Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 Ep 33 [English Subtitle]

Guest : Junho & Nick Khun (2PM), Lee Teuk & Shindong & Yesung & Siwon & Donghae & Eunhyuk & Sungmin (Super Junior)

Link here :  http://www.megaupload.com/?d=B73UI79E



177 thoughts on “Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 Ep 33 [English Subtitle]

  1. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you x10000000000000
    I was waiting for this episode since the recording!!!!!!!
    Wow, thank you so much, really!!!! >.<
    DL in a second!

  2. waited for this for like forever!!! haha thanks for uploading, i hope you could also upload HAPPY TOGETHER’s episode with eunhyuk and leeteuk^^ thanks so much!!!!!!:)

  3. thanks thanks thanks a lot ^^
    I’ve been stalking ur blog all day for this hehehe xD
    Yay hope the download speed would be fast so that I can watch it right tonight

  4. Thanks for uploading and subbing…

    Not to be of a trouble… I am having problems with Megaupload links… Will MF links be up soon?

  5. Thank you, I’ve been waiting for you to upload this episode ^^

    Hope you can also upload SGB with Suju and Kara, and Happy Together with Eunhyuk & Eeteuk ^^

  6. I’ve been waiting for this ep since I found out suju was going to be on it. I know it’s going to be hilarious, so thank you so much for subbing it!

  7. Finally~
    I’ve been waiting for this…
    Been excited for the last few days…
    I’m taking it… Thank you~ ^^

  8. Wow!! Thank you so much.
    I am waiting this file. I am fanclub of SUJU.
    but this ep. I can’t determine i will chear dream team or SULU team.
    Beacuse dream team has Eunhyuk (my love) & Nichkun (who has nationality same me eiei)

    Thank you pikeyenny and EkoTaf for up and share file.
    both you are very kind.

  9. thanks so much for all your uploads! esp love anything that has to do with Super Junior and 2PM. would you ever consider subbing strong heart (kang shim jang)? I can’t find it anywhere raw or subbed.

  10. Thank u so much for uploading this ep… love this ep so much.. with suju n 2pm.. aaaaaaaa… thanks again…. =]

  11. hello~ will you be subbing the episode where ukiss’s Eli join dream team? please do! and sub more of the shows because i love your subs ^^ ^^

  12. Hi… Thanks so much for this…
    have been waiting for you to upload this episode…
    I’m sure it’s really interesting episode…^__^

  13. Hi, pike. I have some question.
    You comment on 100515 fancam on WGTH.

    I want to know where you d/l it cos my post on WGCN and my blog
    not have your comment. I want to know if my edit release to other place.

  14. Hi, i am having trouble with opening the files after i downloaded it. i tried in so many ways, they just won’t play or open. May i know what does some of you guys use to watch the show. My Window Media Player won’t open it at all.

  15. hi there!! this is really a cool episode! thank you for sharing!!!
    if by any chance you have the english sub episode where eunhyuk (super junior) cried? i think that’s 20091122? just wondering 😀
    thank you! 😀

  16. This part is the funniest ep. I could watch online before KBS handed your uploads.. Thanks for hardwork and such great subs.

  17. hi,
    i want to download this but i cant seem to.
    my laptop cant seem to open avi file.
    And mediaupload, i seem to be exceeding download limit .. ?
    Do you have an alternative way for me to download it ?
    THANKYOU for uploading !(:

  18. ouhh thnx..i appreciate it =))
    hey do u have any starking ep with eng sub??
    n oh my school ep 2…..??
    plzzz reply huhu~
    im so happy….!! bcoz of u i already watch
    oms n DT thnk u so muchh!! =))

  19. when i access mediafire link it said “0 items found to display!”. are you sure it the correct link?
    can you reuploading it?

  20. Hello!! thank you for the subs^^
    I have problems to download with the mediafire link… Could you try to put an other mediafire link??
    Thank you

  21. im from malaysia n malaysia do not allow megaupload so i can only download the mediafire one but theres this 001, 002, 003 and 004 behind n made that my computer dont support it although there is avi in front. help me please?? thank you

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