Invincible Youth Ep 32 [English Subtitle]

ok.. time to to say goodbye : Producer Kim, Sungyu the comedian and the Bear’s girl Yuri…

Good luck with your career in the future, the 3 girls..


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247 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Ep 32 [English Subtitle]

  1. wow, thanks, its the last episode of yuri, sunny and hyunah, and, next week is welcoming jooyeon, sori and victoria,

  2. oh man…..this will be the last time we see hyunah, sunny n yuri……..really sad……but still looking forward for the upcoming episode…….bcoz i really love this show……..thank you so much for uploading and sharing…….really really appreciate it

  3. aaahh..
    i wanna see this last episode of yuri,sunny and hyunnah.
    can u upload this to youtube..
    coz i have some problem with megaupload..

    tq guys..

  4. thanks so much PikeYenny!! u really are the best..
    it’s sad to see them leave.. but if they would stay it would really be hard for them since their schedule will be really tight.. I’ll miss them!

  5. oh god
    the preview from the last episode made this episode seem like its gonna be a tear fest
    Keep up the good work pikeyenny

  6. If Road Lee cries, that means it’s okay for me to cry right?

    Thanks so much for uploading this. Keep up the good work.

  7. Thanks for sharing another episode of IY..Tsk. This will be the last episode of Yuri, Sunny and Hyuna. Tsk. We’ll all miss them..:( Wish the new G7 members the best of luck. Hwaiting!

  8. Thank you so much, PikeYenny! I’m going to cry so much ;___;
    I will miss Hyuna, Yuri, and most especially my favorite G7 member Sunny :[
    I’m looking forward to watching how Jooyeon, Victoria, and Sori work with the others, though ^-^ Thanks, again!

  9. Thanks for uploading this episode…..
    this will be the sad episode…. hard to see them depart from the show….. what to do?
    hope that they will success in what they do in their life….

  10. Thanks alot, really appreciate this.
    I can only hope you continue subbing this show.
    the new members are trying hard to fill in the void left behind
    by sunny, yuri, and hyuna and I’m willing to give them a chance
    please continue subbing ^_^

  11. Thanks so much.. I’m tearing up from the certificate ceremony to the saying goodbye to the animals. T-T

  12. thank you for uploading this really appreciated for your effort guys, well at last we are here at the ending for our 3 girls Sunny, Yuri, and Hyuna, hmm really breaks my heart to see this T.T, anyway thanks for all this time uploading the show.

  13. Thank you so much again. I will get it now, but I’m not sure I want to watch it yet. I might want to wait until the next episode is out so I’m not left totally sad.

  14. oh my i just finished watching it, thanks for such a fast subbing job πŸ™‚
    really really appreciated, i thouht soshi would be abit faster, but yu still beat them
    XD anyways, this episode, is by far the ONLY one that made me cry this much,
    i mean .. it was so good 😦 and it was soo sad, im gonna miss them so much,
    i duno if ill still watch it without yuri and sunny 😦 cuz they really made each episode worth watchinggg 😦 urgh, im tearing so much right now anyways THANKS ❀

  15. wow. a new episode again.
    thx to pikeyenny for your hard work
    really apreciate it.
    oh yeah, my friend told me, this episode realy full of tears.

  16. You’re like my close friend up to now.
    I understand this show because of you.
    When I understand, it makes me love the girls more.
    Until this last ep, which is really sad, I’d like to thank for all you’ve done.
    Thank from my heart and I do hope you still continue subbing this in the next ep.

  17. thank you very much for the fast Subbing of IY… hope you continue subbing IY…. from a fan’s point of view your doing an excellent work keep it! we all really appreciate it thanx again…. more power to two thumds up to all of you guys! ^o^β™₯

  18. thanks! cant believe it’s finally here.. the end of KimPD, Sunkyu and Yuri 😦
    thanks for the upload hope u’ll keep uploading IY πŸ™‚

  19. Thank you so much. Ugh makes me cry 😦 But please continue with the show…would like to see the new members πŸ˜€

  20. I’m Gona miss the girls T.T I can’t wait to see the next subbed episode it seems very interesting. This show is by far the most entertaining in all the TV shows I’ve watched lately. Please continue the great work and thank you very much.

  21. haisshhh..this is so sad but sinyeong always cheer all of them and us up..
    really enjoy watched this gonna miss hyuna, sunny n yuri!!!!

  22. Thank you, PikeYenny for uploading this episode!!!

    I’ve been dreading this day for quite some time now… I hope the three new girls are almost as good as the three that are leaving… I’m really gonna miss Sunny!!! Hopefully, they won’t be gone for too long so they can return back to the show!!!

  23. Thank you very much and lots of love for PikeYenny and of course EcoTaf.

    This’s very sad episode. Wonder how it going to be the show and G7 without Yuri, Sunny and Hyuna. Gonna miss Sun-Min couple they’re superb cute and match, miss the lively immature and really her real-self Hyuna. Haha and what Taewu-Bear going to do without Yuri ^^

  24. thank you so much πŸ™‚

    really sad, i even shed my tears when watching this ep T__T i know they can see each other irl but somehow still feel so sad 😦 like they’ll be parting for a really really long time :((

    and looking at the pictures in the end even sadder…

    good luck to sunny, yuri and hyuna in the future πŸ™‚
    always love G7, hwaiting.

  25. thank you … hix hix hix i’m very very sad seeing this episode huaaaaaaaaaa so sad hix anyway for sunny yuri n hyuna thank u for 8 month cheering us in IY, wish u all the best ^^

  26. huhuhu.. I’m so sad don’t know why, maybe because of the 3 girls who are leaving. I’m gonna miss those 3 girls especially my favorite member Sungyu 😦 Comeback if you have time. I hope they were all become successful in their careers. Fighting!! Anyway thanks for the uploading the episode. We owe you a lot, thank you very much pikeyenny and ekotaf… πŸ˜€

  27. thanks for sub this ep….
    i’m really waiting this one but actually i won’t this ep even existed
    kwon leader, gag girl sunkyu, and magnae producer last farewell
    snsd no longer on i.y i hope their future in japan will be big success

    such a sad episode..thanks for subbing it
    are u still going to sub the next episodes?

  29. Thank you! this is a sad goodbye episode but like they said: saying goodbye means that there will be a meeting again. That’s why goodbyes are very precious πŸ™‚

  30. waa!!!thanks again..I just waiting every week for your IY posting. my love to you is gonna be stronger from now on ^ ^.hehe

  31. Awh i saw the previews for it and it makes me wanna cry that their leaving… well Victoria from f(x) is a ne member on there, excited for that. THANKS

  32. tq for the upload
    are they leaving for good?
    its going to be different without them
    they have been together for 31 ep…it sure is sad ;(
    i hope they do return~

    however, cant wait to see the new members ^_^
    lets see if they can fill the huge hole~
    hwaiting pikyenny~

  33. Oh wow thanks for the upload PikeYenny!! Always the greatest! Don’t stop subbing this wonderful show! PikeYenny hwaiting!!

  34. hey . need a lil help here. when i dl this file. after dl-ing . it says the file isnt located in the place i saved in . E.g i saved in desktop but i don’t see it anywhere. can you help me with this thanks πŸ˜€

  35. I cant seem to dl this vid . Whenever it hits 99%. it will say vid is not found in like e.g desktop. Since i save it in desktop . Can anyone help me fix this problem ?

  36. Hi Yenny! it’s your twitter stalker again lol….thank you for your hardwork and for the people helpin you out!!! thanks thanks thanks!!!!!!! i’ll treat you for some starbucks in the future hahaha i will! lol seriously…….this episode is gonna be SAD..i already cried during the preview in the end of episode 31 lol….i watched the subbed 33rd episode with the new members the other day, made me miss the girls but the newbies are super funny too..
    thanks again!

  37. i miss them alrdy…:(….*sigh* i think im gona cry ><
    Hyunaa nooo :(((
    thanks for uploading again though πŸ™‚

  38. Oh my! I think I want to cry too… 😦 so so so sad they are leaving…

    thanks for the upload again, hope you keep uploading cause even not understanding what they say the new girls seem fine to me…

  39. This is so quick! Thanks for subbing and uploading. I appreciate the hard work! Although this is the last episode with Sunny Yuri and Hyunah I’m greatful that I get to see their teary goodbye. Fighting, girls!

  40. Thank you for the subs. Aww this will be Sunny’s (my favorite of all time) last episode. I hope you continue to sub after this. πŸ™‚

  41. Oh man, this episode’s gonna be so sad! Ahhh! Why do they have to leave???? Anyways, thanks for the subs and the upload! You’re the best!!!

  42. omg thank you so much for uploading this! I’m in the middle of d/ling now but I just know its gonna make me cry seeing my favorites leave!

  43. thanks a lot. i’m really anticipating this episode..strong personalities’ last episode..this is gonna be sad huhuhu

  44. weeeee! its up! its up!
    we are excited on this episode but sad at the same time..
    because some of our favorite members are leaving but then,
    the new members looks promising..

    from our whole class,
    thanks pikeyenny for the hardwork on subbing and uploading this episode of IY..

  45. Sad to see them leave, but having watched the new girls in action the show will be fine, Victoria is AMAZING.

    I also hear Sunny will be back in a episode soon? I heard she is filming with IY in Japan! Probably only a couple episodes but cool that the girls leaving aren’t gone for good.

  46. COOL THX 4 UPLOAD and the download works but not the player when i play it, it only plays the music theres no video can u tell me how to fix that THANKS !!!

  47. thanks for the vid Pikeyenny!!! God bless!!

    hopefully the new members are funny too πŸ˜›

    I hope your family problem is getting better…all prayers are from us πŸ™‚

  48. thank you for subbing up till the last episode, your so quick and your subs are the best. thank you!

  49. I always end up feeling good after watching IY, having a good sleep. But tonite i feel sad. I can’t stand the truth that someday, IY has to end too. It’s good to see that they’ve done well and left many good memories on the show. I hope that they’ll live happily in the future. We’ll always be watching you. Them 3 have their pictures in the books, we have these great vids -memories- thanks to pikeyenny ! Youth is never defeated, Incinvible Youth !

    1. I agree. I do feel good after watching IY. Sad to see the original 3 leave but I’ll make sure I won’t miss em cuzz we have all the vids here in pikeyenny’s blog! Thank you pikeyenny =D. I’ll be looking forward to the new members and if pikeyenny keeps sharing IY to us… I want to see Sunny, Yuri, Hyeona back in the show for one of IY’s special!!! Youth is never defeated, Invincible Youth!

  50. I’ve cried soooo hard. i can’t believe yet that my favorite IY’s members are leaving the show. T_T
    thank you for subbing, you’re doing a really great job, i’m very grateful.

  51. I watch all episode of Invincible Youth,This is most saddest part Is to say goodbye to each other,We miss you all Sunny,Hyuna, Yuri .Pureum miss Sunny ,they have strong bonding .Thanks for uploading.

  52. Thankyou so much… It hurts to see the girls cry and leave. I hope they will have some spare time to go back and visit idol village once in a while when they are filming. Good luck to the girls with their schedules. Can’t wait to see how the new girls turn out.

  53. really….

    would like to say thD mux mux that u keeping uploadin all these episodes 1 by 1 till the last…. πŸ˜€

  54. I’ve been watching many clips that you do sub, but I’ve just known your blog recently. Really thank for the upload. I was surprised when knowing you’re Vietnamese. Proud of you.^^ Pike fighting!!

  55. Thank you so much for the subs! Please keep subbing IY even after Sunny, Yuri and Hyuna left! The rest of the original G7 are worth it too! Cam On nhieu (Em? Thi?)

  56. i really wanted to understand this.
    i teared when i watched this raw πŸ˜₯
    Yuri and Sunny being on the show was actually why i started watching IY. however, i started loving each of the girls from G7 ^^
    Thanks a lot for this!

  57. Thank you for the video!!
    Brings me to tears watching them three go.
    Tears me up inside watching everybody crying.
    Nasha will always bring a smile to a sad event πŸ˜›

  58. hello there.. will you continue upload next episod of IY ?? i dunt have any idea where should i watch Iy 33.. T.T thx anyway

  59. thanks for your hard work and uploads~ the show is awesome and i hope the new members bring a their own set of skills and charms to the show, even though the three girls cannot be replaced~ may the future bring them and the show much success~

  60. i want to watch the new g7 even if hyuna isn’t there… i miss her so much she is the one that i have been rooting al the time

  61. i want to watch the new g7, can i still to watch it here? even if hyuna isn’t in IY i’m still waiting for there comeback as the new g7 if not the IY the G10

  62. pls continue on subbing I.Y. future ep… tnx.! alot Ekotaf & pikeyenny you guys always make my day nice! excellent work! JJANG! keep it up two thumbs up! Hwaiting! “Narsha sarangheyoβ™₯! ^o^β™₯” I.Y. Hwaiting!

  63. Thank You for subbing IY. This was a tear-jerker. IY will not be the same without the original G7, but I still wish each one of them the best. β™₯β™₯β™₯ Original G7 β™₯β™₯β™₯

  64. Thanks you subbing this show !!! … you made my day πŸ™‚
    It’s so sad that i can see Hyun Ah, Soon Kyu and Yuri.

    Please do continue subbing I.Y ~~~~

  65. pikeyenny when can we watch EP33? i do have kbs world on our tv,.. but i want to watch it again,, even though they have a replay, i couldn’t watch it.. because of my fully book schedules… pls.. pls… i’m begging on my knees,,,

  66. I thank you so so much for all the invincible youth episodes. I love this show and I cannot wait for the next one that you sub. Keep up the hard worrk and once again, thank you!

  67. Thanks for uploading. Sad to see sunny, yuri and hyunah go. =p who will taewu bear bug next? And poor hyomin and purrim.

  68. Really sad to see my fave sunny is go. Hope u all the best, wherever u are & whatever u do. Pike, thanks for your hardwork. Ur the best

  69. oooh the last episode before the 3 new girls arrive right? as always, thanks so much for your time and for subbing this show ! =)

  70. Thank you Pikeyenny!

    I have been waiting for Soshified to have it ready; but, you always deliver! Thanks for posting this and I hope it won’t be too bad of an episode… I am going to miss Sunny; but I heard she comes back in a later episode! yah!!!

  71. omo! thanks a lot! gotta cry.. T_T i’ve been anticipating this for so long! seeing just the teaser of this made me cry already esp when i saw Narsha unnie.. T_T

  72. hye.. i need a favor.. can someone tell me what’s the song at the end of this episode.. seriously i love it.. it’s an english song.. this song is when they were hugging each other.. i really hope someone could tell me bout it.. thank u…

  73. Hey great job with the subbing although just a minor suggestion here i dont really mind though but i just started watching here and im used to the soshified subbing and if its alright can you change the way you spell the members names? if not that’s alright its just im too used to soshified πŸ˜€

    keep it up πŸ˜€

  74. It was really touching when sunny’s cow actaully shed tears when sunny was saying goodbye and feeding him for the last time… Its so strange and magical that the cow actually knows and felt the same emotion…

  75. Thank you for your hard work! I finally have been able to find a place to continue watching it besides Youtube. I will continue to use your site and thank for the quick updates!

  76. TT____TT Awe I’m so sad~ I actually started watching IY because of Yuri, but I’ll keep watching the show, I think it’s a super fun good time. Thanks for the subs+uploads~

  77. hi there … thank u for the subs but there is a problem with part 2 on MF
    when ever i try to download it, it freezes! can u check it plz? thank u so much

  78. I cried so much by watching this Ep….and I teared up more when I saw Peureum’s tear Sungyu Hyuna Yuri FIGHTING !! ❀

  79. I cried so much by watching this Ep….and I teared up more when I saw Peureum’s tear Sungyu Hyuna Yuri FIGHTING !! ❀ thank you

  80. Hey, i combined all & joined with the program that you recommended, i could join for other files except this file(ep 32)

  81. Thanks for subbing. I really like what you did by putting a youtube url. Keep up the good work! Btw, do u have any youtube url for IY ep 32 where sunny, yuri and hyuna left?

  82. Thank you for the link. But is anyone experiencing the same problem as me? The other link I download the video works, But 32 and 33 the video audio does not work for my winamp player, there is no sound. When I try using GOM and windows media player, it just closes my player. Ep 30 and down works…

  83. may i please know wherei can warch this episode of invincible youth online with eng subs???
    i couldnt watch the file that i downloaded… so hope you couls help me:))

  84. I started watching IY from the middle of the season on KBS World and got hooked to it. Thanks to you I got to see IY from the very beginning and this episode really made me sad. Hopefully they all do well and thanks so much for your uploads.

  85. Thanks so much for uplaoding this!
    Unfortunately it won’t be the same anymore without Hyuna, Sunny and Yuri. 😦
    But I will still keep on watching IY, thanks alot for subbing/uploading all episodes. πŸ™‚

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