Star Golden Bell Season 2 Ep 6 (English Subtitle)

Guest : Eunhyuk & Donghae & Leeteuk & Shindong (Super Junior), Kara, Lee Joon (MBLAQ)…


Comment if you take it

Link here :Β


261 thoughts on “Star Golden Bell Season 2 Ep 6 (English Subtitle)

  1. i have donlod this from mediafire..
    but i can’t donlod part 6 and 7..
    mf said that the video has been deleted..
    how should i do?!??..
    please help me..

  2. This variety show is so funny…^^
    For along time that I waited it…^^
    So good for us that you made sub…^^
    Thank you very much for you’re shared for everyone…^^

  3. oh yes.. part 6 now is okay.. weird.. because yesterday when i try to download it, it’s reported has been deleted 😦

    but thanks pikeyenny ^^

  4. I’m back to say that..thank you so much for your kindly to shared this for everyone.
    And made sub foe us to understand about conversation in this clip.
    Thank you so much again…friend^^

  5. sorry,,seems that u didnt upload this ep on ur dailymotion account,
    would u please upload this ep,too,,just as the other eps?
    anyway,thanx a lotta bunches for sharin this.. πŸ™‚

  6. Wow! Eunhyunk and Shindong spoke Thai, Thai E.L.F must be impressed by watching this episode. Shindong’s accent was good while Eunhyuk’s first sentence(not introducing himself) was a bit messy for me. LOL

    Thank you for your hard work, PikeYenny!~~

  7. thanx for uploads… curious,where i can watch ep 13 of star golden bell??
    seems that i can’t find it..thanx

  8. THNK YOU SO MUCH <3333
    u know how ı search for thıs ep wrth subs T.T lol stıll cant belıeve ı fınd ıt wth sub esp wth avı ❀
    thanks sooo sooo soo much<3

  9. pikeyenny what happend to your mediafire file??? i having a long time just to download the megaupload… can you fix the mediafire??? thankz…..

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