100627 Beast’s Debut Story [English Subtitle]

hahaa .. all my lovers … good news….. i came back lol

do you miss me ? haha

i’m fine now so i can come back with you guys … i missed all of you

although i still very busy with my job ( i am working on saturday and sunday > < please hate my boss > <) but at least i can work again with this blog ^^

thanks so much for all your comments last week, i’m sure that i read all of its ^^

thanks Ekotaf too, he helped me a lot, i love you man keke


Link herehttp://www.megaupload.com/?d=932WE4GZ



61 thoughts on “100627 Beast’s Debut Story [English Subtitle]

  1. HII so glad your back! Hope everything’s ok with your personal stuff… Your posts are what I look forward to every week

  2. Glad u’re back… hope everthing is going smoothly… Thanks for sharing this… Always appreciate all ur hard work.. =]

  3. Hey, i dont know where to comment but can i ask did you have th pop in seoul kevin,eli and alexander hosting th show but they are talking about 2am want ?

  4. Hey.. helllo.. I´m new at your blog.. 😛 you can see.. my english is bad bad bad.. 😛 but.. I am very grateful to you for your hard work, as well help me learn English a bit.. 😀

  5. i know this is lil late to says so … but welcome back 😀
    m glad that u’re back and thx for all the video ^^

  6. Is there really suppose to be 1 episode. If not can you upload more? I love BEAST and I never even notice this link because it’s so small. However I am happy that I saw it. Thank you so much for uploading.

  7. Thank you !!!! I’m a big fan of your blog…i come here every days to see the new show subbed ! YOU’RE WONDERFUL ..thank you so much for subbing the B2ST show and IY !! ~ !!
    ps: can i ask you if eventually you could sub Hot Brothers ? it’s just a request ! thank you in advance ^^

  8. Can any kind soul please re-upload this on Mediafire ?
    The MediaFire links don’t work anymore and my country has blocked MegaUpload.

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