch on YT from now on. Please don’t stop subbing — as others have said, you are our only source for Invincible Youth, SGB, etc. And the fact that so many of us have appeared to beg you on this post shows that you do indeed have a lot of readers who are grateful for your dedidcation and work. =]

  94. not happy together!!!!! please dont stop it~ i will comment more !! i do watch all your subs but i am too lazy to post any comment n thanks.

    U ARE THE BEST!!!!

  95. pikeyenny,

    hi,,,,plz don’t stop downloading the video………..

    i’m so sorry that i never give you a comment,eventhough i always watch my favourite shows using your blog……cheosonghamida……

    i’ll promise that i will start coment on your your blog…just plz,,,,don’t stop the work that you done so far……..


  96. Please don’t stop subbing. I wait all week for your subs. I just didn’t know that you could reply your thanks. Now that I do, i will definitely reply to everything i download from you.
    Pikeyenny! Fighting!

  97. i really enjoy watching star golden bell and happy together and your blog is the only one that subs it … i get it sum ppl forget to add comments, i for one recently so busy and yes i forgot to comment….

    i truly understand from where you come from and it is annoying…

    P.S.. for the dude who keeps whining about learning korean.. not all of us have the time to learn and YES if they sell subbed shows i would BUY…

    and if it wasn’t for these blogs and youtube they wouldn’t have got that much of ppl interested in Korean tv shows and reality shows from all over the world.. So they actually did them a favor

  98. nooooo please don’t stop 😦
    I wane to continue watching them when Im free esp LGDT!!
    thank you for all your hardwork we appreciate it, really!


    I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I did comment on a few videos. I felt bad 😦 I won’t do it again! Pinky promise?

    Anyways, I love you sooooo much for subbing and uploading the videos. Please keep doing so. Your my life saver from boredom, you know that!

    Thanks a lot pikeyenny!

  100. please dont stop update iy,,,,,
    i addict of ur website and iY.
    i need it so much
    its like a drug
    dont stop now pleease,,,,,
    can you hear me????

    i request from my deep heart to you
    update it
    please TT____TT

  101. Please dun stop wat u are doing… U are doing a Great Job!!!…
    I’ve to thank you that all of the IY eps & the videos I’d got it form you!!…

    Please dun leave us!!! 😦
    Please keep up the great job!!
    U are the such a life saver πŸ˜€

  102. NoOoOo please do continue to sub these shows!!~~ especially SGB!!~~~ i really appreciate your hardwork and i hope u to continue doing so!! HWAITING!!~~~

    Thanks pikeyenny!!~~

  103. please.
    u’re the savior to us.dont stop what u’re’s the only way for us;malaysians to watch invincible youth

  104. Hi Pikeyenny, i’ve only just recently come across your blog and I just want to say that I appreciate all of the effort which you put into the videos. I’m really sorry for not posting a comment when downloading your videos, but I will make up for it now.. I hope you can still continue to post your videos for you. Thank you.. and sorry..

  105. dont do that baby..i need all of them.i dont have time to watch it on tv coz of my hectic life.please help us the kpop lovers..its to bad if you stop updating all of those variety progs..please be considering.

  106. Please don’t stop ! Γ©_Γ¨
    I’ll comment all of your video ><

    Please don't stop your great job ! I'm begging you ! T^T
    I really love your site…
    Don't stop =/

  107. yes..please dont stop….its the only website i know to download these episodes of IY….and i love it very much…so please dont stop…

  108. Please don’t stop i love korean shows and you are the only one that makes that great sub for them don’t stop!!!!

  109. Oh Nooooo!!!
    Please dont stop subbing~
    Our Hearts in Ur Hands, V do LOVE & APPRECIATE ALL Ur Work DOne Ere!
    We’ve even Subscribed U on Youtube becuz Dream Team is LIFE!

    THANKS SO MUCH 4 all d Previous Episodes Dream Team!
    THANK U!

  110. please !!!!
    i from RΓ©union island (dom-tom) don’t stop the upload please!!!
    i look the site for the news everydays.i’m on your sitr 24h/24h.
    i’m a fan of IY Lets’ go DT and other because of you.
    thanks for your job again again

    DON’T STOP UPLOAD For the good of humanity !!!

  111. Please don’t stop Invincible Youth! It says “comment if you download” but I only watch the youtube links, so I thought I don’t have to comment! I will start adding comment if You need it!

  112. Well just in case Pikeyenny decides to stop updating IY you guys can find it on am-addiction, granted you have to sign up & say “thank you” to download anything but i don’t think it’s THAT bad…

  113. NO! please dont stop~~~
    we love and appreciate all your hard work done…

    a really BIG THANK YOU for your hard work
    hope you will reconsider


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    we all love you!!!

  115. Please dont stop subbing it. I’m really a fan of korean varity show. If u stop subbing, i really dont know where to find this show anymore and its really sad to stop a gd show half way. Ur effort is really appreaciated. Thx to your subbing of IY and the other varity show, i get to laugh a lot while watching it. So pls continue subbing. Once again showing my gratitue. FIGHTING!!!!!!

  116. no please don’t stop. we really nid u badly. if u were gone we dont have anyone who will satisfy our needs in entertainment :((

  117. oh please don’t stop uploading them, especially Let go dream team….you’re the only site that i can download the korean variety with subs…i have been visiting this page everyday…

  118. Hey! Thanks so much for uploading these shows, especially IY. I’m really sad that you have decided to discontinue updating but wish you the best of luck. I would really appreciate it if you could at least continue uploading IY please….Don’t worry, you have a TON of support and even though most people don’t comment, trust me your work is realllyy appreciated!! But at the end of the day, the choice is yours! Thanks for uploading for all the times prior to this! We’ll miss you~!!!

  119. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I just didn’t watch the recent I.Y caused it was already subbed. I still go here!!!!!! PLease don’t stop T.T

  120. We appreciate everything that you do for us, subbing shows that we wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else.

    Honestly, you could have your own fanclub with the amount of supporters you have.

    Please, I beg you to reconsider and recognize the tremendous amount of fans you have. I have seen your name show up on so many different websites and forums telling people to come here. You’re well known among internet population.

  121. no Dream Team, what will i do with myself….
    i admit i some times don’t comment when i download them but i will from now on if you keep uploading it. and some times i watch it on the youtube site that you put link to so i don’t have to download it. please don’t stop 😦

  122. pls dont stop !
    im begging you !
    i am such great of you because you are the only one who’s updating
    all these videos !
    pls don’t stop

  123. NO!! You can’t stop! You are the only person who has such good shows!
    You edit so well too. Please don’t stop. I’ll comment 100 times if needed!

  124. hey PikeYenny ived been watching all your vids and I really really like it. please dont stop subbing IY please. I really really love that show subbed by you. Please don’t stop.. T_T

  125. Please don’t stop this is the only way I can get to my fave kor shows!!! I’ll go on my knees and beg if I have to. So please don’t stop we appreciate everything!!!!!!

  126. Hello. I discover Pikeyenny from subbing IY episodes late last month and I really enjoyed it to the extent of playing it again and again each episodes. So, Im here to say that please PikeYenny, Pike or Yenny to continue subbing the shows iLove and they love to. Please please please!

  127. Pikeyenny.. please don’t stop subbing Dream Team, IY, SGB, Happy Together, and all of the other shows you sub.. you are very much appreciated by all of us.. sorry if sometimes we forget to do that.. please don’t stop! please…..

  128. noooooo!!! Please do not stop!! there are a lot of us out here. our source of entertainment will cease if you stop. Please!

  129. C’mon, look at the things your supporter said. And think about it, what will happen if you stop everything you’ve build? It brings no good. But if you felt you’re lacking of supporters, always remember why did you start the uploads. Bring back the spirit, cause it’s a sure thing you know many people love these variety shows. Deal with it, there’s always hard time in life, for example when you felt no one leaves comments, that’s life. But think out of the box, because people not only support you, but they are already appreciating what you did by just watching your uploads. Good luck buddy. ν™”μ΄νŒ…~

    HiddenIdol ;p

  130. oh my.. pls continue to upload >.<

    i know it may seem that nobody appreciates the work u do in recording and uploading the shows but i believe the comments posted thus far are proof that everyone is extremely grateful for ur shows and that you do have a HUGE fan base!

    Might even be bigger than some other k-pop fan sites for all u know =P
    And as said before ur very well known among the internet population and k-pop networks and forums =)

  131. Owww!! it’s such a shame!! i really love lets go! dream team! =( I’m sorry i didn’t comment! i will comment next time! so please keep uploading those shows!! =) Either way, thanks for everything up until now! =)

    PD: If my english isn’t right, i’m sorry! i’m from Argentina1! =) Thank you!!!

  132. I’m from singapore and i have KBS world as well, i might be able to record them and post them here if you want to stop.

    I’m only interested in IY anyway, IY has been getting 3 digits in terms of comments so i don’t know why you think it’s not popular. The other shows are… boring.. imo

  133. Honestly, you have done a lot of service to the kpop fans out there. Most people like the artists more because of the variety shows and you help catalyze the feeling. It’s true that sometimes we forget to comment or leave a message but everyone knows that everyone who downloads videos from your blogs are very thankful. So please don’t stop uploading the subbed videos.

  134. Please don’t stop subbing!!! I love Happy Together and I like that you’re subbing the show even if idols are not coming… Most of the time people only sub show with idols and we’re missing a lot I think…. Please don’t stop subbing!!!! I can’t wait for the next update!

  135. oohh no… please don’t stop subbing the shows.. >.<
    I got all update sub for SGB and Dream team are from your site.. T__T
    please continue updating…

  136. Oh.T-T! I wish you guys can continue updating.Im an international fan and its the single blog where i can find this shows with eng. sub.And im verry thankfull for that.I wish to can understand korean,but i still learning and i was verry happy when i have found out this blog.You guys really deserv the heaven
    Thank you verry much.<3

  137. nooo….TT_TT please dont stop..TT_TT
    i didnt have time lately to come here and download things, but i still subscribe thru my email…TT_TT
    please dont stop…TT_TT

  138. If you decide to stop, I’d like to thank you for all the effort you made !! πŸ™‚ I hope you will continue… I comment most off the times, but I don’t watch the male episodes of dream team and only watch the Golden Bells which have some girl Idols in it that I like πŸ˜‰
    I hope people will start appreciating your effort more, seems to me most people just watch them on youtube and don’t visit this site (could be wrong of course πŸ˜› )

    I do however really like IY so I hope you will continue uploading it !!

    Whatever you decide I thank you and wish you good luck in the future πŸ™‚

  139. Please don’t stop!!!!!!!!!!!! I love IY and without you I wont be able to understand it no more!!!! Please don’t stop!!!!!!!!

  140. NOOOOO Don’t stop uploading, pleaseeee…
    You are bookmarked in my Favourites…

    I will place comments from now on…but don’t stop uploading SGB & HT… πŸ˜₯

  141. please, pikeyenny, i like ye eun too, shes my favourite member..since we like the same person, can u please continue what u have done before..(sheepish smile)…please im begging u..oh oh

  142. no!!!! pls dont stop subbing! PLS! its not that we dont appreciate ur efforts. IN fact evry single perosn here who downloads ur videos are truly appreciative of ur work. I promise i will comment from now on on every single video i download. pls pls pls pls pls dont stop subbing pls.

  143. nooooooooo!!! don’t do that.. maybe some people are lazy to make comment.. like i did..yesssss….i’m confessed to you…T__T sorry…T__T but thank u always… really love to go to this blog..^^

  144. I hope you won’t stop, I really appreciate everything you’ve done.
    If you do decide to end it all, I would just like to say thank you.
    But I’m secretly hoping you will reconsider.

    Thank you Pikeyenny (hug), Pikeyenny FIGHTING!!!!!


    I love Happy Together. I come here everyday to check HT update! and u’re bookmark in my favourites too! Pls don’t NOT UPDATE HT 😦

    Appreciate your hard work for updating ’em but pls don’t stop :))))))

  146. i wish u wont stop subbing any of those series, ur work is well appreciated through out the world im sure. i am especially looking forward to IY ep 41 if u continue with ur work. even though many people dont drop a comment there are many who are very thankful for videos in youtube =] i hope you continue

  147. no way! i always comment on those threads, pls dont stop subbing them, youre the only one that does it!!!! i do hope you’ll reconsider :O

  148. If you do that I think you’ll seriously get hardly any visitors. I know I only come here for Dream Team and Star Golden Bell. You upload them faster than anywhere else, but even if you do there’s still places that upload them w/o the pikeyenney stamp, so ultimately it’s your decision.

    1. HEY!! Stop thinking just for yourself will ya?? I am huge fan of Invincible Youth.. and FYI.. pikeyenny the only blog I can find to download the latest IY faster than any other places..

      Anyway, thanks for leaving comment here to show your support.. eventhough your comment doesn’t seem helping at all..

      1. Sorry if it’s not helping, but really, it’s not the only site out there that has these shows. The really, really big plus to it is that she puts them out there faster than anyone else. However, if she does decide to stop uploading the eps, I’ll let anyone who wants to know, the other site I download them from, because I think it would be rude to post them up atm.

  149. Please please please don’t stop uploading~. You have been very helpful and I loveee these shows. ❀ Don't stop! Thank you so much for your hard work.

  150. well i like all the shows and like the fact you are uploading it for us. but usually i’ll check (almost everyday) to see if you have put something new on your site. but because i’m so busy i click on the download links and leave it for all day and when i get back i have something fun to watch. :(:(:( if you are going to stop i’ll have nothing fun to watch anymore so plzzz keep it up πŸ™‚ i’ll try to comment more πŸ˜€

  151. please, please, PLEASE don’t stop updating .Im an international We appreciate everything that you do for us, subbing shows that we wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else.

  152. Please don’t stop uploading…. Let’s Go Dream Team, SGB, IY,and Happy Togther are the only variety shows that I really watch on a regular basic.

    I also love your subs.

  153. -pleaseeeee donttttttttttttttttt……i hope you dont stop………..weee needdd youuuuu

    -Anyone watch the latest qualification of men series in kbs world?i want to ask you guys about the ending music video after the qualification of men series show..please reply me……thank youuuu..

  154. Please don’t stop uploading them. This is the only place i can watch it~ I don’t have kbsworld to watch these subbed vids T^T PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE don’t stop T^T

  155. Let’s go dream team and Star Golden Bell… I really find a hope to understand those when I found your wordpess. This page is like my home page! Right after I’ve read my mails, I come here. I know this address by heart and I really hope that you’ll continue your hardwork for us ToT
    A hope to laugh by watching thoses shows that we can understand thanks to you!

  156. I understand you probably have lots of things going on right now, I hope you make the choice that makes you most happy.

  157. Pikeyenny.. there’s a lot more of us that appreciate you than those that don’t we love all the shows u sub! we really do.. we know how much you work hard to sub these shows and to upload them too..
    please don’t stop..

  158. omg! please no Pikeyenny..please don’t stop updating Let’s Go Dream Team, Star Golden Bell & Invincible Youth this is the only blog that I know of that upload these shows with the english subtitle..I don’t know what I’ll do and where to go if you stop updating =( please don’t stop I really appreciate your update, so please don’t stop.

  159. no no you can’t stop ~ we appreciate you though! you cant stop because you’re the only person that i know who subbed every episode of star golden bell and happy together ! please please! you definitely can’t stop!

  160. PLEASE PLEASE DONT STOP!! i beg of you I love your site if you stop no one will sub IY and i already fell in love with it even without sunny and yuri…. please pikeyenny i love you and dont stop…

  161. oh no! you’re the only reason i can watch all these series..busy with work, i don’t have time to watch them..if this is true, then personally i’m gonna be sad.. πŸ˜₯

    i know it’s been tough for you to upload all the series, there’s a lot of people who loves you, and i believe there’s some people who hate also. But still you have lots of support from many people..

    thanks or all the hard work pikeyenny! from all the comments here, the final decision is still up to you.. i hope that you will keep uploading them… πŸ™‚

  162. oh no please dont stoppppppppppppppppppppppppp! your the best out there!! nobody else does this like you do! please dont stop uploading those shows!!! ):

  163. Omo~ I’m sorry. I did download the latest I.Y(the , but I didn’t comment… mianhe~ I won’t do that again. (I’ll go comment on it after this)

    And I don’t get why people are saying negative things about you asking for comments. It’s your rule, isn’t it? You sub it FOR FREE, and people should at least comment.

    I’m currently trying on this subbing program, and wow- IT TAKES LOTS OF WORK. And you’re not just giving us softsubs- it’s HARDSUBS.

    Unless they paid you, then they should stop complaining.

  164. NOOO pike. pls dun stop uploading. u r the best and i noe that all your downloaders including me are very sry for not commenting after we dl or watch online. Please accept our sincere apology and we promise to comment more in future to give u credits for your work! T_T

  165. NOOO T__T Sry that I didnt comment! I’ll promise that I’ll do that next time, and after that too!! So please! T__T I ALWAYS download IY from your blog!!

  166. Please do not stop uploading these videos, cause u’re one of the few left who uploads quality subbed video. thanks.

  167. hi… well i just read your post through my hotmail account… sorry for not commenting on ur pages but if there is a record on when i was last surfing this website, it will show that i didnt enter this website for a long time as there are tonnnnnnnnnnnnS of assignments to hand in… please dun stop uploading as i plan to watch it after all my assignments are done… left 2 more to go…. dun stop… CHEBAL πŸ™‚
    i love korean variety shows…. if u remove them, i won’t be able to release my stress…lol… nola…. i love this site so much… thanks for all your hardwork tho. anyway, i respect your decisions. all the best .(psst: i respect your decision but PLEASE dun Stop…. me begging you very very very the muchy) please πŸ™‚

  168. Don’t stop subbing u are doing a great thing for our community. Although u might not get the credit u deserve, people sincerely appreciate what u do for us!

    If u do however decide that u do not want to continue subbing, I would like to thank you for all the wonderful subs u have done!

  169. omg please no!!!. this is the only place where i can go to find fast sub show. 😦 without your blog ill be freaking sad. your blog also allowed me to watch old episodes of show that i havent watch. please don’t stop subbing. what can we do to change your mind?

  170. Thanks for everything that you’ve done so far, it means so much to all of us. I think we’d all love for you to continue, and I’ll happily show my support for you. <3333

  171. please don’t stop subbing any of those shows. i’ve been relying on you for my dosage of these korean show. i wouldn’t know what to do if you stopped subbing!
    please please don’t stop!!!

  172. Dear Pikeyenny, please accept my humble apology for not commenting on your superb efforts.
    What you did was not just simply uploading korean programs on this website, it’s more than that, you bring along warmth and laughter to the people who didn’t had a chance to watch these programs (people like me, for example).
    So please continue to update the programs, and I will put up my best to show my gratitude.

    Sincerely yours,

    Alsa – Indonesia

  173. please don’t………… i just found this place and i am amaze at all the downloads. no rly i appreciate your hardwork in uploading, and i am looking forward to watching the shows, esp stargolden bell and invinvible youth, so pls pls PLEASE dont stop 😦

  174. NOOOOOOO please dont stop uploading!!! I just found your website 2 days ago and I think you’re the best source for everything korean!!!! heart heart heart! ❀ ❀ ❀ I really appreciate all of your efforts!

  175. Please dont stop subbing I rely alot on you for my korean tv fix…I dont post all that often because most of the time I’m watching it over my phone and not my computer..but I will start trying to do so more often if it will keep you doing this πŸ˜€

    thanks again for all the work you have done

  176. Please keep doing Star golden Bell and Dream team!! Those are very good shows!!
    Thanks for all that you do!!!! Fighting!!

  177. NOO 😦 don’t stop subbing!!! D: i hav finally found a site where all my favorite korean shows are gathered 😦 plz dont stop subbing! you are so great at it!!

  178. i’m sure that it’s just not me.. but a lot of us really look forward to checking ur blog to see if the latest episodes are up.. please don’t stop pikeyenny..

  179. nooooooooo please don’t stop!, i didn’t comment on dream team, b.c i didn’t download them since it was just like a soccer head tournament, and i didn’t care, lol

    But now i’ll comment on every single dream team ep =]
    ❀ fdjkfldkf

  180. NOOOO PLEASE DON’T STOP Subbing SGB AND HAPPY TOGETHER ! I LOVE THOSE TWO SHOWS ! i didnt comment cuase i watched it on your youtube channel but i will from now on !! :”(

    if you have to cancel them can you sub running man ?

  181. Even though I have KBS World, it’s still nice that you upload the episodes days in advance before they broadcasts to my area.


  182. heeeeeey, don’t give up, please! T-T I watch your videos from wonder girls too, and i just found your site. .and i found amazing your job πŸ™‚ so please continue your work !! ^_^

  183. no please 😦 you’re the only one who subs IY and SGB fast and with quality subs. please dont do that 😦 we’re here for you. hwaiting!

  184. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! Please don’t stop Dream Team and Star Golden Bell. PLEase. I didn’t comment on the last two dream team cause I didn’t like face soccer. But I love Dream Team. And I love Star Golden Bell. I’ll be good and comment. Please DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON’T STOP!!

  185. What? no.. I really appreciate your work.. but haven’t have time to actually come by and visit… sorry!! Ireally love IY adn Dream Team please don’t stop subbing!

  186. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase don’t stop uploading : ( Is the only website where i can watch korean show with subtitles. It’s the only where i can find IY, Let’s go dreamteam and star golden bell with english sub.
    Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase keep subbing T^T

  187. ohhh no no please don’t stop
    i reallyy enjoys your videos that you upload πŸ™‚

    please don’t stop
    i begging u
    please pikeyenny please please

  188. some people just don’t have the time to download the moment it came out.
    just like me, i still have some IY videos pending to be downloaded from your site.
    so, for this case, comment will come later..

    anyhow, i will really appreciate it if you continue to upload…
    right now, i really3 depend on you. this is the only place i can get IY videos.

  189. Pikeyenny, please dont stop updating the videos. i REALLY REALLY love watching the videos because this is the only place i can watch them. PLEASE DONT STOP.

    1. please don’t stop uploading..i really appreciate the hard work u do, maybe we all to busy to comment, but we really enjoy watch the show..please continue to upload it.all of them..thanks

  190. Pikeyenny!! PLEASE DON’T STOP! I’m begging you! Please oh please! How many comments would you like to see for each post? Maybe that will help us to know the guidelines! PLease oh please oh please PikeyennY!! *cries* You are the only place i could find where to download these show subbed. I’ve been missing a lot at kbsw so please don’t stop pikeyenny! Please keep on posting!! *begging*

  191. pikeyenny!!!
    we looove you and we’re very thankful for all your hardwork.. we really are.. look at how many of us are here..
    other comments are probably on the youtube accounts..
    please don’t stop.

  192. No, please don’t stop. D:
    I enjoy watching these shows and I apologize for my lack of showing appreciation, but I really am thankful and give big kudos to you for the subs. So, keep up the good work Pikeyenny!
    We really do appreciate your subs,so I hope you don’t quit on us.

  193. Looks like I’ll have to drop a comment every now and then. Everyone is grateful for the subs, even though they don’t say it. I really hope you don’t stop!

  194. dont stopppppp. youre the onllyyyy awesomeee place i can get IY subs!! you do awesome work. i like how you wanna share the awesome world of korean culture with us. i super appreciate it

  195. Noooo please donΒ΄t stop subbing!!! we love your vids, and i WILL comment your videos!!!
    IΒ΄m sorry for not doing that in the past!!!!! PLease dont stop!!

  196. don’t stop uploading please, look at the numbers who love you, i love you too mate even if you are a man, you know i just love you

  197. Don’t stop uploading IY please D: you’re my only hope i live in the philippines and i can only watch IY because of you πŸ™‚

    Many thanks to you. God bless and take care! πŸ™‚

  198. I’m begging you, please don’t stop subbing IY, HT, Let’s go dream team and SGB. I really appreciate all your hard work and thank you so much. Please continue subbing…please.

  199. Oh noooo! Please don’t stop updating Pikeyenny!!!
    WE LOVE YOUR UPLOADS SOOOO MUCH!! You built the best blog ever so please just don’t stop!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!! How will we do without you!!!

  200. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 😑 Please, don’t. I’m really sorry that I didn’t comment the videos, I will now. I’m gonna cry. ;~;

  201. OMG. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO.
    Please don’t stop subbing them. I greatly appreciated your videos, I just never commented them, I will now. So please don’t stop subbing them. I’ll love you forever. </3

  202. OOOOHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! ~ pwease, don’t delete them. :3 I love your videos. I’M REEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAALLLYYYY SORRY THAT I DIDN’T COMMENT THEM I WILL NOW. I really love your subs, so pwease don’t stop subbing them. (: && I will always comment them, from no on.

  203. plz don’t stop i really enjoy watching these show & i really appreciate that u upload these shows


  204. Oh no! Please Pikeyenny, don’t stop IY, it’s our favorite show! I’ll comment more than once if I have too? How many comments does it take for you to not stop subbing???

  205. And more importantly, how can you lose that confidence? Just cause of comments? I think you should still do it cause you are capable of it. There will always be people that download without even commenting. If you really want people to comment so bad, make a forum, and then code your download links so that people will have to comment on your posts.

  206. Please continue subbing Dream Team! I really enjoy watching that show. However, if you stop because you don’t have the time, then I understand.

  207. Please don’t stop subbing 😦 you’ve got a really good thing going
    on right now. If you stop subbing so many of us will be left
    in the dark…Please continue to sub…I promise i’ll comment on
    every new release i download from now on. I really regret not doing
    so before.

  208. Plz don’t stop updating cause for me school is starting and I use ure blog to watch all these shows and this is the only site that I use to get away from all work!!
    pikeyenny fighting!!!!!!!

  209. hm yea i definitely understand you, but pleaseeee Lets Go Dream Team is honestly the only reason why i come to your blog! i love that show (not the last 2 eps though, not interesting) and Happy Together, but yea, anyways thank you for all your hard work uploading these shows, and even though is not as popular as IY, is still extremely hard to find if it wasn’t for you, so thanks again =]

  210. Thank you for all your uploads until now! Without this blog is going to be very hard to satisfy my Korean program addiction.

  211. omg!!! pls pls pls don’t stop updating those shows. i love all of those shows especially star golden bell!!!! please don’t stop updating them!!!

  212. pls don’t stop. its just that, personally, i am too excited to watch these vids once i’ve downloaded that’s why i cannot comment. pls don’t stop subbing because these videos that you post are my weekly dose of happiness. i hope you reconsider. pls. reconsider.

  213. I only found your blog a few weeks ago, and have been using it for Invincible Youth and Star Golden Bell. I really hope you don’t stop subbing them, this is the only place I can find them at. We all greatly appreciate your hard work.

  214. Please do not stop the subs for IY and LGDT I really enjoy these 2 shows and i find SGB and HT okay. But if you were to drop any shows may i request that you sub star king i really love that show.

  215. pls do not stop subbing LGDT. the previous episodes were not very nice but i guess it’s because the original dream team cast were not in it thats why it became less funnier and interesting but i think the upcoming episodes will show the complete team and we all would like to watch that.. i will respect your decision but please reconsider.

  216. hi pikeyenny.. I agree.. sometimes SGB and Dream Team can get boring.. but a lot of times they are really fun too.. hope u can continue to sub all of the shows u sub..
    Thank you again Pikeyenny! ^^

  217. please don’t stop i really love those shows and this is the only place i can find them! I hope you’ll continue, please!

  218. Im glad you are still doing IY, that show is great, after that I really enjoy HT because i think jaesuk and myungsoo are sooo funny. These two shows to me are the most important. i watch sgb sometimes but i never watch lgdt. Currently hot shows are heroes and runningman, so if you could help out the people doing those that would be great. but whatever you decide, thank you so much

  219. glad and happy that you are not stopping iy~
    for sgb and lets go dream team maybe its not interesting cause of the guest/artist involved?

  220. Thank you so much for not stopping uploading IY
    I’m kinda new here, but i appreciate your hard work ^^
    And please continue uploading SGB too. Its a great show ^^
    We’ll try to give all support you need ^^

  221. Yay more IY please. Also i think SGB is still interesting if the guests are good. Just lately no ep with good guests. Please upload SGB too if they have good guests on ^_^.

  222. thank a lot!!!!!!!!…………….
    i dont really mind about other shows…..
    but please continuing uploading IY…………….

  223. I’m happy as long as you keep uploading IY. The new SGB season doesn’t appeal me that much but I still watch it and comment it when I’m bored. As for Dream Team, please keep subbing it because I really like it.

  224. Please, don’t stop uploading SGB..
    i have an idea, what if you upload the SGB when there’s an artist that have big fandom?
    because i only download SGB if there is/are artist i like.


  225. What about Happy Together …. This show is really interesting!!!! Please continue subbing T___T … The HT posts have a lot of comments too, I think a lot of people love this show and also all the other people who watch it on youtube as well.

  226. somehow i gotta agree with you about lets go dt and sgb since those 2 shows are kinda boring nowadays but IY is a must since it’s so entertaining. xD and thanks for all your upload until now.

  227. Awww please don’t stop subbing DT! 😦 Your blog is the only source for me to find subs >.< Anyhow, thanks for all your hard work! πŸ™‚

  228. Thank you for continuing to update Invincible Youth…=) as for Let’s Go Dream Team I’m really hoping you would still continue to update that cause I totally love that show =)

  229. Please dont stop…defenitely not SGB cuz i always look forward to the invited guests!
    Thx a lot
    The rest lies in you hands πŸ™‚

  230. please don’t stop dream team! its one of my fave shows now and i am totally anticipating the ep they film in hk <33
    as for sgb.. its def not as good as season one but it has joon in it xD

  231. thank you for deciding to continue uploading IY subbed videos.. it means so much to us who has 0 knowledge of the korean language.. i always visit this site everyday looking for new things to watch and enjoy so i really appreaciate all that you are doing.. More power to you.. thanks!!!

  232. I think Happy Together is the best show out of the four. Please don’t stop HT, I LOVE IT!! IY boring now… when new people come to the show, it always happens. Same thing happen to Family outing.

    I love you Pikeyenny!

  233. oh no plz dont stop IY, sorry for not commenting, i will start commenting now
    this is the only place where i can find IY subbed so i hope u continue
    thanks for all your hardwork =D

  234. Please do not stop uploading LGDT and SGB. Your webpage is the only one i could find that subs these shows. I would really appreciate it if you could continue uploading

    Thank you Pikeyenny!

  235. please don’t stop let’s go dream just the only uploader with eng subs…
    i hope you will re-consider it again…

  236. I know dream team has gotten boring but apparently in the next couple of eps they go to hong kong. I think it will be really exciting to see!!! If you sub it I’ll give a full account of what the ep was like….

    thank you sooo much for your hard work!


  238. As expressed by many people you are my no.1 source for korean T.V shows especially IY. I completely understand what you are saying it makes sense and its the people who dont leave any comments that are at fault. However, you must understand that ever since you have added the “watch online” section many people including myself have been watching it from there and hence are not leaving/forgetting to leave a comment here. I am deeply sorry for that and promise to do so from now on.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know and whatever decision you make at the end i will acknowledge it since you have done more than enough for us. Thank you for all your hard work for our enjoyment ❀ fighting!! xD

  239. maybe you can upload just the one which is interesting episode of SGB, Dream team, and happy together. or when the guest is a famous idol group. cause actually i do agree that it’s kind a boring show. but, when some famous idol group are the guest i really want to download it.

  240. please continue to upload the varietyshows .
    really love them .
    its okay if you think that you dont want to upload the SGB and lets go dreamteam .
    even though i count on your uploads alot πŸ˜€
    dont wanna force you .

    thanks for the time & everything that you have done .

  241. noooooooooooo dont stop 😦
    thank u so much for subbing al the shows. ur blog is the only place that i can find subs for these shows XD it would b wonderful if u could continue subbing dt and sgb. thank u so much πŸ™‚

  242. oh no, please don’t stop invincible youth. This is the only site i can go to for it, i love and your eng subs makes it love it more T_T. Please don’t stop invincible youth.

  243. thanks so much for the subs, but if you quit, you might loose a lot of ‘fans’ of your blog. Don’t betray the people who were loyal to you that came for these shows.
    If this entry is what you need to be reassured, then alright.
    We hope you continue uploading them and informing us soon. If not, you lost this fan.

  244. you are the only person nice and considerate enough to sub all these shows and were always grateful for them all! =) especially IY! πŸ˜€ thanks for all the hard work

  245. Dear Pikeyenny

    I’m sorry

    next , I will comment everytime if I download

    Thank you very much

    You are the best . Fighting !!!!

  246. please don’t stop! everyday i come to your blog to see updates and i always enjoy your SGB and LET’s GO DREAM TEAM. i like dream team the most!
    sorry for not commenting all the ones i downloaded before, i will definitely now

    please continue!

  247. Please, don’t stop posting LGDT!! This is the only site I can rely on.
    I love LGDT. Even though I have to admit that the two last episodes weren’t that great, but nevertheless there are greater episodes to come, i.e. Hong Kong special!!^^
    I really appreciate your hard work in subbing!!! Thaank you~~

  248. I commented before and will comment again today in this post. As much as I love love love love LOVE LGDT, I won’t force you into doing something you don’t enjoy. I hate when people push me too much too. So, I will understand you.

    But let’s say after some reconsideration, and you’ll be subbing and uploading LGDT again, I’ll say that I’m the HAPPIEST PERSON ON EARTH!

    I’ll keep supporting you in whatever decision you’ll make πŸ˜€ I hope people will appreciate this blog more after this. PikeYenny, himnaeseyo!

  249. thanks for continuing with IY but i do hope you will also do happy together because i just love that show… i admit i’m one those who just watch and not even bother to comment but i just want to let you know that i’m really thankful for your effort in posting all those episodes.. thanks a lot… ^_^

  250. first of all,u don’t know how much ur blog has given so much happiness to myself! :)) thank you!!

    may i ask you to reconsider you decision to stop posting sgb & LGDT? please reconsider it again? :))

    actually i cant wait to watch taemin in LGDT! πŸ˜‰ thank you. hope you have a wonderful day!

  251. please sub sgb episodes..! cause i really love to watch it and there’s no other person that subs sgb and it’s fun when many idol groups are in it ^^. so please sub it and thank you for doing it until now.

  252. ^Regarding your update…

    I guess I agree. I don’t watch DT unless I see someone interesting. SGB is still somewhat interesting though…

  253. please, please, please don’t stop DT and SGB T_T
    u’r blog is the only place i can go to every time i wanna see new episode,,
    and i’m definitely gonna comment every time i download,,
    i really, really appreciate all of u’r hard work,,

  254. Pikeyenny please dont stop uploading Dream Team.. i really enjoy watching this show
    I always commented on your blog whenever I take the vids.. so please dont stop. I really appreciated your hardwork on uploading all the vids.. please continue uploading Dream Team

  255. PLEASEE dont stop uplaoding LETS GO DREAM TEAM! just your website i can watching lets go dream team. please we all here support you and love you!!^^

    I always download them from your website.
    and im very sure alot of other people enjoy watching let’s go dream team too~
    please dont stop okay!? 😦 im counting on you pikeyenny!

  257. no!! please dont stop uploading SGB! i’m from Singapore and I love watching Korean variety shows! i really appreaciate you uploading SGB every week and this is like the only source for me to catch up! you’re the best!

  258. Hey Hey Hey R U Serious and where M Going to watch those next it’s only u that always keep uploading this shows .PLS PLS PLS Dont stop uploading or subbing

  259. [But look at the SGB or Let’s go DT .. i must say that i myself didn’t like it as IY.. these eps really no interesting > < … i need the comments not for myself ( and proud that haha i’m so famous, people must say thank me) no, i never think like this ok ? i need people write the comment so i can know that show is interesting or not, if not we should to cancel it and give more time to other shows ^^.

    That’s why i am still thinking should i continue to update SGB and Lets DT next week or not. Give me more time to think about it. How can i continue to post them when i myself didn’t enjoy it too much too ? ^^]

    for the last two weeks the 2 ep of LGDT was very stupid i didnt comment about them because they r very borin … sorry
    but its not ur fault if they r stupid pls continue subbing

  260. nooo……..pls dont stop coz u cant stop…i love all the shows..sorry for not commenting enough..dont take to ur heart..pls? love ya and really aprreciate your hardwork! fighting!

  261. I agree with you, SGB and Lets Go DT are not as good as they were last seasons. Have you seen Running Man and Heroes, those are really enjoyable. You should look into those!!

  262. PLease!! Don’t stop it ->_<-

    I'm very love watching Korea reality show..
    DT, SGB, HT, IY, and many more…
    Please don't stop my source of happiness.. πŸ™‚

    Well, I can understand if you don't find some reality show interesting…
    but many people over the world (I think..) grateful to you because your site..
    It just.. they don't often show it by post a comment…

    Please think about it… and I really hope you don't stop sub all show…

  263. PLease!! Don’t stop it ->_<-

    I'm very love watching Korea reality show..
    DT, SGB, HT, IY, and many more…
    Please don't stop subbing them all… 😦

    Well, I can understand if you don't find some reality show interesting…
    but many people over the world (I think..) grateful to you because your site..
    It just.. they don't often show it by post a comment…

    Please think about it… and I really hope you don't stop sub all show…

  264. PLease!! Don’t stop it ->_<-

    I'm very love watching Korea reality show..
    DT, SGB, HT, IY, and many more…
    Please don't stop subbing them all… 😦

    Well, I can understand if you don't find some reality show interesting…
    but many people over the world (I think..) really grateful to you because your site..
    It just.. they don't often show it by post a comment…

    Please think about it… and I really hope you don't stop sub all show…

  265. please don’t stop uploading sgb n ht..
    i’m really enjoy those shows. it’s nor ur fault that those shows not too enjoyable..
    maybe if u can, upload the shows with certain guests or special ep..
    but we will never know if the shows really funny unless we watch it rite??
    anyway.. i really appreciate ur hardwork..

    1. why dun you set a quota.. you know like minimum how many comments needed so that you know that the show is well liked and will proceed to upload it again next week.. PLS dun stop uploading SGB LGDT IY and HT.. In fact its been a while since i watch HT.. u haven upload any recent episodes of HT.. PLEASE DO CONTINUE TO UPLOAD~! thank you..

  266. pls dont quit…. now this is the only site that i can still keep updating myself with the interesting show and idol with subs…. thx very much for ur hardwork…. i will continue to support u… XD

  267. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO seriously DON’T!!!!! I only discovered your blog like last week and I’m so looking forward to Star Golden Bell and Dream Team subs, especially for the DT Hong Kong special and now you’re saying you’re not gonna sub them?? TT_________TT not complaining but anything, but I’m so sad now that I’ve found a site where I can watch the shows I really like English-subbed, I’m not gonna be able to… TT_______TT please PLEASE reconsider your decision… I’m so so thankful for you and your blog, and I’m sure A LOT of other people do too, so please!!!!!!

  268. I ‘m a fan of your blog. You are willing subbing the show for free . It’s such a wonderful job. I’m really appreciated all your works. I hope you could continue subbing.
    I really love IY and Happy Together.
    I agree aout Dream Team and Star Golden Bell which are not as good as previous seasons. I think u might consider sub new shows like Running Man, Heroes, Strong Heart or Haha Mong Show.
    Wish u all the best.
    I think u should realise u have lots of fans and they all love u Pikeyenny.

  269. just continue updating SGB and LGDT,it does’nt metter if u think those 2 variety progs are not interesting.think about the people who dont have time to watch it on tv.we still need you to updating it,so we can catch up the show..

  270. I hope you continue to update… Specially LGDT! Haha.. I mean, I love SGB also.. But LGDT is so hard to find besides here on your account.. (So glad I found your account =P)
    I really hope you continue to update it.. But if you don’t I totally undestand that also πŸ™‚

  271. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONT STOP! You’re the only one who do this, there’s no one else who sub them you are our only hope for these show….

  272. LGDT and SGB : some eps are dull, but others (couples dream team – record challenges – SGB with interesting guests not just the regulars) are really good. You could just do the more interesting ones.
    Of course if dropping them means you could pick up something else even better…

  273. ya, i have to agree that DT is kinda boring and not all the sgb is interesting. So HT have no chance of coming back at all? ><

  274. I agree with you Pikeyenny, Lets go dream team isn’t really interesting but for me its more like to pass time and have a few laugh. SGB is getting better with some loop but i like it πŸ˜€
    By any chance, do you know Qualification of men? this is also interesting, some of the episode are really funny

  275. will you really stop upping DT & SGB??? T____T
    i will be very sad cause those are the videos i take from you ;___;
    eventhough what i took are all SHINee related but those are what i took.. sorry

    please don’t stop.

    or maybe you could upload the SHINee-Suju episodes only *kicked* jk jk πŸ˜›

  276. noooooooooo i beg youuuuuuuu!!!!! i dont have where elese to watch dream team : (( you are doing such a gooood job. please think about it TT_TT

    xoxo 😦

  277. PikeYenny’s i love you sooo much!! your blog is my initial page!! but honestly imo SGB and LGDT are most of the times boring
    if i could give a suggestion i would say to sub heroes or running man, they both are very good shows
    anyway!! sub anything you want!! we still gonna love for you for that!! and HT is really gone?

  278. please dont stop uploading dream team!!! it’s min ho comeback this week!!! i have to agree last two episodes sucks becoz of the face soccer!! but action-packed dream team is back this week!!

    1. I agree! The face soccer episodes weren’t as interesting as the previous ones. So, I think it’s that why many people don’t download them.

      Yes! Yes! I really want to watch the episode where they have top models in it! And it looks like Minho’s got his Lucifer haircut in that one. Can’t wait!

  279. Hej, i also think iy is better than the other programs, maybe u can drop them and focus on a new show like running man or heroes. they’re pretty nice to watch too. And there are no subs to be found for these 2 series.

  280. i noe the new season of sgb is kinda bad compared to the previous season
    but i still love it and i love invincible youth too
    plzzzzzzz plzzzzz keep uploading both

  281. Hi can you like sub or upload the iadol army with 2pm or wild bunnyor mnet scandal with 2pm and 2am members or why not all of the mnet scandals? even tho many people already have seen them i think many would like to see it again and again.. cuz youtube keeps deleting them..

  282. No please don’t stop uploading SGB or HT T____T ! You’re the only one who upload these shows and they’re my favourite ><!The new season of SGB was kinda boring tfirst but it's getting better !
    But for LGDT I don't find it very funny but a lot of people seems to like it so don't stop uploading pleaaaase !

  283. People are being selfish, if Pikeyenny doesn’t feel like posting certain shows people shouldn’t be trying to guilt her into posting them.

    Btw people pikeyenny doesn’t sub the shows herself, she tapes KBS World, that already has subs on it. Subbing heroes is not going to happen.

  284. Please continue uploading SGB, HT, and LGDT! Or to make it easier, why not only upload the episodes that are actually interesting. They’re aren’t any other sites besides your blog that uploads these shows with subs, and thats why many rely on you. If your busy, I guess it can’t be helped.

  285. Hey Pikeyenny,

    Thanks for your hard work by the way. As for my opinion, I love Happy Together (especially with episodes with my favorites Idols – 2PM, 2AM, Super Junior, etc.) because the show is funny and entertaining. As for SGB I watch it for Lee Joon…he’s cute and funny. It’s like having cherry on the top when SGB have guests like 2PM and Super Junior…but I agree that they are not as funny as season one….but still please please please continue to sub them.

    As for DT, I was not a big fan, even though Minho, Eunhyuk, and Junho are a regular on that show. But I started watching the episode with Super Junior and Nichkhun as a guest and I have got to say that I love that show. I probably watch it a few times already. Shindong is so funny … Eunhyuk’s expression when he couldn’t join his members was priceless…Siwon and Nichkhun…wow on the same show…I was in heaven.

    But if you rather sub other shows…I high recommend Strong Heart (because it is an awesome show but hardly anyone is subbing it). And if you must cancel one of the show…than DT would be my vote out of the three…

    With this being said…thank you so much for your hard work. I don’t know what I can say to show how much I appreciate and love you for this!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  286. Nooooo! you can’t do that TT-TT i mean you’re right Let’s Go and SGB are not funny i i didn’t watch them but please Happy Together don’t ever stop posting it please i beg you Yoo Jae Suk is he best and that program is always ALWAYS funny i know sometimes i don’t post my thanks but i thank you in my heart (awww)

    so please please Happy Together forever pretty please

    lots of luv from Mexico

  287. This is the only way I can watch happy together with subs, The new SGB style is not so interesting as before…But most importantly, you have o do what you prefer, after all it is your time…Thanks for the subs!

  288. Obviously you’re under no obligation to post anything, it’s not like we pay you. But I don’t really understand why, if you want comments and views, you’d stop uploading the shows that surely must have the most comments and views.

    Anyway, I hope you at least keep uploading IY, and thanks again for sharing all that you do.

  289. Hello, if your gonna stop subbing these shows can you please sub the new ones like; star king, strong heart, heroes, and running man. PLEASE!_!_! THANK YOU.
    p.s. youtube stopped blocking them thats why. ^_^

  290. Please, please don’t stop uploading DT and SGB, you’re the only way I can watch them with subs T___T.

    I really hope that you continue to upload these shows, and I really want to thank you for all the effort you put in subbing this, thank you so much!

    Please reconsider your decision *puppy eyes*

  291. thank you for the subs! it’s definately high quality πŸ™‚ & i’m happy that you’re continuing with IY ❀ & I wished that you're continuing SGB…..please….with a cherry on top? 0:) but the only reason that I watch that show is b/c of Lee Joon….so I agree that the show isn't very interesting sometimes.

    I was going to request Strong Heart….but then I read a comment that you only record the shows right? from KBS?……& SH is on sbs right? 😦 awww

  292. Hi, as you’ve asked for comments on whether the shows are interesting or not this is just my opinion. Honestly i have not really enjoyed watching this new season of SGB it just isn’t as entertaining lately… DreamTeam – the last two episodes were poor considering one was solely based on a head fuss-ball league?! but personally i love watching DT because its usually funny and entertaining.
    With suju & shinee members on the following episodes of DT(the hong kong episodes) i would be extremely grateful if you continued subbing DT.
    I love this website as it’s the only reliable source for subbed videos of these variety shows that i can’t get anywhere else. and im sure there are plenty of people like me that visit this site purely for the variety shows.
    Whatever decision you make thank you for your hardwork.

      1. thanks for the reply. I am usually just lurking and don’t leave comments but was gutted to hear you might stop subbing lol. I will make a conscious effort to comment more. Thanks again for your hardwork and also uploading the next episode of DT :D!!

  293. Nooooooooo!!!
    plz plz plz dun stop upload them :((
    this is the only site that translated everything for me , and thanks alot for ya hard work … so plz plz plz dun stop upload them (:

  294. Oh no!! Please don’t stop uploading Dream Team episodes. D:
    I love that show! And SFI never subs the whole episode 😦

    Thanks for all your hard work and I hope you do continue to upload DT πŸ™‚

  295. it’s really good that you won’t stop subbing “Invincible Youth” .. know what even though you have those comments above me .. there’s still a lot of people that are depending on you ..

    a lot of “IY” supporters that can’t watch the broadcast are still looking forward to your next projects about “IY” ..

    keep it up .. even though i’m not downloading you’re works still i want to encourage you ^__^ Fighting!


  296. to be honest i’m not used to visit you’re blog but i really acknowledge you’re works on “IY”

    that’s good that you won’t stop working on it .. even though you have a lot of comments above my post .. still you have a lot of supporters that depends on you .. there’s a lot of “Invincible Youth” supporters that can’t watch the broadcast .. thay all now depends on you ..

    even though i’m not used to download you’re works still want to encourage you ^__^

    keep it up and thanks for your hard work ^_^


  297. Yes I totally agree that sgb season 2 is boring. I only watch 1 part of the show for each episode but other den that, it’s boring. LGDT is interesting for me with sports activity and I love it alot. I hope u will not stop uploading LGDT. IY and HT is quality stuff that I will not miss everytime a new episode is out. Anyway, still have to thx for all the hardwork u did for us =)

  298. huhuuu please dont stop the upload video, especially for IY and Happy Together T_T
    thanks for your hardwork, i always download that shows at your blog ^^

  299. thanks for not stopping/uploading of IY.. most of us got only you as our source for this..
    other shows are interesting too but not always like IY (for me).. but if ever some idols or interesting episode of DT/SGB, i hope you’ll upload and share it with us..

    like most of the comments say, you’re the only reliable source of subbed videos of these variety shows and thats true.. cant think of other sites/blogs having complete subs like your blog does..

    i hope you wont get tired of subbing, uploading and sharing interesting episodes of K-variety shows.. we cant thank you enough for everything/all the hardwork..

  300. Okay I am back since I was scared you’ll quit subbing the shows. I personally LOVE your work I don’t comment becuase I just watch it from your YouTube account but I really enjoy them, I really do.
    DT is very amusing it’s something I look forward from you, I love to watch DT compete with others and I like the feeling of watching it of course the last two eps weren’t intresting but that’s only two ep out of all the other ep they aired.
    I really hope you consider subbing DT!
    And for SGB, I watch that EVERYTIME you upload it on your yt account I love watching them since it’s funny! I like how cerlibrites comes on the show and show us different sides of them, so that’s why I enjoy it so much!
    So please keep subbing SGB! I don’t comment becuase I only watch it on yt and comment there so please don’t stop subbing! I think everyon agrees with me. We all love your work and love the shows. I know you don’t enjoy it but please think about us! I know im being abit selfish but I really hope you reconsider and keep doing what you do!!! It must be alot of work but we are cheering you on and we’re supporting so I hope our cheers and pleads will encourage you to keep doing what you do best!

    Sorry for leaving a long comment I’m just REALLY hoping you’ll continue your work!

  301. I really admire your work. Please continue to sub Invincible Youth, Dream Team, and Star Golden Bell. Those shows are my favs! ;D I promise that every time I’ll watch a video, I’ll remember to post a comment because now I realize how important the comments sections are. I’m sorry that I didn’t post up any :(…But in my opinion, I do agree that Happy Together isn’t a really great show for subbing because it doesn’t really interest me :/. If other people agree with me on this, I really would like it if you subbed Star King. That show is sooo entertaining! Like really really entertaining. But I only see subbed cuts from it on youtube and that’s all. 😦 So it’s just a thought. xD Please continue subbing, you seriously rock!

  302. Ahhhhhh!! Love IY so much please continue subbing pleaseeee you are, i think the only place in a feww that still subbing IY. Keep it up all the support still here ^^ Pikeyenny the Goddess of da blog.

  303. I never leave a message on any blog because I don’t want to give out my email address … but what you do is important enough for me to break that rule! Thank you for the IY!

  304. hey. I really do wish that you can continue to update SGB and Dream team. There are not much channels for us to watch these few shows. Would really appreciate if you can continue to update. πŸ™‚

  305. u are doing a lot of people a big favour by uploading n translating them, thank u! Btw, hv u thought abt subbing n uploading Heroes frm SBS? πŸ™‚

  306. i really appreciate your team’s effort… but please don’t stop uploading SGB and DT eps absolutely… T_T… Just when FTI is guesting at SGB! … hehe… please dont! i really love to watch that ep!!! and DT’s hongkong special [i think that’s what it’s called!] too!!! TT_TT

    still, thanks so much for the previous uploads!!! (^_^)

  307. Pikeyenny!

    It’s great hearing that you’ve decided to continue to upload IY! πŸ˜€
    You have been doing really well in providing us shows that we like, I know that you might not like watching DT and SGB, but many people who supports you like to watch it! So, for us who really thanked and support you, please continue to upload DT and SGB. Just take it as a thank to us for supporting you all the time? πŸ˜€ Pretty please! πŸ˜€

  308. yeah for continuing , but , dont stop ok? really love the shows , futhermore i dont understand any korean THANKS ONCE AGAIN XD

  309. heyyy aww its rare to find an uploader as good as you esp. with eng subs! thank you so much for you efforts. Personally i love Happy Together..anything with JaeSuk is amazingly funny! IY is popular..too.
    Keep them coming..i’ll def. not miss out on commenting from now on. <33

  310. NUUU.. how about Happy Together? U’re the only one I know that upload the english subbed versions. Please don’t stop updating them. Che bal? >.< I really love love love this show!

  311. PLEAASE DONT GO… are seriously the best…you can tell how many people watch and download the vids by seeing them all 500 comment here..they jst dont comment but there must be 500-1000 people who use ur site PLLLLLEASEEE!!! Hwaiiting

  312. aigoo, i keep downloading from your blog because its easy and user-friendly. please keep uploading sgb and dream team, also iy. all of them are my favorite, please?

  313. 534 and adding comments?! wow pikeyenny you are famous! πŸ™‚

    Dear Pikeyenny,

    I am relieved to hear that you decide to continue your blog. Please do, you don’t know how much your work contributes to the acknowledgement of Korea itself. Seriously, people never give this much attention to Korea’s entertainment industry up until this period of time. With your sub, non-Korea people like me are able to enjoy the variety shows in Korea and truth to be told we all like it and wish we have the same type of show back in our country. I can assure you that the KPop fever is happening in a global scale! πŸ™‚

    Really, with all of this support, I think you should put an online advertisement on your blog. This online ad will look at how many visitors you have per day and pay you for putting their ad. This is the source of income for some of the bloggers. I know that you did all of this with a sincere intention but making a f ew buck wouldn’t hurt, don’t you think? πŸ˜€ (you can look at rainmaker’s blog for reference)

    I apologize for the lengthy comment. I hope you take care and may God bless you. By the way, to show how famous your blog is, I am a Malaysian currently studying in US and I visited your blog at least once per day πŸ™‚

    ps: just ignore all the haters…I bet you, with all the hate comments and all, they are the one looking forward to your sub! LOL πŸ˜›

    shows I’m looking forward to your blog: definitely IY, Happy Together, and SGB

  314. I really appreciate your work, so plz don’t stop.
    I love IY and Happy Together!
    When you want to change the shows…
    mabe you could think about running man or heroes….just an idea.

  315. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HARD WORK …i hope you will continue subbing IY till the end~ ;] and don’t let your mood down cuz of the haters…cuz there are a LOT of people who always wait and who are always thankful for all your translations~!thank you again~~saranghae~

  316. Thank You so much for all of your hard work in subbing everything. If you wish to stop I can see why you would want to stop, however, I hope that you continue. Your work is amazing and I’m sure your uploads are some of the most celebrated among the korean variety show uploads. Please don’t stop subbing and I for one will be sure to post a comment every time I do a download of your hard work. Keep it up πŸ˜€

  317. nooo happy together is the funniest show on tv!!!!
    dont stop uploading that one plz

    and what about running man? or hot brothers

  318. Please don’t stop any of them, your practically the only one who does the downloads, especially iy, from all the comments on yt. everyone enjoys what you are doing, thanks for the hard work.

  319. I really really appreciate your hardwork… and this site really is like my treasure… so please,, please continue,,, so sorry if I sound selfish >__< btw i have an idea. How if you create a survey or some kind of poll? Like you put all the k-pop idol stars in there and let the viewers choose their favorite. And of course, if the idols that have high votes are in the shows, you should sub those ones. Bcoz i'm pretty sure all of us here are fangirls/fanboys. If the show only contains some singers from old decades it's nt weird that we all are uninterested. (For example SGB. There are so many unknown singers or actors. Bcoz we nun recognize some of them we tend not to download it. But for SGB season 2 EPISODE 13, SHINee's Jonghyun & Key will appear there. So I believe lots of people will go for it. So you can just ignore the ones that you think might not appeal to us and sub the ones that you think is interesting to us. And I think polling is the best way) That's just my idea.. i hope you wan to consider it. Sorry writing so long. And THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kindness ❀

  320. don’t stop SGB please! i’m going overseas soon and this site is going to be the cure for my hallyu fever. you’re the best! please don’t stop SGB! ^^

  321. You are doing us a great favor. I do not know where else I can get such get episodes of all my favorite korean shows. This is the only place that I can get SGB, DT, and IY. I do not know what I would do if its weren’t for your site. Please do not stop updating you site/blog. Like I said, I know it is a lot of work on your part, but your work is greatly appreciated. Really, thanks for all that you are doing.

  322. Please please please dont stop subbing Happy Together!! I really like that show and theirs never anyone who fully subs it besides you…i really appreciate all your hardwork and dedication to subbing all these shows..Thanks for everything!!

  323. Please please please pleaaaaaaaaase keep subbing Star Golden Bell! 😦
    I don’t know what I’ll do without it! πŸ˜₯

  324. oh please hope you can consider still recording SGB!!!
    that show is still interesting for me I still laughed so effin loud watching this week’s ep it was sooo funny with the guests and the MC Seokjin and Shin Junghwan xD
    please I hope you could still reconsider SGB. as for Lets Go Dream Team it’s up to you x)

    1. oh and also Happy Together!!!!! >____<
      I really hope you can still upload and share this show!! if you won't up all the eps and only the interesting one it's okay! I hope you can still share some Happy Together ;____;

  325. mmmm…pls dont stop subbing..your my only source for IY..and abt LGDT…hmmm, honestly i only watch and DL them if snsd or kara are on their ep..anyways, im sure there are a lot of ppol who watch LGDT more than i do..

    ur doin a good job..pls dnt stop..and keep fighting!

  326. I do agree that some episodes of LGDT and SGB are not that entertaining like it used to. LGDT got really boring when Minho is absent and I only watch SGB to see Lee Joon. But please don’t stop this incredible work you do. Especially IY. Please don’t. You’re the only one with almost many people can rely on.

    And I saw the next episodes of these shows have guests like SHINee on SGB and Taemin on LGDT. I would really want to watch those episodes.

    So please don’t stop

  327. Oh no~ Please don’t stop uploading the subbed episodes of SGB. I always come to your site to get my latest fix of SGB. True the new season is a bit less interesting, I think mostly b/c they changed the set up, but the guests aren’t that bad. I really want to see the episodes with SHINee coming up.^^ I’ve also been planning on starting to watch DT and IY, yea pretty late but I found out about them late and never got a change to start watching them. This website is the only one I know I can depend on every week for subbed kvariety goodies. You’re amazing for continually putting up these episode every week. Thank you so much. Whatever you decide I guess, all the best to you and thank you so much for your hard work.^^

  328. pls dont stop updating ; ; I really enjoy thoese thoese (DT and SGB) i think what most ppls problem is is that they dont commient but just download the file

  329. No..don’t stop SGB. I work at 9am-pm so i don’t have time to watch them on tv. You’re my only hope, so please please pretty please don’t stop SGB. I don’t watch DT and i agree with you, i don’t find IY that interesting maybe because they aren’t male idols? lol Me being biased. Please keep upload SGB. You’re the best!! Thank you.

  330. OMG, please don’t stop subbing. We need more people like you in the world! You’re a rare species! Please don’t go extinct πŸ™‚
    I love the episodes of IY.

  331. Pikeyenny please don’t stop subbing videos.

    I beg of you. TT^TT *kneels down and bows 90Β°*

    I am extremely, extremely thankful and grateful for all of your hard work, you don’t know how much it means to me, to us, who only goes to your site for quality subbed episodes because such videos are quite scarce online (and especially in regards to quality, your videos are one of the top notch ones out there) so please don’t quit. TT___TT

    I guess people are quite busy nowadays with school and work so they don’t get to comment as much. Don’t worry, I’ll try to comment to encourage you more. :] And I do love SGB, in fact, aside from IY, it’s the show I keep downloading in your site πŸ™‚ So please don’t stop subbing the shows.

    We love you and we will be forever grateful. :]

  332. Ahhh, I am happy you will upload IY still… I was unhappy at the thought you not upload anymore. Thanksyou for sharing and your time. Your readers really like you for it. Thank you

  333. Hi pikeyenny!! it’s melaboa! lol i’ll still stalk your blog no matter what! I love IY!!!! and I love youuu!! I got your back!

  334. omoo~ please dont stop it. i’m going crazy if you stop subbed all. huaaaa 😦
    i always love your blog, whatever it is. so don’t stop it coz we need you, we love you ^^

  335. pikeyenny, why are you stoping, come on “put it back on!”
    Please don’t stop and unload more IY and others shows on youtube or in your site, my friends and i really want to watch!
    I will always support you while i’m studying too!! I LOVE YOU SARANG HEY!! :D:D:D:D:D

  336. hey pikey.. thanks for uploading the subs for us to enjoy..

    thank you for your hard work! keep it up! i know we might be unappreciative sometimes.. but it doesn’t mean we don’t like it.. ^^


  337. i forgot something,,i wanna say big thanks to you for some videos that you uploaded,,one thing that i loved from this blog that you are very HUMBLE and also never expected benefits,,,AWESOME..i LOVE this BLOG and also the author,,,,:))))

  338. I just found your website. Please don’t stop updating! This blog is AMAZING! You put in so much hard work and we all appreciate it a lotttt!

  339. waaaa……..soooo sad…please…don’t stop…i really love SGB,Dream Team n happy together…this site is really awesome….we will always support you….after this,you will absolutely receive a lot of comments from us…..please don’t stop…(~.~)

  340. SGB not funny anymore..for DT i just wait junho comeback on that show..but i really love HT, funny host..please continue ur great job..

  341. ahh nooo isnt happy together w/ SNSD coming soon? But yea i really thank you for all the vids you put it. Takes alot of effort, and you should be thanked by everyone who downloads them. Hope u KEEP INVINCIBLE YOUTH AND SGB!

  342. Please don’t stop 😦
    I just found this today…
    I really love star golden bell and let’s go dream team…
    I love your work

  343. Please do not stop dream team yet. I know lately dream team hasn’t been really interesting in my point of view, because there is no Minho or Junho. Aleast can you sub dream team with 2pm as the guest? I heard it was really interesting and Junho is back on it. Thanks so much.

  344. hello,i love your site.very very much.i hope u upload soon happy together ep 175 its about KARA & 2am.i cant wait to see the show! ^^ thank you yo!

  345. You make a great job doing all that thing. I always watch new episodes of LGDT and SGB, but never comment, because i always forget, but it doesnt mean that i dont like those shows. So please dont stop doing your job. You are amazing!
    Good luch and best wishes from Latvia.^^ πŸ™‚

  346. oh no~~ please don’t stop uploading all of it!
    pleaseeee~~ *puppy eyes*
    i’m the newbie here..
    just found ur blog and i really appreciate ur hardwork… ^^
    if u r bz, u can upload later..
    well, better late than never, ne? πŸ™‚
    thanx a lot for ur hardwork!

  347. NO !!! please don’t stop . . . especially for star golden bell and dream team . . . i really luv it . . .
    even though i’m not always comment about it . . but actually i’m really appreciate your hardwork an was very thankful to u . . when i think about it . . . you’re realy amazing to can upload all off the episode until more than 200 . . . i’m cannot imagine how can u do all tiz thing . . .
    so please don’t stop

  348. Oh please dont i just love to watch lets go dream team and all the other showes you sub you are jjang!!!Please dont stop you are the only hope for showes i can download and they are subbed so please dont..^^..

  349. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont stop plzzzzzzzzzzz im a big fan of korean show’s so plzzzz dont stop T-T

  350. I’m thankful that I found this site I really love this site I always visit this site after my work to watch korean shows..I hope u will continue to apload all the shows especially DT…thank you very much….I really appriciate all your hard work…pikeyenny figthing…:-)

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