It’s Time To Congratulate PikeYenny’s Blog ^^

Just want to announce that my blog got some big news keke


Total views: 1,006,436 (more than 1 million, not bad right ? ^^ )

Busiest day: 17,006 — Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Totals Comments: 9,025 ( not bad too keke)


Thanks you so much you guys for coming my blog and writing so many comments at every topic. Love you all


90 thoughts on “It’s Time To Congratulate PikeYenny’s Blog ^^

  1. Not bad AT ALL!! :D:D:D hahaha
    congratulatioons! that is REALLY awesome :’)
    appreciate your hard work 😀 keke

  2. congrats…. happy to hear that news…. we will always support you…..
    no matter how, we will try to help….
    congrats again & hope many ppl will come after this….

  3. congrats on hitting the 1 million mark
    keep up the good work
    and 2 million will probably come up even faster

  4. wow!^^ daebak!^^ congratz!^^ its all because of your hardwork, pikeyenny, and ekotaf, for sharing great big files^^ thank you so much^^


    I love your blog and am really thankful for your effort. without you a lot of intl. fans, including me, would be so lost…

  6. Congratulations on over 1 Million views and thanks for all the work subbing !! 🙂
    Pikeyenney Hwaiting 😉

  7. haha congratulations and a big thank you for all the uploaded shows ❤
    the minimum we can do is just post a comment saying 'thank you' n_n

  8. of course cause its you. That is only the way on how we can show you our appreciation on what you’ve been doing for us. Please continue on doing that we will truly support you 😀 keke

  9. That’s good to hear (: I would like to see a Strong Heart episode subbed . Ep. 16 & 17 . But it’s okay if you don’t sub or anything . Just a suggestion . I wouldn’t want to make you sub more shows then you already are .

    Anyways, congrats ^_^

  10. congrats!!

    btw, can try getting better quality raw files? like han rips for some variety shows.. eg. invincible youth(great fan here =D )

  11. Congratulations!!! and it should be us who said thank you, you and ekotaf really did a great job. Thanks again and we luv you. Hwaiting!

  12. congrats…u r dedicated and generous and a great sub writer..thanx for all d vids and hardwork..keep it up! we will keep supporting u! :]

  13. wow wow wow..congratz for such a great accomplishment!
    keep up the excellent work!!
    pikeyenny HWAITING!

  14. Congrats!^^ We all love your Blog~♥ Keep it up =) Please can you sub Dream Team 100602 w/ Suju? & SGB w/ SUJU~ 😉 FIGHTING~^^♥

  15. This site is popular for IY only i guess. it would be better if you had WGM. so if you wanna be the best , upload IY the fastest !! 😀 JYJY

  16. Congrat!! great news… ‘Cause you and ecotaf so awesome. Thank you for all your works, keep it up. 1.5 million on the way hehe

  17. pikeyenny,conratulation and thank you for your hard work..i hope you can provided high quality video more..thank youuu

  18. Congratulations!
    Because of your efforts and very hard work you brought, you deserve more.
    : ) : ) : ) : )
    Your site is DAE BAK!!!!

  19. Oh wow, you’ve got a mad amount of traffic! : ) Well, congratulations~ I hope this blog keeps going strong, I’m a huge fan~

  20. Congratulations! I’ll continue to download stuffs from your blog 😀

    Just so you know, I’ve bookmarked your site in my bookmark bar. That shows how much I LOVE you!

    Please continue to sub and upload. I really appreciate your well-done job!

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