Invincible Youth Ep 35 [English Subtitle]

Comment if you take it ^^

Link here :Β

Youtube Part : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7


336 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Ep 35 [English Subtitle]

  1. Thank you (*-*) Kam Sa Ham Ni Daaaaaaa…….
    Really Love this show…Hyomin gettin better and better in the entertainment show *0*+

  2. Thanks for the sub..

    But.. Could you upload it in mediafire?

    I have problems downloading using MegaUpload.. Lol..

    Thanks.. πŸ™‚

  3. waaa…Thanks so much pikeyenny! I just checked your blog a while ago and still no MF link.Feeling sad though..and then after 2 minutes there is the MF! You are so fast. Love you more and more pikeyenny…Thanks for making my week so worthwhile

  4. finally its here……..really love this show…..thank you so much for being the source of my happiness……100000000000000000 thanks 4 sharing

  5. thanks for the fast subbing JJANG! cont. doing a excellent job….. 2 thumbs up again! to all you guys @ pikeyenny! ^o^

  6. pikeyenny is the best & also ekotaf for doing us a huge i mean huge favor! ^o^so tnx for subbing IY really love the show……..

  7. First off, just wanna tell you how much I love this show. Been watching IY since it started only because I like SUNNY… but I fell inlove with the show as a whole and started to love and appreciate everything about it. Now, even without SUNNY’s presence, IY is still something I love to watch. Soshi Subs has stopped subbing this show, so you don’t know how much I appreciate your efforts in uploading the TV rips. Thank you soooo much… really! Your blog rocks! Keep it up~!!

  8. Thanks for uploading! Victoria is fast becoming one of my favorite G7 members, the other two… not so much. Show’s still pretty good though!

  9. Thnks Pikeyenny and Ekotaf for putting so much effort into this! Especially for me who don’t understand korean.. β™₯

  10. As always…. Thank you for the video…. Almost finish downloading….. Lets watch it ppl….. The new G7 might not as good as the old G7, but they got something…..

    ravemaster from Malaysia….

  11. hey thank for uploading..
    can’t wait for the next episode to be uploaded..
    i really appreciate it for uploading this IY episode…

  12. Waaa fast upload! Thanks a million for your hard work!
    This one looks like the first episode where the girls sang infront of the village residents.
    Can’t wait to see Sunnys episode ❀

  13. Thank you for the uploads
    victoria is trying hard to adjust there also sori
    joo is funnier than hyomin
    going to download this one ~

  14. hey, could you upload steaming links instead of downloadable ones ?? i cant download cause my parents are cheap 😦

  15. Thank you so so much pikeyenny!! I always look forward to another episode and thanks to you, I can understand what they are saying. PIKEYENNY HWAITING!!!!

  16. Thanks ALOT! Haha


    Vic-mommy is DAEBAK! She really can cook!
    It was funny when Juyeon keep staring her manager haha
    Hyomin has really become a real entertainer LOL

  17. Thanks! been looking for eps 33-35 the past few days and I’m so glad to have stumbled onto your site πŸ˜‰


  18. Thanks again!

    I’m really digging Victoria, nothing seems to faze her, she has a gift to be constantly entertaining. Sori though…. I dunno, I’ve tried to like her but she adds very little to the show, After her failed comeback I am starting to wonder if the producers of the show regret choosing her. The After School Girl is adorable.

  19. Thanks for the translation! Appreciate it and keep up the superb work. Btw, will u sub Family Outing…its a funny show. I wanna watch the part with WG. Cant find one with eng. sub.

  20. yayyy!!!!! it feels like Christmas πŸ™‚

    thanks a lot for the upload…kamsahamnida… πŸ˜€

    victoria is funny and cute…

    victoria dattoria da bbbu bdaa bbda duu ~ (I’m a Loner) πŸ˜›

  21. Thank you sooo much again for subbing and uploading this episode of IY πŸ™‚
    we appreciate your hardwork just to share it with us, Thanks a lot!!
    Godbless you

  22. Wooooo nxt ep. pls…. ^o^…. pikeyenny+EkoTaf+ IY = pure L.O.V.E hahahahaha
    love yea guys for keeping a fast subbing & upload of IY……

    I LOVE adultDoll NARSHAβ™₯

  23. Maraming Salamat! <- Thank you so much in our language! πŸ˜€

    Victoria is so charming!

    Looking forward to the next episode!

  24. OMO !! I just discovered your blog today, and it is simply awesome !! Yay for fast subs !!
    Thanks for uploading, gotta love IY !

  25. dude..i cant download bcoz the file manager view thing is not supported.can somebody upload 2 part mediafire as usual pls…thks

  26. im rly growing on afterschool now thanks to one of the mebers being on IY πŸ˜›
    tehe thanks for uploading ❀

  27. Thank you, just found your site and I really appreciate you doing this. I’m looking forward to seeing more from you!

  28. Hyomin is getting better is Entertainment show, though in this episode I can see that she quite understand how JuYeon feel, cause Hyomin she in that situation before.
    GoGoGO IY Youth Never Defeat

  29. thnk you very muck pikeyenny and ekotaf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can see that hyomin is getting much better!!! I miss Hyuna, Yuri, and Sunny so much!!! IY hwaighting~~~~

  30. hey i need help 😦 i downloaded it from mediafire and it came out as a file and i can’t seem to open it. i tried opening it using windows media player/qvod/quick time player but it still wont work.. ur help would be very much appreciated. thanks

  31. I’d like to express my gratitude. Without people like you, many (like me) would never be able to enjoy great entertainment like these (it’s simply not available in my country even if i want to pay for it). Thank you.

  32. I can’t thank you enough for uploading these episodes!!! This truly is a wonderful show to watch and enjoy and thank you for sharing with most of us whom are overseas and unable to view it!!! Can’t wait for the next episode πŸ˜€


  33. Thanks for subbing and uploading this episode!!
    cant wait for the next episode again ~ loving Invincible Youth more and more πŸ™‚

    Thank you so much! Godbless

  34. every Friday i think bec. here in the Philippines u can only watch it every 6pm on Tuesday.. replays on Thursday and Saturday 12 midnight, but because of some time conflicts on my sked i can only count on pike yenny so please upload some more yenny

  35. depends whether she’s busy or not..
    or if it was subbed fast, she could only upload it when she’s not busy..

  36. Thank you so much for taking time to sub and share with us!
    Your hard work is much appreciated ^^
    Where else would we be able to get subbed IY?!

  37. thanks a lot for your effort and time πŸ™‚
    i hope you can keep sharing the love and support for kpop to us in future ^^

  38. Thanks for uploading, but can’t see part 4, says it needs a few minutes to upload, also part 5 says malformed video id, can you please check, thanks again for all the work.

  39. hey there.. Can anyone help me out? I’m desperate to know.. umm, what is this show all about? and in which episodes victoria f(x) started appearing? Thank you so much for helping! xoxo.. It means alot to me.

  40. thank you so much… i really love this show and just watch till the sunny-yuri-hyuna leave,,so i think i will download the rest from here,,thank you so much!!

    you’re JJANG!! ^^v

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