Wonder Girls @ Happy Together Season 3 (English Subtitle) Part 2

Comment if you download it

i must say that this ep.. hahaha it’s really really funny

Link herehttp://www.megaupload.com/?d=5HOU8RAV


Link Watch Online : https://pikeyenny.wordpress.com/watch-online/


66 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ Happy Together Season 3 (English Subtitle) Part 2

  1. thank u very much for this video, i really love wonder girls so i cant wait to watch this interview, it looks so much fun. THANKS !!!

  2. Thank you!!

    I just finished recording this 2 minutes ago. (San Francisco). I was waiting forever for them to show this.

  3. Thank you so much~~
    This was really funny and Sohee was like talking so much XD

    but I wonder why the part of Sohee admitting she had a boyfriend(?) once was not aired… hmmm…

    anyways thanks~~

  4. thanks for all the hard work. i watched this whole episode (part 1 & 2) online, it was so funny. some parts had me laughing til my stomach hurt ^^ i liked this show w/ WG cuz it also helped me get to know the girls a little better too ;]

  5. is there any other show of wonder girls with hyelim? i dont think i like her much, but i need to watch more of her to decide. When Hyuna was replaced with Yubin, i think it was an improvement for WG (sorry hyuna..), but hyelim replacing sunmi?? come on!! at least find someone better

    1. there are 2 other shows that WGs and HyeLim participated in: Come to play (MBC), SBS Family Outing and MBC Win Win… i think :))

      well u shudn’t compare them cuz they are totally diff… must say Sun Mi sings better and cuter >.< .. but Hye lim dance skill is good … :))

  6. I watched this on Youtube, but I wanted to drop by and thank you for all your hard work. ^^ It’s nice to have this episode subbed. I really missed the girls! And Yubin and Hyerim seem close. O: I’m close the new maknae seems to be fitting in well. ^^

  7. Thank u for subbing ~
    I like Happy Together, it’s a funny show, even better with WGs in in :))
    Hye Lim is fun and at least she speaks more … it’s funny when she does OMONA – Jae suk style lol … daebak

    WGs hwaiting !!

  8. thx so much for the links!
    but can u upload happy together with Eunhyuk and Leeteuk of Super Junior?
    I really appreciate your hard work.

  9. thank you for all your hard work. Watched a segment on YouTube as well and so had to download it cos i miss the Wonder Girls. Thanks again

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