Star Golden Bell Season 2 Ep 3 (English Subtitle)

Hey Guys, I must rectify something after read comments.PikeYenny still do the hardwork . She upload on megaupload and send me the link . I just help her to reupload on mediafire  and do the post because she is busy and can’t be online this week ^^


Guest : Lee Joon (MBLAQ), Eun Ji Won, Ji Seok Jin, Jong Da Eun, Shin Jung Hwan, Lee Seung Youn, Kim Tae Hyun, Cheon Myeong Hoon, Hong Soo Ah, Jong Ju Ri, etc…

Comment if you download (if had any problem about link, please post it at FAQ place)

Link here :

Link Watch Online : Check out here :


65 thoughts on “Star Golden Bell Season 2 Ep 3 (English Subtitle)

  1. thank you for the uploading and ´pikeyenny for making an extra effort i hope everything is better soo bout of you i really appreciate your effort 😀

  2. thank you i’m not totally in love with this show, cuz since when Kim Jae Don left the show it kind started sinking but any show with ShinBong Sun in it is a killer

  3. Just discovered this blog a few days ago. I love this site because it consists of a lot of my favorite variety shows.
    Thank you for all your hard work^^

  4. thx cant wait to watch i know they bring in actual idol guests soon lol so i appreciate all you sub on your blog:)

  5. I love this new concept of the show it’s awesome ^^ Thanks Pikeyenny and Ekotaf!!!! ^^ I’ll watch it well ❤

  6. I’m curious about the format of the new season, thanks for subbing and uploading, appreciate it a ton!

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