Invincible Youth Ep 33 [English Subtitle]

Comment if you download it. This is the first ep of the 3 new girls…

Link here


383 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Ep 33 [English Subtitle]

  1. YAY! Thankyou so much 😀

    I am excited to see how the new girls get on, but of course still very sad that the others have left

  2. Thanks for the subs and keeping the laughs coming guys. I imagine your fans will only grow now that soshisubs have stopped.

  3. can you upload to mediafire too? MU is giving me problem. would really appreciate it. cant wait to watch!! 😀

  4. thnks for this..
    been waiting..
    u are the best..
    miss u alot…:)
    hope u will continue to upload this episode

  5. poor Hyomin, she still screaming Sunny’s name! :))
    anyway, ss thấy 3 ng này thế nào?
    em thì ko hứng thú lắm với 3 cô này. Đang chờ đợi tập special ở Nhật, Sunny đoàn tụ. Ôi em iu cái couple SunMin :”>

  6. Oh man, I can’t wait to see this episode subbed! I’m a huge fan of Sori now! She’s an amazing b-girl! And Victoria is hella cute, while JiYoung is soooo HOT! LOL!

  7. AAAAA!!!! Thank you soo much!! I’ve been waiting for this ep for a LONG time 😀 i read the article about the first ep with the 3 new girls. Hope Jooyeon will do better in the future 😀 (she’s my favorite too, dont misunderstand 😀 )

    again, thank youu soo much!! 😀

  8. thanks!!! this is the 1st episode! =D i hafen watched the last episode…i alwaes watch it frm soshified. yup but they haf stopped subbing alr. Man i could continue watching all thanks to u!! Appreciate it +DDD

  9. omg thanks so much for this !
    im glad i found someone whos still uploading even though some of the girls left.

    thanks again! your my hero! 😛

  10. waaa!!!it Is here. The new Invincible Youth.Want to know how good the new casts would be. Thanks Pikeyenny! Love you even greater than before ^ ^

  11. hey! thanks for continuing the uploads of this show. i can’t wait to see how the new girls integrate themselves into the show, but i also can’t wait to see how the original members react now that the others have left. thanks again!

  12. Thank you for still uploading IY, despite Sunny Yuri and Hyuna leaving. I hope the new girls are as entertaining as the three leaving members^^

  13. OH. EM. GEE. FINALLYYYYY!!!! I’ve been waiting for this ep for so FRICKIN’ long! Oh man, I can’t wait to see Joo Yeon’s variety debut! Thanks SO SO SO SO much!!! XD

  14. awww….:(
    well they arent that bad 😀
    but they hav their own lil group….away from the old members xDDD
    thanks for uploadin again ❤ much love

  15. Thanks! I watched the raw already and it’s pretty funny. I’m sure now that I can understand what they’re saying it’ll be even better. Thanks again!

  16. thank you for the upload ^^ enjoyed watchin this..i was bored of watching the old one kinda draggy..nice to see new fav is Victoria. She stands out a lot..or maybe its just me since i’ve been hooked to her and Khun WGM recently xDD

  17. o.o idk how sunny and yuri have it in them to leave o.o that show was so sad,,,but ty, have good day and night.leaves cookies and milk on the blog~~~~~~~~

  18. thanks so much. you may be the only uploader left which uploads subs for invincible youth. please keep uploading.

  19. pikeyenny, ur the best subbers. the only hope for invincible youth. other subbers quit already because theyr sux. pikeyenny jjang!hwaiting

  20. thanks so much for continuing to upload the show! This is the only place I know of that I can continue to watch it since the other site I used no longer subs it. Thanks again!

  21. hi… can u upload ‘come to play’ series,the guest are wonder girls and super junior..
    i’ve been looking for the subs one.. btw, thx for this ep of IY 🙂

  22. thank you for continuing to sub invincible youth!
    i think you’re the only one who’s doing so beyond ep 32, and i really appreciate it since i love this show.
    please keep subbing + uploading to youtube~

    pikeyenny = awesome!

  23. Thanks for the links! I forget to drop a note sometimes but I truly do appreciate the goodness you do with spreading kpop to non-Korean fans! =)

  24. miss the other three girls but this ep was still entertaining ❤
    i suspect there is going to be a love line between taewoo and victoria xD
    thanks for uploading!

  25. This is the best! I was wondering where I would be able to get the new episodes subbed since soshified stopped doing so…


  26. Thank you so much Pikeyenny! 😀

    I’m so missing Hyuna, Yuri and Sunny so much but we’ll have to move on.

    Invincible youth is still Invincible Youth!

    Youth is never defeated!


  27. Thank you so much for subbing and uploading this episode!!
    Thanks for all the hardwork just to share this to us!
    MOre Power! Godbless! 🙂

  28. thanks for the subb!!!

    to pikeyenny : where did you get the raw filess? is there any better quality videos?

  29. thanks a lot for all the episode…seems it would be interesting with the new members…
    hope u’ll continue the awesome work…really love u for it..thx again ^^

  30. Here you come, Pikeyenny.
    Thank you for continue doing this.
    Hyomin really missed Sunny that why she screamed Sunny’s name.
    Anyway, I still love the new members.

  31. thank u
    first time we can see Joo Yeon on a show regularly

    awesome shes my favorite of After School

    wish Nana will visit the show also.

  32. wooohoo, finally the new member is coming to village, i hope they have a good time with old member,

    thanks for share btw, 😀

  33. thank you for uploading this! ive been searching really hard for this episode.

    lol Victoria is adorable. love seeing her here as well as on we got married 🙂

  34. As much as I’m going to miss Sunny, Yuri, and Hyuna, I’m looking forward to seeing the new girls 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  35. thank you for still uploading this show.even though its not the original G7 i still want to support the other 4 who still on the show and the new members as well. thanks again

  36. one question, why does it seem like theres static while watching the show lol
    Its like watching on an antenna. 😛

  37. Thanks been w8ng for the subs of this new ep… hope you can cont to sub it…. subs are fast… i just wish IY new ep is sub faster ^o^♥ tnx again daebak on you guys…. 2 thumbs up….annhyeong….

  38. good news to all sunny fans like me! ^o^♥ in 100718 IY japan tou!r sunny will make a comeback on IY as a special guest so Hyomin will shout for joy in that ep… thank you again hope you al the best..jjang!

  39. Really nice of you to share your english subs with everyone here.

    Very thankful for the joy you bring. And I hope I am helping you here coz…

    I would like to direct you to a site where they very generously share their show with everyone… and one of their shows include IY. It is a great source becoz of the quality of their videos. And I was thinking great subs should be accompanied by great videos! xD Please feel free to drop me an email. I will be glad to help *BIG smile*

  40. umm..
    i was wondering if u can upload IY as quickly as possible because im gonna go overseas and i would like to watch IY on the way 😀

  41. downloading…thanks for the quite fast updates…
    btw, I`m sorry for commenting twice, I mistyped my e-mail in the previous comment… =P

  42. trying to find this ep after soshi subs stopped their hardwork. so thnx so much 4 sharing this. hope you can continue your hardwork to provide us with IY. TQ

  43. Thanks so much for subbing the videos….I used to watch it on Soshified when Yuri and Sunny were still on the show and had been missing the eng subbed ones till I was directed to this website…You’re a lifesaver!!!!!!Really appreciate the effort of the subbers….

  44. Thank you so much!. other sites stopped subbing since the 3 girls left… Now i want to see how the new girls would do and how the remaining G7 will react.. 😛 :> 😀

  45. heyy, thank you for subbing this 🙂
    I’m a fan of JooYeon so I can’t wait ’til I get to watch this 🙂

  46. Thanks for continuing this show. Although this sorta looks like the KBS World version. The rip is a little scratchy.

    Still, thanks for doing this.

  47. Hi thank you for the subs! now that soshified stopped subbing this series i will be in your hands from now on! 😀

  48. OMG!!!
    seriously… i donno how to show my thanks..


  49. thx alot for subbing IY! i didn’t think i would be able to watch this anymore after 3 of the girls left cuz of subbing groups. your the best!

  50. I just finished watching this episode… Thanks a lot for uploading it. The video was a bit blur, but still… Thanks. Really, thanks… 🙂

  51. Thank you so much! You are my salvation!!!
    I didn´t know where to watch new episodes with subtitle!
    Thank you sooo much!!
    Keep the good work!

  52. OMG you just made my day!
    found this website today and you are subbing all the episodes!!!
    after soshified stopped subbing I was wondering where I’d get the new episodes.
    You are a life saver ❤

  53. Thanks. I used to download the subbed videos from Soshi Subs and didn’t think I’d get to see the show anymore after they stopped subbing.

  54. My first download from this website.. Thank you so much for sharing.. I’m so attached to IY.. I already watch IY 37 and 38, and I thought new G7 member are not so bad..

  55. thank you so much 😀 you’re the only source for subs for IY now that soshisubs have stopped subbing it and you’re so fast at it too!! 😀 love you for sharing with us thank you mwah ❤ xxxx

  56.’re a life saver..I’ve been wondering for a long time where I could find IY subbed video after other site stopped subbing it and this is like a oasis for me..Thank you very much.. =)

  57. Thanks! I’m a bit behind on watching these lately now that Sunny, Yuri, and Hyunah left. We’ll see how good the new girls starting now. Thanks again! I’m looking forward to the episode when Sunny comes back, too!

  58. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the show and have been watching it through soshified but they stopped because Yuri and Sunny left. So glad there’s someone else who takes the time to sub them all. THANK YOU!

  59. hi…
    pls help.. i tried to download on megaupload.. but the site is blocked in my place. the mediafire link is somewhat having error. can someone share it in mediafire.. pls pls.. wanna watch this episodes.. wanna watch victoria…


  60. WOw!!!
    Been looking all over for episode 33 onwards!!!
    Thank you man!!
    You saved the lives of many people wanting to watch ep 33 onwards!!!!

    P.S Your SUBS are great .!

  61. wow! THANK YOU SO MUCH for THESE episode I’ve been looking for these episode finally its here thank you so much again 🙂

  62. is it just me or is the video quality bad? it’s like watching on bad television. i’m using media player classic. the video looks kind of scratchy, like loss of tv signal or a broken TV antenna.

  63. Hello Pikeyenny 🙂
    Here is a comment from Belgium ^^’ I think you didn’t know you have viewers from here :p Well I wanted to thank youu for your work, I would never have seen it without you.. So sad that Hyuna (my favourite), Sunny and Yuri left >_<

    Invincible Youth HWAITING !!

  64. Thank you very much! I saw the first 32 episodes via Soshified, and even though I’ll miss Yuri, Sunny, and Hyunah, I have a feeling the new girls are going to do just fine.

  65. tq for uploading this video, i’m search for months internet for ep 33 upwards. permission to download rest of episodes IY. hehehehhehe

  66. This blog may be old, But i can still download Invinible youth because the mediafire links are still active. Thaks

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