Invincible Youth Ep 36 [English Subtitle] Part 2

yeah.. finally i can finish it .. sorry for delay it too long

Comment you guys ^^

Link here :

Youtube Part : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


208 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Ep 36 [English Subtitle] Part 2

  1. Hii, i tried downloading but ended up with a 17kb file >< any way to work around this? 😀 thx for subbing 😀

  2. Thanks to you so much!!!! i love this show!…my life is better again!!! with you blog….thanks…please keep uploading…i know that it isn’t easy for you….for your time ….but many here…we are soo thankfull….i don’t speak english but i guest that the word is thankfull :)….keep working hard…we are in own you so much….thanks!!!!!

  3. hi there…
    thanx u so much for ur hardwork…
    i cant keep up with megaupload…
    so i assume u will upload in mediafire juz like always…
    anyways thanx so much…
    i appeciate it…

  4. I’m glad you were able to fix the problem ^^ I was waiting to download part 1 and part 2 at the same time.

    Thank you for your hard work Pike!!

  5. I cannot download from MegaUpload.. Can you post Part 2 on Youtube instead? If you have, can I have the link please?

  6. its weird that i always have a problem downloading from megauplod, oh well ill just wait for the youtube or mediafire links!!

  7. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for the MU link, although it doesn’t work well for me.
    But I’ll make way to DL this, thanks a lot, really.

  8. Thanks for uploading this… It’s good to see that you’ve managed to fix your problem.
    Will you be uploading this episode as a single file?

    1. Let me add another question…

      If you’re not going to upload this episode as a single file, is there any software you can recommend that I can use to join the two parts together?

  9. Thanks for uploading. Have been waiting all the time.
    But sadly, i can’t download it through MU. Do you upload it in MF?
    Please… T_T

  10. thank you very much !
    and thanks for your hard work ! =)
    by the way, is there no mediafire version for downloading??

  11. thank you very very very very very much! 🙂
    I love you very much for your hard work:)

    greetings and lots of love from Poland 🙂

  12. Thanks for uploading. But will you be uploading to YT?? As i am unable to do anything to the megaload hope it will be uploading in YT. Thanks anyway.

  13. guess we have to wait until EkoTaf uploads this in MF.. Just be patience everyone..

    Thanks for uploading pikeyenny! 😉

  14. Big thanks for uploading it 🙂
    This show is one of my favourites! , hope you will continue doing this..

    Love from Norway

  15. Aloha And Mahalo for all your hard work for putting on I/Y i was wondering wheres the link for ep.36 part 2…..thanks for very much mahaloooo:))

  16. thanks a lot… no need to apologise for the delay… uploading the eps are good enough… willing to wait patiently for the eps…

  17. pinkyenny Can you divide into several parts?
    I can not download thats big..
    can you divide into 100mb parts??

  18. I was lauging like crazy when I saw the YouTube parts because I sometimes laugh when I get excited, THANK YOU VERY KAMSA, GOMAWO, GOMAPSEUPNIDA, KAMSAHAPNIDA!!!!!!!!!

  19. thanks so much for subbing IY. ^_^
    your really a life saver cause i cant leave without IY.. haha.
    Your the greatest. ^_^

  20. Hi everyone ! Enjoy the show huh ! Does anybody know what song Vittoria sings in this episode? I only listen for a little and it’s really beautiful.

  21. Hi..thanks before to pikeyenny for continue to sub this show..
    I really love IY so much..but i’m having a problem while downloading this episode..
    when i tried to download part 2, the fifth file, can’t be downloaded while the other files works that problem happen to everybody?? or only for me?? can u fix that problem?? Thanks sooo muchhhh…Love yaa…^^

    1. ahhhh…sorry guys…finally i can download the file..may be it’s the problem about my internet connection..mianhae…-,-
      once again thanks to pikeyenny for translating..
      thanks to ekotaf for providing the MF links..

  22. Thanks for the subs! You’re the best! Also, just wanted to let you know that soshisubs subbed episodes 37 & 38 already. Not sure if you wanted to skip subbing those episodes so you could take a little break and jump into episode 39. Either way, you’re the best and thanks for the hard work!! ^_^

  23. Such an awwwweeesome episode! Made me smile thru the whole episode and now my cheeks hurt xD. Thanks so much pikeyenny, you don’t ever fail to make me this much excited watching Invincible Youth. Keep up the goodness =D

  24. yes! yes yes yes! thank u sosososososo much! yenny! luv it like it.. i’ve seen the next episode sunny will be there special guest in episode 37 to 38 and hopefully to see hyuna and yuri with sunny again as they form g7 to g10

  25. Thank you soooooo much for uploading Invincible Youth! I’ve been looking for them for a longgg time and everything I’ve found aren’t up-to-date. You are the only person who got this upload neatly. Thank You for your hardwork. I really enjoy it 🙂

  26. yay! finally put it up..
    can’t wait to watch it…it is a very good show..
    can’t wait for the next one..

  27. can i ask something, do you have the full episode 36? because the one you uploaded is divided into two parts.

  28. Thank you so much for taking time to sub and share with us!
    Your hard work is much appreciated ^^
    Where else would we be able to get subbed IY?!

  29. yay thanks for uploading subbed IY one of my favourite shows of all time ^^
    really appreciate all your effort all this time!

  30. hi seriously thanks so much for all the episodes I just discovered this link tonight so I will always come here to get the IY and other stuff he I was wondering do you sub We Got Married?…I would really appreciate if you subbed Nichkhun, Victoria and Ga-in, Jo kwon…these are like real couples they like they’re going to turn out well…there’s a scene where Jo and Ga-in kiss I would love to see that moment but they’re all off youtube and stuff I’m so sad please let me know if you sub them thanks so much again…^^

  31. im not sure why but
    i tried downloading the video
    and i can’t seem to watch the video
    i believe it was ep 33 of invincible youth
    anyways thanks for subbing
    if you know any software that will allow me to watch and download the videos
    then i would greatly appreciate it
    thanks again


  33. thanks for sharing, i love G7, Thank’s God Sunny was not there because she phobia in fireworks and gunshots. but maybe if she was there she can overcome her fear.

  34. does anyone know what song victoria is singing in this episode? i tried googling what was on the video but nothing showed up

  35. Is the Part 2 missing the .004 file or is just a problem with mediafire? Thanks ^^
    Keep up with the good work ^^

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