Star Golden Bell Season 2 Ep 10 [English Subtitle]

Guest :  Lee Joon (MBLAQ), Eun Ji Won, Ji Yeon ( Tiara) …

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Link here

Part 1 :
Part 2 :
Part 3 :
Part 4 :
Part 5 :
Part 6 :
Part 7 :
Part 8 :


155 thoughts on “Star Golden Bell Season 2 Ep 10 [English Subtitle]

  1. he its my 1st time commenting , haha , came across ur website while streaming tru the youtube videos , i LOVE it , especially dream team and sgb , i cant watch it on tv , so really a great thx to you , THANK YOU =D

  2. Don’t stop PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I love this show and Dream team and IY!!!! Only you are subbing them don’t stop plsplsplsplspls

  3. i always miss to watch SGB because i’m working at that time.. thanks pikeyenny for uploading them!! i love it… keep up the good work!! i’ll suppurt you always!

  4. WOW.. i haven’t been here for a while cuz i’m busy moving.. thank you soo much for subbing and uploading! please continue your awesome work!! 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for all of your awesome work subbing SGB! I’ll definitely stand by any decision you make in the future concerning subbing this, IY, and Happy Together, but I’m pretty sure you’re the only subber that does these shows regularly! I’m not sure what I’ll do if you decide to stop, haha. But anyway, thanks again!

  6. thanks for always uploading so many interesting shows like SG
    please don’t stop your updates as i and many people enjoy this show and really love your blog

  7. i’ll download this soon. keep on uploading SGB even though i will only download it if the guest is fun to watch and i’ll download everything with T-ara in it especially Hyomin. hehe

  8. thank you so much

    a bit sad though bout ur decision to stop updating this VS

    ur my only source for SGB >.<

    i hope you still keep update it ^^

  9. thanks for all your hard work! SGB is a fun show; when good guests are on, it’s a blast! Keep on subbing them please!

  10. Thank you for subbing all of the SGB episodes. I really appreciate what you have done so far and hope that you make the decision to keep it up.

  11. plz dont stop subbing and posting this, This is the only show i watch and youre the only one that sub it soo plss continue to post SGB.

  12. omg i love you for posting these episode, Please dont ever thinking of not posting SGB because ppl love it especially me 😀
    You are allway the fastest upload compare to other blog or website.
    Love XOXOXOX

  13. waa…h thank you veeeeeerrrryyyyyyy much ^O^
    please don’t stop uploading this…’re my only source for sgb T-T

  14. thank you so much! please don’t stop uploading star golden bell and happy together! love them lots appreciate your work =D

  15. Please don’t stop uploading 😦 I really like SGB and dream team
    Oh and can you please sub raising idol, chef kiss, idol league and we got married (nichkhun + victoria) ??
    I know I am demanding too much, but I am very sure that these videos will be really popular if you sub it 🙂
    Also don’t push yourself to sub, it’s not a demand…it’s a suggestion 🙂 Have fun~ THANKYOU SO MUCH!!

  16. thanx for subbing this… can you sub and upLoad season 2 episode 16?!.. where shinee onew and taemin are guests… thank you very much!!..

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